1. Universal’s Island of Adventure

IoA has it all. The the right ingredients to make the best theme park.

The “central lake” layout works very well as you explore different islands from the main “Port of Entry” area.

Parks signature ride The Incredible Hulk launched steel coaster is for me the most enjoyable ride ever. Has a story, it’s nice and green, shoots you out of the canon in to head spinning sets of loops over the water and it feels like it never ends. Well, it does, but after looong 1.30 min. I “tested” Hulk myself at last 20times to make sure it’s really good 🙂

Another fantastic ride is The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman, which in some scenes, still wins over much newer and similar concept : Transformers 3D ride. You can’t miss Jurassic Park River Adventure and    Dr. Dooms FearFall.

Millions of visitors (in 2014 8,2 mil to be exact ) heading straight in to Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Hogsmead village with three rides is exact copy of the movie location and it’s flagship attraction Harry Potter and Forbidden Journey will take on you flight with Harry Potter with some help of KUKA robocoaster arms. You may get bit motion sick thought.

Connecting IoA with Universal Studio next door via Harry themed train attraction will make you purchase 2 parks ticket, but you will have soooo much fun.

IoA has something for everyone with Seuss Landing section or Cartoon Town for the little ones and Superhero Island for the bigger kids, like us.

IoA has the full package, great theming and great rides. The entire park is well maintained and full of bright colours. It gets really busy, so do come early.