11. Yas Water World

Now we are talking…

They know how to do Water Parks well in the UAE.

The park isn’t the biggest but the rides are the most innovative you can experience. All wrapped up in cute little story about a little girl Dana looking for a pearl.

But don’t get carried away, this is no little girls place ( well, there are two kids areas ).

Adrenalin rush will keep you high after falling down thru trap door of Liwa Loop or feeling like flying off the Hamlool’s hump slide. Inverted water roller coaster is twisting around the central mountain while you shoot people down with water bombs.

It is a lot of running up and down but as the area isn’t too big you will be just fine.

What could definitely improved is the food and express pass is a must during the weekends. For surfer fans, they have the biggest surfing sheet wave machine too.