13. Disney Animal Kingdom

Animal kingdom opened door as the latest addition to all Disney parks in 1998.

As the name says, it is a combo of attractions and “real feel” like African safari when animals should act as “normal”. But at last they have a lot of space.

This park is the 7th most visited park in the world and contains land as Asia, Africa, Dino Land, or Discovery Island.

Centre of the park is a huge plastic tree which is currently being re-transformed into night lighting spectacular show “Rivers of Light”.

Undoubtedly the best ride must be Expedition Everest. Roller coaster journey thru Himalayan landscape with “surprise” attack from Yeti is a perfection in motion from the smallest details and props to sound and originality of the ride track itself.

Now Disney has even bigger surprise to come. Pandora: the Land of Avatar is in making under watchful eye of James Cameron himself. It will open 2016 with a big bang for sure!