2. Six Flags Magic Mountain

They don’t call this park the “ Thrill capital of the World” for nothing.

With 19 coasters it’s record holding theme park and a dream place for any adrenaline junkie.

There is not much theming and no fuss. Just hardcore kick ass rides. Taller, faster and scarier then anywhere else. Stand-up, flying, 4D rollercoasters? No problem! Just don’t eat too much and be patient, the queues are long.

Specialty of the park is X2 ride, you have to pay and wait extra long but this multidimensional monster will leave you speechless.

Other sensational rides includes flying Tatsu, it’s zero-gravity roll made me really sick after riding it 4times in a row. Goliath will keep you scream all the way to the end and this year world’s longest hybrid coaster named Twisted Colossus just opened.

Magic Mountain is a must for every serious roller coaster fan, be brave and face you fear!

Mind, that most of the rides have a height restriction, so small kids wont’ have too much fun. Unless you visit next door water park Hurricane Harbour.