SHANGHAI : Tourist Scams

Traveling to Shanghai can easily turn in to a nightmare. This huge 24million people megalopolis on east coast of China gave me a very bad welcome.

What threat awaits you in Shanghai :

  • taxi kidnapping
  • selling scams
  • you may leave with extra person in your luggage

Here is my story so please be aware, don’t trust anyone and I am sure you will have a great time!

Boarding Maglev train

After exiting Maglev train from the airport, ( it doesn’t go all the way to Shanghai ) I was stranded in the middle of nowhere and looking for a taxi. This kind Chinese men came to me and offered a ride. ( official taxi car )

After 2 min of driving another men sat on the front seat. I googled the route at home before and after while got this weird feeling we are not heading to my Shanghai hotel. 20min later and driving thru some fields I realised this is not good and at this moment the driver stopped communicate in English.

I was slightly panicking but kept cool and slowly start removing all my cash and cards from the wallet and stuffing into my underwear, socks and different pockets. I asked many times to stop the car but no answer.

After another 10min they stopped the car on suburbs on some village and start asking for money. I was outrageous and said I  have no money, the laughed, stepped out of the car and throw my luggage into a ditch. Shouting from the outside to gave them money.

I was locked in the car and and being shouted at by two angry Chinese got me very worried. So I started kicking out the window to get out of the car. The window shattered in thousands small pieces after my next kick and I tried to escape from the car. When they saw the damage and my red face they unblock the door and while I fall on the ground they jumped in and drove away.

Villagers with a tractor helped me to get to the nearest bus stop to Shanghai.

When I complained at the reception in the hotel, the girl behind the desk just smiled and said “sorry no help”…

And that’s not all. After few hours of getting calm I went to explore the near by famous Bund promenade by Huangpu river dividing the city to an old and “futuristic” part called Pudong.

Bund Promenade
Pudong Skyline








While walking I was approached by young couple. Both, girl and boy in their early twenties introduced themselves as a students and after brief chat I was invited to view their Chinese calligraphy art in a small studio few minutes away. Once in the room, I was locked and pushed into buying the prints. Took at last 30 minutes of arguing, threatening and aggressive behaviour from their side to get out from there.

I was fuming. On top of that, some older parents grabbed me in the park and tried to sell me their daughter…

Well, we learn by mistakes but I still have a bad feeling when getting a taxi.


  1. Wow…..this seems like such an unfortunate circumstance. I plan to visit next year after the hype from Disney has died down some. Hopefully there is safety in numbers since it’ll be a few of us.


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