8 Airlines with a “Flying Bar’s “

Drink at 35.000ft?

Here is a list of Airlines which will be more than happy to mix you one fabulous cocktail after another in very special and luxurious setting.


Emirates – all A380 aircrafts has a well equipped bar and lounge on the second floor   ( business  &  first class only). To make you feel extra special,there is a waterfall on top of the stairs and just in case you feel a bit sweaty after paying hefty airfare , you can refresh yourself in the onboard shower and spa.

Emirates A380 bar
Cocktails, snack and nibbles on Emirates A380 bar


Korean Air – on their A380 aircraft is not just a very sleek, white bar sponsored by Absolute vodka but also a duty free store located in the rear section of economy cabin. It was designed by L’Oreal Paris designers and sells the best selection of Korean air duty free cosmetics.

Korean A380
Beautiful Korean Air A380


Qatar Airways : this rapidly growing Middle Eastern airlines has their lounge located in the middle section of all B787 Dreamliners and on second floor of A380. Dreamliner has also a great business class section but as per my own experience , economy is very crowded with little leg room and big TV. So if the person in front of you recline his seat, the TV screen is literally … “in your face”.

Qatar Dreamliner
Qatar B787 bar
Qatar Airways B787 Business class


Etihad – Abu Dhabi based airline is showing off with their first A380 equipped with ultra luxurious bar and “re-imagined” every class, according to the airline. This includes Sky residence and apartments. Economy class passengers can enjoy cute cushions and slightly bigger headrest.

Brand new Etihad A380


Singapore Airlines – the launch customer of A380 aircraft has also a bar on the second floor. Unlikely all other airlines has economy class in the rear section of the second floor and I was very lucky to tested on one of the first ever A380 flight back in October 2007 from LHR-SIN. Still remember the fresh paint and carpet smell 🙂 For me, Singapore Airlines represents the best service in the sky.


Virgin Atlantic – with their new B787 Dreamliner you can taste the high life in beautifully designed bar with golden sink ,LED wall lighting and three spinning silver chair 10.000USD/piece. After couple of champagne glasses slip into your cosy Upper class bed and wake up feeling fabulous.

Perfect setting for VA B787 Dreamliner



American Airlines – galley type of self service bar on B777 in business class section

China Airlines – Taiwan based carrier has a decent “wall” bar on their Boeings  777


Cheers 🙂

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