REVIEW : Aquaventure Water Park Dubai

Location : Atlantis hotel the Palm

Opening hours : 10am-7pm

Admission : AED 310/adult ( resident rate AED 185 with your ID )

Number of rides : approx. 13

How to get there: by monorail, or car ( just follow sign The Palm Jumeirah ). Every taxi driver will know. 15min drive from Dubai Marina, 30min from Dubai Downtown

Aquaventure Water Park at Atlantis Hotel on a crescent of Palm Jumeirah Island, is definitely one of the best water park fun days you can have and Dubai’s most fun places to visit… after the hotel brunches 🙂

Water park opened 2008 together with the hotel and Dolphin Bay swim experience.

Since than, the park expanded by opening a Tower of Poseidon with new thrill rides in 2013.

The best feature of the place is the theming and amazing landscaping. It’s hard to believe, few years ago there was only a sea and now lush tropical gardens, thousands of trees and flowers creating almost manicured jungle paradise with Ziggurat pyramids and curling down slides. It makes for refreshing  escape from the “boiling” streets of Dubai.

Best rides are definitely “Leap of Faith”, almost vertical plunge thru shark tank and Zoomerango big drop raft slide. Avoid ride called Slitherine… it slithers the skin of your back. Ouch!

Top of the towers offer fantastic view across the sea, Dubai skyline, and Burj al Arab hotel

There are two big fast food type of restaurants offering a bit bland, generic and of course overpriced theme park food. Efficiency of the kitchen isn’t great so avoid busy lunch time.

Also…perhaps was too hot during my last visit, but some of the rides on Tower of Poseidon were breaking down and couple of times a I just gave up the massive queues. The staff was blind towards other visitors skipping the queues which created a bit of tension here and there.

It is safe to keep your belongings with you under the sun bed, no need to rent locker and don’t forget your rubber slip on shoes as the floor gets incredibly hot.

You can also purchase different combos ( recommending Lost Chambers Aquarium combo ), or package with activities, meal, or dolphin swim.

Pros:  amazing location, views and landscaping, great rides, clean, private beach

Cons: low ride efficiency, slow food in restaurants, very slow ticketing system



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