SURVIVAL GUIDE : Prague Airport

Vaclav Havel Airport Prague, formerly known as Prague Ruzyne is your gateway to the beautiful historical capitol of Czech Republic.

It is served by 67 airlines and more than 11mil. passengers passes thru the doors annually. I am sure you won’t a have a problem to find suitable connection.

Arriving into a foreign airport and getting to your final destination could be sometimes tricky or even frustrating experience. From dreadful immigration officers to shady taxi drivers.

Prague Airport it’s in general, very easy to use due to its small-ish size and no major problems are common.

Terminal 1 is used by non-EU airlines and new Terminal 2 is for EU except Ireland and UK ( Schengen States – check here ).

Immigration officers are efficient and friendly enough and if you have EU passport you can use the smart gates to exit the airport quickly. Bags takes forever to arrive onto the baggage carousel.

One of the most challenging “tasks” is to find reliable transport from the airport. I was many times a victim of “truthful” taxi drivers during my travels and sometimes, it can take the better of you, to try negotiating price as for the taxi drivers, we are just “walking wallets”.


Prague taxi services have a bad reputation in general. Officials are trying to keep eye on this but still…here is a few tips how to reach your dreamed place without any hassle.

  • Have a Czech currency ( ATM’s available after exiting baggage claim hall on the left )
  • Ignore anyone trying to offer you a transport
  • Choose only one of those yellow taxis ( I recommend AAA taxi ). AAA also offers a half price return voucher, so ask for one!
  • Make sure the meter is on and clearly visible


If you wish to use public transport, there is a bus connection to the nearest metro station, or Main Railway Station ( Airport Express / AE)

  • Follow directional signage outside
  • AE Bus leaves every 30min ( from 7am -10pm) for 60CZK ( use max 100 banknote at the bus )
  • Metro Bus : Line 119 – metro st. Nadrazi Veleslavin ( Metro A – quick to the city )
    Line 100 – metro station Zlicin ( Metro B )
  • Tickets are available at arrival hall kiosks, outside machine or the driver
  • Don’t forget to validate your ticket inside the bus machine ( there is a staff controlling this)
  • For full metro map click metro_orientation_plan


If you plan to explore some of the amazing country side, you can book your bus ticket together with train online. I personally recommend Leo Express Premier class.

Useful Tips:

  • Try to avoid buing any souvenirs, alcohol or presents at the airport as the prices are much higher than in the city itself.
  • Mind, that the security check it’s just before your entering your gate and they will remove any beverage from you, even purchased one at the airport. If you like to have water with you, buy at the airport and keep it in sealed plastic bag until you pass security.
  • For affordable meal and drink use self-service restaurant on the 1st floor (follow sign for lounges) as you can purchase decent lunch for 100CZK
vaclav havel airport
Affordable ready to eat meals and drinks on the 1st floor / Terminal 1


Happy traveling and have great time in Prague


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