DUBAI PARKS & RESORTS : Motiongate to get “Hotel Transylvania” Drop Tower

Drop Tower based on a movie Hotel Transylvania is being build as one of the highlights of upcoming Dubai Parks and Resorts development in Jebel Ali area south of Dubai.

57m in height doesn’t seem that much ( compare to the new Falcon’s Fury 102m in Bush Gardens Tampa) but I am sure there will some extra tricks or theming added.

Video posted on Parks website clearly shows Vampires jumping off a very tall tower so it just make a sense to assume the conection with the ride and movie.


Drop Tower is being build by American manufacturer S&S and will have 16 seats ( 4 on each side )

Motiongate theme park Dubai will be the Middle East’s first Hollywood-inspired theme park that will bring together three of the largest film studios in the world – Lionsgate, Sony Pictures Studios and DreamWorks Animation.

The entire complex will consist of 3 theme parks, waterpark and of course hotel and shopping district and should open in phases starting October 2016 @dxbparksresorts

Stay Tuned!

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