DUBAI PARKS AND RESORTS : Construction Update

Less than 10 months to go and the highly anticipated theme park complex in Jebel Ali (near Dubai) will open its gates to the public and expects to welcome nearly 7mil. visitors in 2017 itself.

As I was passing by this morning, couldn’t miss the hectic construction activity. Main highway towards Abu Dhabi is diverted to make a space for a new bridges and access roads. Those huge hoarding walls are slowly disappearing to make a room for palm trees and many structures are growing up in the far distance.

I managed to take few photos with my phone, so you can get idea about the size of the area.                         ( I will try to take photos with professional camera next time to get some close-ups )

The nearest to the road is Motion Gate movie theme park with huge blue “Dreamworks” building accommodating indoor rides and shows. This “land” will host 27 rides and I am most excited about the Hunger Games rollercoaster.

Rajmahal theatre, centrepiece of Bollywood Land will seat 859 spectators to enjoy Bollywood themed show designed by Mumbai based TV production company Wizcraft which is already running a musical theatre in India.

As you can see from the photos, roads and junctions are taking shape and trees are being planted. Dubai Parks and Resort is planning to have more 16.00o trees, 1.5 mil shrubs and 6.100 palm trees. Cant’ wait to see the transformation from the desert to the green oasis.

As 10 months will fly by, I am expecting to see huge changes happening every month in Jebel Ali.

Stay tuned 🙂


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