DUBAI : 9 exciting attractions opening in 2016 !

A very exciting year ahead for Dubai and its visitors. Many projects are getting into the final stages of development and we can all look forward to world class theme parks, entertainment and attractions.

The below list is based on my personal observations and I can confidently say that these 9 projects will be open before the year’s end.

1. Dubai Parks & Resorts / Theme Parks

Currently the most exciting project consisting of 3 theme parks and 1 waterpark.

Motiongate, Legoland, Bollywood Land and Lego Waterpark are being build in Jebel Ali south of Dubai.

Over 100 attractions, shopping plaza, hotel and world class shows.

Read all about it in my previous posts. Click HERE & HERE

Opening : October 2016

2. IMG World’s of Adventure / Theme Park

The biggest indoor theme park in the world will contain 4 zones and multiplex.

Marvel, Lost Valley, Cartoon Network and IMG Boulevard will span over 1.5 million feet. The launch style  Dinosaur themed rollercoaster is already built. Animatronic Dinosaurs have been delivered after touring around the city, before arriving in their new home next to the Global Vilage.

Opening : 15th August 2016

3. Dubai Safari Park / Zoo

Finally, all the animals currently in Dubai Zoo will have spacious new home in Dubai Safari Park opposite Dragon Mart. The entire area is quickly taking shape and is clearly visible from the plane upon approach into Dubai International Airport.

Safari style, open planes and Butterfly dome promises fun and educational day out.

Opening : September 2016

4. Opera House / Entertainment 

New centre of performing arts, the 2000-seat multi functional venue is located next to Burj Khalifa in Dubai Downtown.

All the scaffolding was just taken down and the entire building is suppose to resemble the shape of the traditional sailing vessel (  Dhow )

In my humble opinion, the exterior design isn’t very impressive, but who know’s what secrets the interior will hold. Watch this space.

Opening : 1st August 2016

5. Dubai Frame / Attraction

This new observation gimmick is standing at 150m and it is positioned in such a way that landmarks of modern Dubai can be seen on one side, while from the other side, visitors can view older parts of the city

It takes very long time to finish this apparently simple structure. Perhaps there is more to it, but so far the frame in now being painted and cladding is taking place.

Click HERE to see the full construction update.

Opening : December 2016 

6. City Walk Outdoor Mall / Shopping

A Modern, outdoor and architecturally interesting mall concept its nearly ready to welcome the public.

Together with residential area, entertainment zone, LED canopy’s and hotels this should quickly become the place to be seen.

Opening : March 2016

7. Bio Dome / Attraction

Part of the soon to be open City Walk Mall, this educational attraction will bring rainforest into the heart of Dubai.

Click HERE to read all about it in previous post.

Opening : September 2016

8. The Pointe Palm Jumeirah / Shopping

Similar to The Beach development on JBR Beach in Dubai Marina, this waterfront dinning destination on the tip of the Palm Jumeirah, will offer unique views of Atlantis Hotel and 100 restaurants.

It’s not just the food what will bring you here, spectacular offshore fountains in the bay and retail outlets  to entice impulsive shopper.

Opening : December 2016

9. Dragon Water Theatre / Entertainment

I can’t wait for this one! Dubai will have its own 1.300 seat Las Vegas styled permanent water theatre.

Designed and choreographed by the one and only Franco Dragone, the original director of the best Cirque du Soleil shows.

The circular shaped theatre is currently being finalised inside the new St. Regis hotel and if you believe the rumours, the cast is already rehearsing in one of the warehouses in Al Qouz.

Opening : December 2016

Most of the construction sites are difficult to visit and take a photo. Note, that the Satellite images aren’t up to date and are only illustrative.


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