DUBAI : Airport’s expansion project sneak peek into Concourse D

Dubai International’s latest expansion, the construction of Concourse D in Terminal 1 is opening for its first flight on Wednesday 24th Feb.

I could preview this brand new and shiny Terminal which increases capacity at the Dubai airport to 90 million passengers a year and bringing big photo gallery for you to enjoy.

A train connecting Concourse D with Concourse C in Terminal 1 is already operating and 17 gates will accommodate over 100 airlines.

A total of $7.8 billion has been invested in expanding Dubai International.

In my opinion, it is a huge improvement compare to old Terminal 1. Its airy layout offers unobstructed views at the aircrafts taking off, amazing selection of F&B outlets, enough seating by the gates and charging stations for your gadgets. The shopping areas are enormous.

My only comments pointing towards the Gate corridors, as they feel a bit “warehousy”  (because of the ceiling ) and also, it wasn’t easy to find the way out.

I guess few extra signages will fix this and hopefully all the visitors will apppreciate this new gateway to Dubai.

Enjoy the video & photos


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