DUBAI PARKS AND RESORTS : A Different Point of View

A different point of view at the sheer scale of Dubai Parks and Resorts ( DPR ) offers a video, I took while driving by the huge construction site south of Dubai.

3 theme parks and waterpark are being built simultaneously on 25 million square feet of sand.

Even you can not see clearly the inside of the theme parks, this drive-by recording, shows the beginning of the theme parks “marked” by the tallest structure build so far – the Rajmahal Theatre ( on the very left ), followed by blue building which is Dreamworks indoor section of Motiongate theme park.

You can also see, that all images from the hoarding disappeared and most importantly, notice the construction of the bridges and roadworks connecting the highway from both sides.

13.000 workers are currently on site of the theme parks, Lapita hotel and Riverland entrance plaza.

The resort will be open October 2016. Watch amazing construction video HERE 


Don’t miss this great video of Ferrari World’s new record breaking rollercoaster Flying Aces HERE

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