…Ferrari World Theme Park is working very hard to deliver more thrills and fun to us in the second half of this year.

Of course, Flying Aces has stolen the show for now, but next in  line is family ride Benno’s Great Race, due to opening on March 21st.

But there is something else growing up under the big red roof. Not just one, but two new coasters are in the last stages of construction.

Let’s have a look at the rumoured SFX Coaster first. But what exactly does SFX it mean?

The Dynamic Company, manufacturer who is producing this type of ride explains…”It combines a high thrill coaster with new track technologies, high definition storytelling visuals and state-of-the art audio effects”

Most of the coaster track its hidden inside a big boxy building and only a small part with “cobra roll” is outside. The exposed track is painted red, but the inside part is black. That suggests that most of the ride will be in the dark.

The entrance will be through the new Italian themed area next to Flying Aces ( See on the map )

The second attraction looks even more interesting as it appears like a launched coaster entering the outside glass funnel. The track is replacing the 60m tall G-Force Drop Tower ( closed 2014 ) and will go through the wall and vertically up. I guess, a reversed free-fall will follow.

The track isn’t too long, so it should be fast and furious. It will be interesting to see how they are going to deal with the noise and the heat coming through the hole in the funnel inside the building.

I am expecting a similar style ride to Six Flags Superman : Escape from Krypton, mixed with Vertical Velocity.


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