PALM JUMEIRAH BOARDWALK : New waterfront promenade in the making

Travellerczech is on the lookout for the latest new additions on the Palm Jumeirah Island …

Construction of a new, AED150 million waterfront attraction “The Boardwalk” is in full swing.

11km of walkway along the full length of Palm Jumeirah’s crescent is becoming a reality as the promenade is being build over the rocks of the island’s breakwater.

30 kiosks offering refreshments and souvenirs will be also be placed throughout its length and completion is planned for mid-2016.

It will be a great place for your morning run, or to simply enjoy the amazing views. Don’t you agree?

More photos of some of the numerous construction projects currently happening at The Palm.

Atlantis 2, W or a huge Viceroy hotel are all on its way but note, as there is so much building activity, road works, malls and entertainment projects under construction, I would personally avoid to stay, or visit until at least some of the works will be finished.



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