Adrspach Rocks

CZECH REPUBLIC : Straight out of a Fairytale / GUIDE

czech tagI feel a bit guilty…publishing posts from elsewhere on the globe, when my own country offers its visitors a wealth of history and breathtaking natural scenery.

You would be forgiven for thinking that the Czech Republic is only Prague, and you would be amazed by what other wonders we have to offer. Picture perfect Cesky Krumlov, ecclesiastical Olomouc, or the home of the best beer in the world … the City of Pilsen.

Not to mention the amazing natural landscapes. Let me introduce you to a place, which looks so fantastic, you won’t believe it is real and will make you feel like being The Third Prince… a character in one of the most famous Czech fairy tales, the movie of which was shot at this location.

This unique place is called The Adršpach-Teplice Rocks. Here you will find an unusual set of sandstone formations covering 17 km2 of northeastern Bohemia and it is definitely worth the journey from Prague. ( near Teplice-nad-Metuji Town )

Squeeze through naturally formed gorges, and let your imagination run wild when looking at the various shapes created by the rocks. They all have  funny names, see if you can identify each by their given name.

A magical journey through towering rock formations.

The rocks have been protected as a national nature reserve since 1933, and since 1991 the whole adjacent region of Broumovsko has enjoyed the status of protected landscape area. Tourists may visit the rocks via a number of marked trails. The area is a popular destination for rock climbers too.

The reserve is also one of the largest permanent breeding sites of peregrine falcon in Europe. I haven’t seen any myself but the blue sky perfectly made-up for it.

Rent a boat and enjoy the balmy summer, escape from the reality.

Useful INFO : 

  • Opening Times :  all year around 8am – 6 pm / Lake cruise timing : 9am – 5am (summer only)
  • Entrance Fee : 70 CZK/ €3    Parking Fee : 100 CZK  / €4
  • Cash/Card payment available
  • Fee includes brochure with trails and maps  / English version available

How to get there : 

  • from Prague it is 2.30hrs drive. It could be a challenging drive,so if you don’t have a reliable navigation system, perhaps it is better to find a tour agency in Prague

Where to stay :

  • it is better to stay overnight and perhaps to connect your trip with exciting climb on top of Czech highest mountain Snezka ( 1hr away )
  • for accommodation check hotel Javor /Apartments Pod Křížovým vrchem / Apartments U Kozárů

When to go :

  • I am sure the winter transforms the area into a sparkling white wonderland, but I personally recommend summer. Anytime between June -September should be perfect.


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