motiongate dubai

DUBAI PARKS AND RESORTS : Look inside the Motiongate theme park

The Motiongate theme park and the entire DPR complex is in full production and scheduled for release in October 2016 ( 7months away ! )

Let’s have a look inside the park thanks to the below animation sequence. This short video is showcasing different themed areas in this Hollywood inspired park.

motiongate dubai




Click HERE for Instagram VIDEO link #uaeproject





Motiongate theme park will include 4 zones based on a movie studios :

  • Lionsgate – Hunger Games
  • Sony pictures – Green Hornet, Underworld Awakening, Hotel Transylvania , Cloudy with the chance of meatballs, Zombieland
  • Dreamworks – Madagascar , How to train your Dragon, Kung-Fu Panda, Smurfs
  • Studio Central – mixture of a classic Hollywood movies

All together, the park will include 27 rides, which 5 of them will be rollercoasters themed around these film favourites:

  • Madagascar – Mad Pursuit, the fastest roller coaster in the park, which will take guests on a mad chase through the circus alongside the Zoosters
  • How to Train Your Dragon -a one-of-a-kind suspended roller coaster inviting guests to soar high above the land of Berk
  • The Green Hornet – a high action roller coaster which follows the masked crusader and his sidekick Kato on a white knuckle pursuit through dizzying drops and sharp turns
  • The Hunger Games -the speedy Capitol Bullet Train, an adrenaline pumping roller coaster which launches guests through 360 degrees of thrill inside the Lionsgate Zone
  • The Smurfs – families can glide through the enchanting mushroom-capped town of the beloved Smurfs
motiongate dubai
Motiongate theme park Map

Thank you to #UAEPROJECT for kindly letting me post the video link. Czech all other exciting project at UAEproject Instagram account.


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