Emirates A380

ADVICE : 20 best seats on Emirates A380

No matter, if the next flight is your first, or just the latest. Flying isn’t splendid experience anymore and economy class flying can be a very tense experience.

It’s important to plan ahead and get the best seat to make your journey as comfortable as possible.

Nearly 45 million of us were flying on-board of Emirates aircrafts in the past year. You can visit more than 150 destinations in 80 countries with an easy transfer via DXB airport.

In this post, we will be having a closer look at the A380 aircraft.

As a frequent flyer, I have “tested & verified” all the different aircrafts and seats to help you choose the most suitable seat on your next journey.

Note, that the perfect economy seat doesn’t exist and I am just suggesting the best seat possible based on my own experience + describe the good/bad for each selection.

Emirates has 3 different types of passenger aircrafts in it’s fleet :

  • A380 – 67 aircrafts ( up to 617 passengers )
  • A330 -18 aircrafts ( up to 278 passengers )
  • B777 -135 aircrafts ( up to 442 passengers )

The best seats on the Emirates A380 aircraft

In my personal opinion…A380 is the best way to fly in economy class today, because :

  • the latest comfy seat design
  • 10inch personal touch screen with touch* remote control ( *the newest A380’s  )
  • 19 inch wide seat
  • spacious feel and quite cabin
  • very steady in the air
  • generous washrooms
  • space to walk or stretch

The Best Seat :

Row 68 + 81 A/K ( both window seats )

Why?  :

  • Unlimited leg room
  • No need to stack your TV during take-off/landing
  • No need to disturb anyone while leaving the seat
  • No disturbance from other passengers
  • Easy to lean against the wall ( great for a little nap )
  • Right next to the emergency exit door
  • Middle of the plane – centre of a gravity and least turbulence
  • One of the first to get served in this section of the plane
  • Feels somehow private and quieter

Not so good :

  • Only 4 seats on the plane
  • Gets cold during long haul flights





2nd Option :

Row 51 D/G  ( last middle row in the first cabin / left or right aisle seat only  )

Why ? :

  • Slightly limited  recline ( but very small difference )
  • Very spacious feel thanks to the emergency doors on each side
  • Private feel ( no row of seat on each side )
  • No kids nearby as this is the last row
  • Proximity to the lavatory isn’t bothersome as there is lot’s a space around
  • Front cabin is the smallest one and offers less crowded feel
  • Front cabin = one of the first to disembark

Not so good :

  • Gets colder due to close proximity of emergency door
  • Last to be served in this cabin during meal time

3rd Option :

Row 50 A/K  ( last side row of front economy cabin / window seat only  )

Why? :

  • Front economy cabin is the smallest and feel quieter and more private
  • No one behind you ( esp. good with touch screen TV’s…no “knocking” )
  • Unobstructed view from window seat in this row
  • Spacious feel
  • Ideal for those who wish to sleep most of the flight

Not so good :

  • Slightly limited recline
  • Not easy to get out due to passengers sitting next to you

4th Option :

Row 43 / 67 / 80 – 12 Emergency door seats

Many travellers prefer emergency seats, but these are difficult to get as they are reserved for Skyward Gold members, downgraded passengers from business class and “friends”.

Seats are narrower and you have to stow the TV during take-off and landing. I also feel kind of exposed seating on those, but if you have a long legs this the the best.

You can always ask for those at the check-in…so get there early!

Don’t forget :

  • adapter for earphones
  • lower back cushion for more comfortable journey
  • get on the plane early to assure space in the overhead bin as they get full very quick
  • ear plugs or invest into a good pair of noise cancelling earphones. Bose are the best.
  • scarf and eye mask
  • select your seat during booking and check-in as soon as you can to assure your desired seat. Emirates now offers check-in 48 hours prior the scheduled departure  !
  • check few days before departure if your seat wasn’t swapped due to change of the aircraft !


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  1. Great “blog” excuse me if it’s not lol, your insight into the A380 reinforced the decision to spend the extra cash for 68A between Bangkok and Sydney, normally I’m happy with out the extra leg room but for the fact it’s 8 hours at night, and I’m 182cm I can try for some sleep


  2. What an informative site!!! I’m a retired state pensioner and which I could fly the world, but alas the money is just enough to live. My sons, are however, flying me to South Korea in mid September to visit my youngest. This will be my 60th present from them, so I’m trying to make the most out of this experience to last me for many years to come.

    I have cardiac issues (open heart surgery patient) and was wondering if Emirates may upgrade me to Business Class because of that, or would that be wishful thinking?

    I intend to check in on all your travels as it sparks the adventure still left in my heart and takes me right to where you may find yourself at any given time.

    Good luck on your travels and fly safe. Thanks again for a great site!


    1. *wish I could fly the world… (Senior moments) 🙂
      I would like to take the 68 A or K seats, but my health conditions will prevent me from accepting the T&Cs to book these seats. It would be great to be able to elevate my legs during the flights though.


    2. Many thanks for your message Mandy. I totally understand, but I don’t think they will make any special arrangements. They only upgrade if the flights is overbooked or their frequent flyers. You can of course ask during check in at the airport but there isn’t really any other way.


      1. Many thanks for your reply. I thought so. I will try my best when checking in. Travel safe and keep well.


    1. Hello Fiona, if I remember well, there are no boxes under the seats at all. Maybe some older types have, but they very thin and never decrease leg room so don’t worry about that.


  3. Wonderful guidance ! Thanks., We three of family plan to travel in A380 from Dubai to Los Angeles in the last week of april. Can I book the seats now itself? I prefer leg space. and view of possible. Is 81 A ,B,C or 81 H,I J suitable? are they payment seats? If so how much?


    1. Hello and thanks for your message. You can book any seat bu you have to pay a fee otherwise wait unitl 48hrs prior departure to choose for free. The website will tell you how much you have to pay.


  4. What a great write up – i have never been on an A 380, and not enough money to fly business class. Therefore economy for me, I feel like I know the economy class layout! Your photos really put me in the picture. Taken your advice. Many thanks for your help.


  5. Fantastic article. Thank you very much. Great foresight for us travellers that plan ahead. I am not travelling until August but I am ready to book my flight now and those 68 A & K seats look very attractive. I checked and the seats are still available. Am I right in saying that you have to pay a £55 upgrade fee. Wow ! That’s £110 return. Can anyone confirm this? Otherwise, I won’t rush to book so early and leave my money in the bank for a few more months !

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Hi!

    Great tips, thank you.
    I will be traveling on Emirates for the first time this year and doing my first long haul flights.
    One quick question for you, with regards to seats 68 + 81 A/K, I note that you stated that one of the advantages of these seats is that there is no ‘stacking’ of the TV during take off or landing. Why is this the case? Also are the seats 68A and 81K?


    1. You are most welcome. Glad I could help. Yes, I could watch the TV until we landed and the crew was not asking to turn it off as they do in an emergency and first rows. Not sure what the reason but its good 🙂 Have a great flight.


  7. Hi, thanks for your efforts, a great guide. I would just like to point out that the seats are 18 Inches wide and on one A380 version the seats are 17.5 inches wide.
    I am trying to find out which A380 has the narrower seats so I can avoid it, this is how I found you, no luck so far.


  8. Great work guys… I was wandering if you had any views on row 79 (seats A+B) on the Emirates A380 (V1). I like th thought of not having any one behind me but I am concerned of the limited recline (if any). Please advise.


  9. Hi Guys…

    Great job on this website. Any chance you can give me a write up on seats 79 (A+B) on the emirates A380 (V1). I like the thought of not having anyone behind me, but I am concerned whether the seat has limited recline. Please advise…


  10. Hi, thank you so much for this informative post, I’m trying to pick seats on our first ever Emirates flight and this has helped greatly! We are flying to Bangkok from Gatwick (stop over in Dubai), we usually always book extra leg room for comfort (mainly for my husband’s benefit). With the stop over though that makes it doubly expensive! Would you have any insight on the front row seats (41) as they seemed quite good, but I’ve seen on seat guru that leg room can be a bit restrictive due to the exit door which defeats the object of paying a premium.
    I’m also considering 68A/K and I’ll just have the middle seat, but I do like the idea of 67 and 80 being doubles so you won’t be squashed next to a stranger. The main thing I want to avoid is WC queues at my feet and potential bassinets!
    Would you say it’s worth waiting for check in to pre book seats, or get in there early and pay the price?
    Thanks again


    1. Hello, the front seats are good but the one near the wall has little bit less leg room, also they are narrower and the tv are foldable one which I don’t like. I would pick other seat. If you wait and check in first few minutes once check in is open you don’t have to pay for most the seat and you should be able to get good one. Depends how busy the flight is which is hard to tell


  11. Hi thanks for youre article which as helped me chose my seats on my Manchester to Bangkok return flight I picked 51D and 33A X3, would you stick with these as 68A and 68K are available as upgrade at £55 per seat.


    1. Thanks for your message. Not sure where 33A is, the seats starts usualy with 41,or 43. They are charging too much for the seats in my opinion, so unless it is flight over 7hrs ( mancheser to Dubai may be ) or a night flight , I woudl stay with the free ones.


  12. Hi Travellerczeck! For seats 67s, is there a “seat pocket” storage option for the personal stuff I want within reach throughout the flight?? Is it one storage/pocket per seat? Other airlines only have one pocket on the wall for both seats and that’s not quite fair.


  13. I am choosing my seats on the A380 and wanted to know specifically about the view, if you or anyone has any idea which window seats (A or K) are the best view for both landing in and taking off from Dubai? I really want to get a spectacular view as I have had such bad luck until now. It seems the left for taking off as it is almost full so far. Anyone??


      1. Ok, perfect I chose the left.. and I’m just guessing I should book on the right then for arriving back in Dubai? (Although I know it’s not guaranteed). Thanks so much!


  14. Travellerszech, can you confirm that Row 51 (last middle row in first cabin) is NOT a lmiited recline seat? I have 4 travelers, and I chose Row 50 for us because SeatGuru.com indicated that Row 51 has limited recline. I would definitely switch to Row 51 if it’s truly NOT limited recline. Thanks for all the info. I definitely agree that Emirates A380 has THE BEST coach seats right now.


      1. Haha, on the view !! I can’t imagine anybody choosing a seat on an aircraft based on the view, but each to his own! :O I have switched us to Row 51 — my husband said he’d give up a little recline to have nobody behind us. Thanks for your blog and your prompt reply.


      2. Dear Travellerczech, can you tell us what you mean by a “small” difference in recline for the 51 seats? In your post, it indicates “unlimited recline” which immediately caught my attention, did you actually mean to say “limited recline” instead? I do agree that last row offers more privacy, less noise but the reduced recline is not so great.


      3. Hello Catherine,

        thank you for reaching back to me regarding the seats. The last row has limited recline, but the difference is very small. The sense of space and privacy is worth it.


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