lost chambers aquarium

LOST CHAMBERS : Discover with me the lost chambers of Atlantis

The Lost Chambers Aquarium is a beautifully designed attraction bringing to life the mythical sunken city of Atlantis.

Short drive from Dubai Marina divides you from an extraordinary world lost thousands of years ago deep beneath the sea.

As a big fan of all things aquatic, I have visited many aquariums around the world. Sydney, Singapore, San Francisco and Lisbon all have worthy exhibits but the detailed theming and rich storytelling in The Lost Chambers are on another scale.

Don’t miss a visit to this aquarium while in Dubai.


You can slowly discover 10 mythical chambers with 21 exhibits which are home of more than 65.000 animals.

Learn about Atlantean civilisation through architecture, artefacts and stories. You can let your fantasy run wild…

Most impressive chamber is definitely the Seven Sages…geniuses of the  Atlantean civilisation. In the middle of the room is an organic computer over the throne of King Atlas.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t there at the time, so I sat in and warmed up the throne a bit for him.

Red Sage chamber showcase an astronomical chair and telescopic mask.  The were used by Sages to study the stars.

By reading from the stars, they were predicting the success of harvest season. Except that, the views through the windows are just spectacular.

The newest residents of the aquarium are two albino Alligator brothers.

They were jumping out, so they have to placed some glass around their pool. Alligators live underneath of the Abyss elevator used as a transporter for miners searching for minerals.

The Alien shaped cocoon is made of bronz and leather.

Blue Sage chamber was the martial art training room for the Atlantean’s.

A control terminal was activated to allow warriors to retrieve weapons. That’s why piranha aquarium is placed in this room too.


If you wish to learn more about the species, interactive touch screens are located next to each exhibit.

Of course, there is a souvenir shop too…


  • opening time 10am-10pm
  • price : AED 100 / resident rate AED 75
  • activities  : Diving, Snorkelling, Behind the scenes Tour / priced AED 75 – 1.850
  • FREE valet parking
  • best time of the day is between 12-3pm
  • get value package with Aquaventure Waterpark – czech my Post here! 
  • location : Atlantis Hotel Palm Jumeirah





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