motiongate theme park

DUBAI PARKS AND RESORTS : Complete list of Attractions at Motiongate theme park

Are you getting excited about the upcoming theme park complex in Dubai ?

Have a sneak peek at the full list of thrilling rides and attractions we can look forward to in the Motiongate park and start planning your trip 🙂

The movie based theme park will have 4 Zones and Main Street called Studio Central.

Opening #October2016

motiongate theme park
View at the Motiongate theme park layout
motiongate dubai
Artistic Impression of the Studio Central Street


1. The Ghostbusters Ride

“Battle For New York” will be an interactive dark ride that also involves a shooting game – you’ll have to shoot at different moving targets to gain points.

2. The Green Hornet Coaster

Fast rollercoaster called the High Speed Chase full of sharp turns and dizzying drops.

3. The Underworld Ride

4D theatre ride – scary moving and vibrating seats with mist and air effects.

4. Blast Off Drop Tower

Zombieland movie themed, one-of-a-kind 56m high tower,that will send riders shooting to the skies

5. Hotel Transylvania 

Explore a giant 2800 square meter castle, on a charming coffin-like carriages with Gothic flair, while following the bon voyage party for Mavis! Expect surprises!

6. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 

Splashing fun and adventurous river flume expedition. Head deep into the heart of the lush jungle setting of “Sparkswood Foodimal Preserve”. Riders will get up close and personal with the phenomenal foodimals created by young inventor Flint Lockwood and his meteorologist friend Sam Spark.

motiongate dubai
Sony Pictures Zone Gate Entrance


1. The Hunger Games Train

The Capitol Bullet Train ( high speed train Katniss takes to the Capitol in the movies ) will be a thrilling launched outdoor roller-coaster. It’s being dubbed “360 degrees of thrill”.

2. The Hunger Games aerial tour

The Panem Aerial Tour will be a 3D motion simulator during which you’ll feel like you’re riding a soaring hovercraft. Similar to Soarin ride in Disney Epcot.

3. Step Up Show

There also will be a stage show themed around Step Up movie. You can expect live hip hop dancers, singers and rappers.

motiongate dubai
Lionsgate Zone Entrance


1. The Shrek Ride

This dark ride is called the Merry Fairy Tale Journey and it is in the dark. It revisits the story of how Shrek and Fiona met + some interactive elements.

2. The Swamp Celebration

Shrek themed family ride during which you sit in a hollowed-out log that glides and spins.

3. The Madagascar Ride

Rollercoaster called the Mad Pursuit. It’s the fastest in the park. The journey will be windy and full of sharp turns.

4. The Kung Fu Panda Ride

Named Unstoppable Awesomeness, this will be a 3D theatre experience full of special effects.

5. The How to Train Your Dragon Ride

Suspended rollercoaster that soars high above. It will feel like flying a dragon. There also will be a How To Train Your Dragon water play area for the hot days.

6. The Swinging Viking

Also based around How To Train Your Dragon, this will be a Viking ship that swings back and forth.

7. Fountain of Dreams 

The list wouldn’t be complete without a fountain with a water and light effects.

motiongate dubai
View at the Indoor Dreamworks Zone Entrance


1. The Smurfs Studio Tour

Family ride on which you’ll see inside the Smurfs’ working studio.

2. Smurfs Village Express

This is a family rollercoaster taking you on a trip through Smurf Village.

3. Woodland Play Park

An adventure playground with rope bridges, slides and mushroom-shaped houses.

motiongate dubai
Smurfs Village


motiongate dubai
Motiongate Park Zoning



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