Ferrari World

FERRARI WORLD : Construction Update and Benno’s Great Race

Finally, I have got a chance to try the latest attraction in the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi … Benno’s Great Race.

This interactive track-less ride is a real joy, even for grown up kid like me. Plenty of animatronics with nicely synchronised lighting, change of the scenes and sound effects. The ride vehicle seats 4 person’s and the movement is very smooth. I would just add few extra twists and turns ☺

To accomplish the different tasks, you need to use a laser wrench as a controller and interact with clever mix of screens along the way to earn points.

Now, let’s continue to the construction progress of the highly anticipated new rides. The Ferrari Park confirmed addition of a 3 major rides completed by early 2017.

From what I could see, the mysterious SFX coaster hidden inside the big boxy building may be the first to open. No dates were given just yet, but the hoarding is now up from the side and themed queuing line is being added.

It says “another record breaking ride” on the hoarding …so, whatever it is inside, will be great!

  • See more photos in my previous post HERE

The second ride, high speed “shuttle” coaster with a track running through the central vortex, is getting its loading station completed.

It looks to me like a hydraulically launched system. Track is straight and is banked upwards slightly, so that a train would roll backwards to the station in the event of a loss of power. This type of propulsion is capable of catapulting a train to very high speeds and it is only used mostly by Intamin.

The outdoor section of the track didn’t grow much since my last visit in March. If you look close enough, you can see a red tape marking the area of the glass needed to be removed for inner and outer track to connect.

I am really curious how high up the track will go. Previous G-Force drop tower inside the funnel was 62m ( 203feet ) high.

I guess, we have to wait a bit to find out about the 3rd ride but in a mean time, the world’s biggest indoor theme park located on the Yas Island is adding several themed seasonal festivals such as Winterfest and Festival of Lights.

I can only speak for myself, but Ferrari World is really re-inventing itself and it’s on a fast journey to become all new experience.

The attention to detail, storytelling from the ride’s entrance to the exit and soon to be home of 4 major coaster rides ( 38 in total ) makes it a perfect place to visit anytime during the year.

  • A day pass to Ferrari World is from Dh260 for adults and from Dh215 for a junior pass.
  • New UAE resident offer now only Dh 195!

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  1. any reliable way to visit here from Dubai. I heard the taxi ride is like an hour since I won’t have a rental during my November visit


    1. Bus is running from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, but because the park is outside the city you have to take taxi anyway. I am sure there are a tour companies from Dubai who provides FW trips but it not may suit your schedule. Taxi will be max Aed250.


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