SIX FLAGS DUBAI : New animated video revealed

Earlier this year, the announcement about Six Flags Park coming to Dubai Parks and Resorts has been released.

Described as the second phase of DPR expansion, Six Flags will feature 27 rides and should be up and running by 2019, prior the Expo2020 exhibition.

The new park construction will likely begin by spring 2017 and will include entrance promenade, air-conditioned areas, tower rides, 4D dark rides, VR experiences and of course some hair-rising steel and wooden coasters.

six flags dubai
Rendering of Six Flags Dubai theme park

Interesting animation of the park was posted on #uaeproject Instagram account…so let’s have a look…

New park will be located next to the Lapita hotel ( see HERE ), together with Motiogate, Bollywood Park, Legoland, Lego Water Park and Riverland Dubai.

Six Flags is currently operating 18 parks across North America with more than 380 rides.

Link credit : #UAEPROJECT Instagram account.


2 thoughts on “SIX FLAGS DUBAI : New animated video revealed

  1. how bout they actually get RMC’s and free flys at their current parks and make them look nice in places in need of rehab instead of building a park overseas? Like seriously…


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