Bollywood Parks Dubai

DUBAI PARKS AND RESORTS : Bollywood park rides and details

I am a big fan of Bollywood movies and if you are too, there is something really exciting about to happen!

The world’s first Bollywood theme park is opening this October as a part of the Dubai Parks and Resort complex.

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Streets of Mumbai, picturesque Indian countryside, or behind the scenes of famous Bollywood blockbusters ? All of this and much more will become alive in this one of a kind park.

Bollywood Parks Dubai
Entrance to the Bollywood Park Dubai

Once you enter through “Bollywood Boulevard” with retail outlets Chalte Chalte, the Bollywood Studio store, Desi Emporium and Mumbai Bazaaryou, you will access 4 other zones – Mumbai Chowk, Rustic Ravine, Royal Plaza and Bollywood Film Studios.

Bollywood Parks Dubai
Bollywood Boulevard full of vibrant cafés and live entertainment


  • Mumbai Chowk – Don: The Chas,  3D dark ride of the  classic car-chase sequence from the film
  • Bollywood Studios – Hall of Heroes area will provide a sneak peek into the making of movies
  • Rustic Raven – showcasing movies with a rural focus and will also include a Ferris Wheel

Centre piece of the park and fourth themed zone is the 850-seat Rajmahal Theatre showcasing  Broadway-style musicals.  Expect big dance numbers, lavish costumes and fantastic music.

Bollywood Parks Dubai
Beautiful Rajmahal Theatre

The 1.7 million sq.feet park will include 16 movie rides, 6 themed restaurants and 30 live shows inspired by contemporary Hindi blockbusters, including Shah Rukh Khan’s Don, Salman Khan’s Dabangg and Aamir Khan’s Lagaan.

There will be 3-D and 4-D rides, stunts shows and sneak peak at behind-the-scenes action for movies such as Krrish and RA.One.

Bollywood Parks Dubai
The entire lay-out of the Bollywood park
Bollywood Parks Dubai
Bollywood park is located in the right upper corner

One day ticket prices will be announced in July / Annual passes available at



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