SKYWALK : Czech’s newest attraction for daredevils!

New and very unique attraction was recently unveiled in the Kralicky Sneznik mountains in the north-eastern part of the Czech Republic.

I couldn’t help it but visit and experience this rollercoaster like formation myself.

1116m ( 3600ft ) above the sea level grew up a breathtaking structure, offering its brave visitors birds eye views of the surrounding mountains and the highest peaks of the country.

It is called the Skywalk…750m ( 2500ft ) long path towards the top of the 60m ( 197ft) tall engineering marvel. The structure itself is devoted to pastime, recreation and it is a perfect place for those, who wants to enjoy the scenery, nature, fresh mountain air…and aren’t afraid of heights!

The actual Skywalk is conceptual structure that offers visitors an intense sensation of walking in the clouds. Trust me…even I have felt a bit queazy taking step by step towards the top platform which offers not just amazing views, but 100m ( 330ft ) long slide, rope tunnel hanging 50m (165ft ) above the ground and net for walking on with the thrill of the “nothingness’ below you.

The only downside were the huge crowds. Taking a good photo was almost impossible. On the other hand, I was really happy to see such an interest of the public.

Interesting Facts :

  • The construction required 380 tons of steel, 300m2 glued larch and 250m2 planed blocks of wood.
  • The tower can withstand any storm up to the strength of 200kph.
  • Up to 4000 people can visit the structure in any given time.
  • 45.000 nails/screws was used
  • 6 months took the entire construction

The attraction offers plenty of refreshment options in adjacent restaurant, hotel and stalls. You can also find play kids area and place to “park” your bike.


HOW TO GET TO IT : Well, you can cycle ( that’s what i did ) 15km up the hill from village of Dolni Morava, or enjoy comfortable ride on a new cable car whisking you up to the summit in no time. Dolni Morava is 190km from Prague

The nearest big city is Pardubice ( 1hr by train from Prague )

OPENING TIME : Every day 10am-7pm

ENTRANCE : Adult entrance in 290czk ( incl. cable car ) or 190czk without it.

The best time to visit is of course the summer, but fans of winter sports will enjoy many ski slopes and plenty of  accommodation choices near by during any time of the year. Better book in advance.

As this is very popular place for visitors and locals alike, arm yourself with patience as you will be queuing for pretty much everything. But its all worth the hassle.

Trust me , you will a have fantastic experience, the cleanest air in the country and selection of great spa towns in the region if you decide to explore the area.



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