DUBAI : HYSTERIA…journey through a nightmare!

Face your fear and get lost in a scary maze full of ( very ) dark corners and terrifying shadows.

The Hysteria – Haunted House attraction opened on the 2nd floor of the Dubai Mall. Thrill seekers and horror fans can “enjoy” approximately 20min long ghoulish journey full of fear-inducing characters and gruesome surprises.

Expect a lot of darkness ( I mean it ), scares, lighting effects and claustrophobic spaces.

I wasn’t really convinced to test in myself ( prefer to get scared on rollercoasters ) so at-least few photos from the outside.

Hysteria represents a first attraction of its kind in the region and it is open every day 10am -12pm.

Ticket cost AED 100 ( USD 27 ).

If you are up to more gentle attractions, Dubai Mall offers Sega Republic Park, Kidzania, Aquarium, Ice Rink and Multiplex too keep you busy.

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