Emirates A380

EMIRATES A380 : Inside the two-class configuration aircraft

It was in December 2015, when Emirates introduced its first 2-class A380, but only last month, I’ve finally got a chance to fly on one and would like share with you my experience of the upper deck economy and business class.

So far, the 2-class A380’s are being used on routes to Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Paris, Manchester and Copenhagen and are amongst the newest ones in the 80 aircraft’s strong Emirates A380 fleet.
If you find yourself flying on this aircraft, always choose the upper deck economy seats.

Five reasons why :

  1. Seat configuration 2-4-2
  2. Smaller, quieter cabin
  3. Bigger bathrooms
  4. Extra storage space next to all window seats
  5. Just this little extra special 2nd floor feeling ☺ and nice staircase

Note, if you like to enjoy the view and take a pictures, the curvature and window angle on the upper deck makes it a more difficult.

Selecting your economy seats on Emirates A380 lower deck? Click HERE for the Best Seat guide!

Emirates 2-class A380 fits 615 passengers from tip to tail. It’s the most bums on seats of any airline flying the double-decker jet. See the passenger seats comparison below.

Total amount of passengers by airline – CHART :

  • Emirates : 615
  • Qatar : 517
  • Air France : 516
  • Lufthansa : 509
  • Thai Airways : 507
  • China Southern: 506
  • Etihad : 498
  • Asiana Airlines : 495
  • Malaysia Airlines : 494
  • Qantas : 484
  • Singapore Airlines : 471
  • British Airways : 469
  • Korean Air : 407 ( wanna fly with them 🙂 )

14 First class private cabins and 2 in-flight spas were completely removed to make the extra space for 120 economy seats. Business class also took a hit, going from 76 seats down to 58 – although the airline’s iconic cocktail bar can still be found at the rear of the upper deck. The lower deck remains given over to economy, with 437 seats in total.

Upper deck business offers :

  • 58 flatbed seats
  • 1 On-board Lounge
  • 1-2-1 seat configuration

The window flat-bed seats are the best as they are wider and more spacious than in the middle section. You will enjoy in-seat mini bar, noise cancelling head set and luxury amenity kit. Food was in my opinion on the average side, but the on-board Lounge made up for it with nice finger food and sandwiches.

No matter what class you flying in, the ICE entertainment system and very-responsive touch screen is the best AVOD in the skies. I also love the 3 different views available through the outdoor cameras. Service and food is great and too, especially enjoy like the little cheese, bread stick set in economy meal.



  1. They have totally stuffed up the business class experience back of the bus with all the turbulence movement. Last ones to disembark. Emirates only interested in being the cattle truck of the sky. I think they should call this A380 configuration the no class configuration.


  2. I agree that the new configuration is great for economy class on the upper deck, however the business class experience takes a huge prestige hit upon disembarkation. The reason for this is that all business class pax are forced to wait for the upper deck economy passengers to clear first and the route itself is tortuously slow as all are forced down the forward stairs. This creates a significant delay for the higher fare paying class and is not typical of the service you expect in business class. Not a good idea Emirates.


  3. Thank you Travellerczech..
    Im happy to pay because the seating is 2-4-2 and privilege to sit Upper Deck.
    You really help me a lot with this info.

    I really hope their PREMIUM ECONOMY will be launching soon in June 2018 not mistaken.


  4. I’ve had a wonderful experience with them twice in a row now.A380 is really nice and more baby & toddler friendly than I could imagined.
    Long haul flight in an A380 plane with a toddler makes it less stressful 🙂


      1. Hi…
        Thank you for your info about the 2 Class A380 of Emirates. I will be flying with them in economy. So i will definitely choose the UPPER DECK. Who knows if i buy their expensive economy ticket, they might upgrade me to Business Class…hahahahahha…

        Best Regards,



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