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To be honest with you, I don’t know much ( anything ) about video games, so I was bit apprehensive to visit Dubai’s newest entertainment venue  “The Hub Zero”  Video Game Theme Park.

I couldn’t be more wrong. This place is a great place for everyone, of any age and any “level” of involvement in gaming industry.

You just need to have one thing in common … want to have fun, like themed rides and hate zombies! 🙂

Hub Zero is an indoor venue located in newly developed City Walk Phase 2 near Jumeriah beach. From the outside it doesn’t look much, but once step inside the huge dark lobby filled with flashing lights, you get immediately transported into the virtual world.

Hub Zero offers 20 attractions based on popular video games. 5D, 4D cinemas, trackless motion rides, laser battles, simulators, Virtual Reality Zombie fights and many other attractions.

Let’s have a closer look at the best ones :


A 4D cinema experience that offers every sensory thrill as Asura and the demi-god Guardian Generals. Synchronised use of special effects complete with leg ticklers, seat vibration, water spritzer, air blast/wind and in-theatre bass sound effects. The chairs movement were a bit harsh but quality of the projection excellent.

  • DRAGON AGE  : Flight of the Wardens 

This is not for the one suffering from motion sickness. 4 seats mounted on a robotic arm swinging and rotating in front of large curved screen.  The rides is an exhilarating journey from far-away Noathen where you are on a quest to save the Kingdom of Ferelden. The adventure takes the form of a thrilling aerial battle dodging arrows, trees, and a magical vortex.


  • FINAL FANTASY VII : Escape from Midgar

An immersion tunnel featuring a multi-directional motion vehicle, set in the middle of a 3D surround-screen projection system. It looks a bit like the Kong 360 at Universal, just the graphics needs to be more sharper and clear. Otherwise a good ride.

  • RESIDENT EVIL : Bio Terror

My personal favourite. An interactive 3D trackless dark ride where you join an elite Special Forces squad. Fight ravenous zombies equipped with laser guns and special goggles inside the Umbrella Corp lab and move through a series of point-scoring challenges using camera-tracked guns. The ride is great, projections believable and the guns very responsive. Managed to kill 21 zombies in 2 minutes !


2 minutes of pure Zombie fear. Seriously … they got me.  This attraction contains the latest VR technology in immersive head mounted displays, motion capture systems, and real-time 3D engines. The freedom of movement with seamless and fluid visuals creates an intuitive ( and very scary ) experience. Amazing!

  • HERO ZONE : Vertical Adventure 

This attraction has nothing to do with gaming or virtual reality, but it is so much fun. Adrenaline junkies are guaranteed a high while navigating skillfully up the wall strapped to harnesses. A challenging test of strength and flexibility, it is where you learn the tricks of ropes and experience the thrill of getting to the top in this climbing, jumping playground.


2 chambers filled with laser beams. You can compete against your friend, or just see how flexible you are. I don’t think I will ever be a good agent after failing tree times, but its a great fun. A laser maze that draws you into an engaging and thrilling operation. A fitting test of your agility, the challenge is to get through the intense laser maze with practiced moves without breaking the beams.


Driving simulator which makes sure to make you dizzy. The 6 degree movements were so smooth but the graphics could be better. High-tech racing experience on a driving simulator. Enjoy the thrill of extreme cornering and acceleration as you race down the virtual track displayed on three 42” monitors.

GEARS OF WAR : Laser Siege

Take part in an exhilarating close-quarter laser tag battle where 24 GEARS play simultaneously to fight the LOCUSTS. Spread over 2 levels, the battle zone is set in an old light mass missile silo hidden deep beneath the surface of the planet Sera. Teamwork in a big way!


A 10-minute, action-packed session in immersive 3D. With a special gun mounted device on simulators, you are equipped to rain bullets in a full force attack. Rear projectors place you in a strategic position and offer you an enveloping, life-like experience.

The Hub Zero has also something for the little ones :

  • TINY TRACK – Kart driving
  • SPORTS ACADEMY – Soccer simulator
  • PLANTS vs. ZOMBIES – Themed play area


Currently being build and promising a lot of excitement. Embark on a virtual battle against enemy forces in a cutting-edge recon buggy as part of a squad of 5 elite forces. Prototype vision-enhancing goggles allow thrill-seekers to see the enemy weak points as you blast your way to victory with laser guns, all in interactive 3D.


It wouldn’t be complete gaming experience without a good old-fashion arcade. The Zero Hub has two!

  • FOOD 

After so much fun and running around it’s a time to re-fuel. 2 restaurants and refreshment “truck” offers a surprisingly good food for a good prices. Just don’t go on Dragon Age ride after it 🙂

  • 2nd LEVEL 

Hub Zero has 2 levels … the second floor offers “Network Arena”, Gaming PC’s, Billiard tables, Arcade, Restaurant and Karaoke booths.


  • Each ride has a safety panel you have to read before riding
  • Every ride has dedicated staff member who explains everything
  • Some rides has height restriction
  • There is enough washrooms and locker-rooms
  • You can enter/exit the Park during the day with your entry card
  • ATM’s are outside the buildings
  • Parking is in the basement of City Walk complex and it is paid
  • All staff members are very friendly and helpful
  • There is also an Exit Shop offering huge variety of fun stuff

Price  : Day Pass ( 1 entrance per attraction ) : Aed160 / Full pricing pictured below

Opening Time : Sun-Thu 12h-00h   / Fri-Sat 10h-00h


Hub Zero …the one place where you LIVE THE GAME…learn more at



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