IMG WORLDS OF ADVENTURE : 147 photos from the biggest indoor Theme Park!

After many delays, worlds’ biggest indoor Theme Park – the IMG Worlds of Adventure,  finally opened its door on the Aug 31st in Dubai…it was worth the wait!

Take a tour with me into all 4 themed Zones and enjoy world’s largest IMG photo report  🙂

  • IMG WOA theme park is spanning across 1.5 million square feet of temperature-controlled environment.  Park is the size of 28 football fields.
  • 4 zones includes Marvel, Cartoon Network, Lost Valley and IMG Boulevard contains 17 attractions from kids playgrounds to high-tech 5D attractions and rollercoasters, together with immersive theming and details.
  • I strongly recommend to get Fast Track Pass, The queues were building up quickly in the afternoon. I spent 5hours in the park with Fast Track Pass.

” check the list of all the rides here “

On day of my visit, 4 rides were broken ( keep opening/closing through the day ) and I got stuck on two rides, which really added to the “Adventure”:). Luckily, I tried them all, before they closed completely….better check before you go!

IMG Theme Park Dubai
Let’s go !!!

Let’s begin from the beginning : 

Park is located on Mohamed Bin Zayed road E311 near Global Village ( Dubai’s’ famous sight ).

Exit is clearly marked, but the road kind of feel “deserted” at first before you get closer to the park. Currently there is still a lot of work going on the roads, landscaping and parking lot.

  • It took me 35min drive from Dubai Marina to reach the park ( light traffic ).


Lobby is huge and has ticket booths, ATM’s, Guest relations service, lockers, washrooms.

There was no countdown towards the opening, no cheesy show and they opened a bit later then 12noon, so I was slightly disappointed.

On the other hands, all the staff is friendly, they know where everything is and everyone is helpful to direct you around. I tested few of the staff with some tricky questions and they all knew the facilities very well.

  • Adult ticket will cost you Aed300 / Fast Track Aed195
IMG Theme park Dubai
Lobby of the IMG Park


The entrance zone to the park with only one attraction – Haunted Hotel ( was really busy in there ) is full of restaurants and shops.

I was really surprised how good the restaurants were. Much better selection and quality then any major theme parks around the globe. Also, service was excellent in Boulevard Gourmet, where I enjoyed my lunch. ( fairly priced too).

IMG Theme park Dubai
Panoramic view around IMG Boulevard

Zone 2 – MARVEL 

The Marvel area is hiding some top class rides and amazing  (but expensive ) superhero memorabilia’s.

  • 360 projection dome of Hulk Epsilon Base is circular dynamic flying theatre which was excellent experience, until it broke down in the middle of the action. The hydraulic platform got stuck on a side.
  • Spiderman-Man Doc Ock’s Revenge was a real surprise. I didn’t’ except the intensity and crazy speed rotating around real size New York skyline. Had to go three times as the rides is quite short.
  • Thor Thunder Spin was a bit head spinning, but you can see from the outside what getting yourself into.
  • Avengers Battle of Ultron is basically Universal’s Transformers with different theme. Very enjoyable, great theming and the last 180 degree mega screen will blow your mind.
IMG theme park dubai
Marvel Zone Street…


Very dark area with some fantastic theming, plenty of animatronic Dinosaurs and also home of one big angry alligator.

  • Wild ride is Predator rollercoaster with vertical lift hill and tons of spins. Pity it is over so quick.
  • The Velociraptor launch coaster will blast you out on to the desert. The queueing line is sooo long but the walk is worth it. There is also a nice little surprise ( projection next to the track ) before you get catapulted out. It’s a great ride for all adrenalin junkies. Seats have only lap restraint which adds to the thrill.
  • The attraction which also broke down during the ride is called Forbidden Territory. Once you board the multi sensory vehicle, you will get on a journey through prehistoric times. Similar to Dinosaur in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, but with no scary parts and average theming ending with disappointing  projection.
  • Kids rides and playground also available
IMG theme park dubai
Impressive theming all around…


For small and big kids with some head spinning ride and lovely detailed theming.

  • The Ride of OOO with Finn&Jake was also down but opened later in the afternoon. Slow and cute “flight” over the park with some cute themed scenes. Very enjoyable after the crazy Predator. Very long queues.
  • The Powerpuff Girls- Mojo Jojo’s Robot Ramage ( seriously  ?:) ) was too crazy for me to go. Honestly, my stomach went crazy just looking at it.
  • There is many more other attractions in this area, just my height was over 1m more than the ride height restrictions, so I couldn’t go. :)))
Cartoon Network Streets
Cartoon Network Streets


NOVO Cinemas is also a part of the complex but not open yet.

If you wanna know more about all Dubai attractions click on Theme Park section HERE 🙂

Thank you  for visiting and reading my 100th post !

Come back soon 🙂 



  1. Hi, thanks for sharing, which one should I go for with my cousins age between 16-28 it will be thier first time here so am confused between motion-gate and IMG, please advice.


    1. Hello Aysha, img has definitely more thrilling rides so much more fun. Motion gate is more pretty and it’s outdoor which may be nice n then weather now. But if it’s rides you are looking for, visit img


  2. If you had to choose between IMG World and Dubai Parks & Resorts which one would you recommend to 30 year olds who are seeking thrill rides and adrenaline rush?


  3. Thanks for the review! Very informative and it is clear that they still need to work on their maintenance since some rides weren’t working


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