The Green Planet Dubai

THE GREEN PLANET : Rainforest in the heart of Dubai !

Dubai is ever-changing city and that is, what I like so much about it…

In one day, you can get some serious tan on a great beaches, go skiing, shop in the biggest mall, slide down through shark infested aquarium in a waterpark and NOW…you can walk in the rainforest – daily from 10am till 10pm ! 🙂

The Green Planet Dubai
The Green Planet Dubai

The Green Planet Dubai is a place to explore and interact with a whole new world of exotic flora and fauna in fully immersive vertical rainforest.

Once you enter the first room with a waterfall, aquarium walls and sounds of birds, you get immediately transported far far away into the jungles of Amazonia.

The Green Planet Dubai
The Green Planet Dubai Entrance

After you get “acclimatised”, a lift will elevate you to the top of the cylindrical building where you can start your journey of discovery.

Learn about the ecosystems, watch interesting animals and enjoy the fantastic views from the canopy of the biggest ever man made tree.

The Green Planet Dubai
The Green Planet Dubai

You can stay as long as you want, enjoy the view and sounds. Let the staff explain you all about the creepy crawlies, or walk over the rope bridge and let out your inner kid.

I have spent two hours inside and found out…

  • Nearly 50 percent of the plants and animals on the earth live in the rainforest…
  • The rainforests help to regulate the temperatures around the world…
  • and much much more …
The Green Planet Dubai
The Green Planet Dubai

I have to honestly say, visiting The Green Planet was the best way I have spend 95 Aed this week…

Dubai’s newest attraction proved to be already very popular, so better book your tickets online and try to visit during lunch time.

The facilities includes a bistro, shop, washrooms, stroller “carpark” and car “carpark” just next to the building. Rainforest is located in new area called City Walk, where you can find shopping, dining, cinema and also very exciting Video Game Theme Park called The Hub Zero.

“Look inside the Hub Zero HERE”

Now, enjoy the vast PHOTO GALLERY below and don’t forget to put The Green Planet on your “MUST SEE LIST

The Entrance : 

The Canopy :

The canopy forms the roof of the rainforest, absorbing the majority of the sunlight and diffusing the rainfall. It stands at a staggering height of approximately 30-45 metres above the ground.


The Midstory :

This is the middle layer of the rainforest, where trees commonly have large leaves in order to absorb any sunlight filtered down through the canopy. Here, there is more open space than above and more sunlight than the forest floor below.

The Forest Floor : 

The three words that best describe the forest floor of the rainforest – Humid. Quiet. Dark. Unlike the other more bright and lively layers, barely any sunlight reaches the floor.

Flooded Rainforest :

As much life as there is aboveground, a lot of activity happens below. Over 3m of rain falls each year, flooding rivers and streams that provide the perfect living conditions for all kinds of animals.



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