DUBAI OPERA : Revisited !

It’s almost a month, since the world’s latest centre of performing arts, the Dubai Opera House, opened its door too a “culture hungry” audience.

Night after night, the show goes on, but during the day, there are no dancers, or singers to wow spectators. It is an ensemble of construction workers, tirelessly trying to finish the unfinished surrounding areas, water features, landscaping and pavements.

check the previous construction photos HERE

Let’s take a little look around, to see how the 2000 seat “showground” looks during the day.

Dubai Opera

the necessary social media friendly “photo op”… just don’t forget the hashtag 🙂

Dubai Opera

View from the Emaar Boulevard. Notice the black plastic still covering the glass booths in the back

Dubai Opera

Booths with plastic and vinyl covering unfinished interiors.

Dubai Opera

Fountains are only working during the night

Dubai Opera

Not sure what that is, but looks cool

Dubai Opera

The interior

Enjoy the full gallery : 




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