DUBAI PARKS & RESORTS : Delayed openings – will it be worth the wait?

For the very first time, the opening of the major roads and bridges, allowing us to see the impressive scale of the soon to be open Dubai Parks and Resorts.

3 theme parks, 1 water park, outlet village and dining district will soon open to become the largest entertaining destination in the region.

“Read all about DPR in theme park section of my Blog – CLICK HERE

Unfortunately, not all of them will open on the 31st October as originally advertised. Find out dates for each park opening below, together with photos from the newly opened Outlet Village and amazing landscaping around the parks.

The Outlet Village just opened for business next to Legoland Park. San Gimignano town themed indoor retail venue sets a high standards of theming inside the parks themselves and looking at the faux Italian facades…we have a lot to be excited about.

But first thing first, the current scheduled opening date of each park is as follows :

  • 31st October        – Legoland Park + Riverland ( retails and dining area )
  • 15th November   – Bollywood Park + Legoland Waterpark + Lapita Hotel
  • 16th December   –  Motiongate Park

After contacting the parks, their response regarding  the delayed opening dates was…

“we want ensure that we deliver the very best and immersive experience of our guest. We are confident that, we will have a world-class experience filled with action-pack rides, attractions, live entertainment, dining and shopping  and more”

I guess, we have to wait and see 🙂

It’s not all about the parks, the roads, landscaping and beautifying works are in its final stage. It’s very impressive to see this huge amount of greenery planted around to transform desert into lush gardens.

The parks even has its own nursery with thousands of palm trees and plants!




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