DUBAI PARKS & RESORTS : Walk around Riverland Dubai + Hunger Games Rollercoaster

Riverland Dubai is officially opening on the 31st of October, but Travellerczech can’t just sit home and wait.

Instead, I did have a pretty nosey look around Riverland – new dining and entertaining area connecting 3 theme parks, waterpark, luxury hotel and shopping village.

All areas are currently in its final stages of construction and first of them – Legoland Dubai will open on the same day as Riverland!

“See the biggest Legoland Dubai photo update HERE “

The Peninsula

Riverland has been divided into four main zones:

  • India Gateclose to Bollywood Park entrance plaza, which is designed in 1930s India style.

Bollywood park actually looks like a good fun, I like the colours and buildings peaking out from behind of the Main gate. Also, I am sure, the theatrical Raj-Mahal theatre show will be dazzling.

India Gate



  • French Village : near Legoland Park, is inspired by 16th century French town of Annecy.

The paving was uncomfortable to walk on and Italian restaurant, McDonalds and Starbucks somehow doesn’t fit in to French medieval town vibe…but that’s just me.

The mill wheel in the french village is already spinning

  • Peninsula : inspired by America in the 1950s is not accessible yet as it is on “island” next to the Lapita hotel. Licensed restaurants will be based here.
Peninsula area across the 50m wide river

  • The Boardwalk : a live concerts and festivals zone along the river with still empty buildings feels a bit soul-less.

I hope, with the opening of F&B outlets and shops, music and lights, this area will become alive.

This area need music, live and fun

A 1km-long river runs through all four zones, which has boats for a river cruises.

Also some of the restaurants will have an alcohol license ( located in the Peninsula zone ) ,there will be bank, spa, food carts and live shows on every corner.

Riverland will be open daily  from 10am to 1am daily with no entry charge !

Riverland Dubai will open along with Legoland Dubai on October 31, while Bollywood Parks and Legoland Water Park will open on November 15. The Hollywood-themed Motiongate will open on December 16.

Motiongate theme park – HUNGER GAMES ROLLERCOASTER  

I am personally very excited about this Hollywood themed park with 27 attractions, including 5 rollercoasters.

motiongate dubai
Motiongate Park lay-out

The biggest and fastest is the Capitol Bullet Train coaster in Lion’s Gate-Hunger Game area.

It will be a launched rollercoaster which transports guests from District 12 to the Capitol via a super high-speed Capitol bullet train. Recreating life in Panem, visitors will be taken on a special tour flying through the Capitol with brand new footage shot especially for Dubai Parks and Resorts.

There will be also a second attraction based on the same movie. Indoor flight overlooking the world of Panem from on board a hovercraft – specially designed to replicate those in the film.

I could also see the Green Hornet coaster already being tested and train running on the track.

“Check the list of all Motiongate attractions HERE”

Entrance to Motiongate Park
Still a lot of work to do on the Capitol Bullet Train Coaster


Few more photos from the visit…

Welcoming gate was erected on the highway exit





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