Bollywood Park Dubai

DUBAI PARKS & RESORTS : World’s first Bollywood theme park in pictures!

Dubai Parks and Resorts will be soon opening second, of their three theme parks … the Bollywood inspired Park full of shows and attractions based on the Mumbai’s legendary film industry.

“See list of all attractions HERE”

I personally don’t know much about the movies and its stars, but from what I saw inside, there is fantastic music, colours and great vibe, together with picturesque theming and 17 movie based attractions.

As the park itself is opening on the November 15th, none one of the rides were operational.

The little taste of India, I could get from quick walk around, made me very excited and I just can’t wait to go back and experience everything what the park has to offer….Stay tuned!

Enjoy the photos ! 🙂

Bollywood Park Dubai
Main Gate to the park


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Bollywood Park Dubai
Show in progress in front Rajmahal Theatre


Bollywood Park Dubai

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Dubai Parks and Resorts




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