Dubai Parks and Resorts

DUBAI PARKS & RESORTS : Riverland’s French Village at night !

Dubai Parks and Resorts ( DPR ) are getting ready for next month opening of its third theme park … the Hollywood inspired Motiongate, but Riverland is open and “ready for business”!

Riverland represents dining and entertainment heart of the Parks. It is connecting Bollywood Park, Legoland, Lego Water Park and Motiongate Park, which will open on the December 16th.

This area itself is divided into 4 Zones:

  • Boardwalk
  • Peninsula
  • India Gate
  • French Village

The most finished and athmosperic is definitely the 1600’s inspired French Village, based on a real town of Annecy…alpine town of southeast France, so let’s take a walk


The best time to visit is during sunset. The twilight gives you the right ambience for photos and also, the entire area becomes very athmosperic and almost feel like you travelled back in time.

Why almost ? Well…I know, its easy to judge and criticise, but if DPR wants to truly introduce a world class entertainment destination, they have to improve more then just a few details…

  • the pavements have terrible finish ( in the entire complex )
  • music plays 5 songs in a loop and should be different play-list for each zone
  • water is dirty with debris and rubbish floating around
  • everything is covered by dust ( even easy to clean areas )
  • there has to be much more details on the buildings ( laundry ropes, metal details, flower pods, etc )
  • Mcdonalds, Starbucks and Boots pharmacy just don’t work for me in an old french village.
  • when acrobats, or contortionists performs, there isn’t any special atmosphere, no needs a host, who warms up the crowd and make them feel like they are going to see something special.

I may be hard with my critics, but I really want this place to be as best as possible and come back again and again to feel the magic. The competition is increasing and visitors will soon have even bigger selection of parks and attractions to choose from, while visiting the UAE!

  • Riverland is free to visit, but you have pay for parking Aed50 ( USD 14 ) .

(For comparison … Disney Springs in Orlando carpark is complimentary , but Universal charges USD 20)

SEE MANY MORE PHOTOS from Legoland, Bollywood Park, or find out all the rides in the upcoming Motiongate Park …CLICK HERE and find much more about UAE and world’s theme parks.

Dubai Parks and Resorts




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