Motiongate Park Dubai

DUBAI PARKS AND RESORTS : Motiongate…100 photos from world’s newest theme park!

Motiongate park Dubai is warming up for its grand opening on Dec 16th and Travellerczech is bringing you great bunch of photos and all the info you need to know from world’s newest theme park.

Motiongate Dubai welcomes Hollywood to the Middle East with 27 rides based on movies such as Shrek, Hunger Games, Kung Fu Panda, Green Hornet or Underworld.

I would like to share with you my experience and I hope you will find my post enjoyable and informative. All the descriptions and points below are based on my personal views as a regular global theme park visitor and compared with the biggest competitors in the industry…enjoy  responsibly ! 🙂

Entrance to the theme park

Motiongate is joining LEGOLAND Dubai, Bollywood Park & LEGOLAND Waterpark creating unique destination connected by entertaining zone called Riverland with Polynesian themed Lapita hotel.

By 2020, there will be 4 waterparks and 7 theme parks between Dubai and Abu Dhabi so expectations are running high!

Full of details, fun and colours…

Park itself is a bit of a walk through Riverland, but the main gate looks epic and really sets up the mood together with the movie songs playing in the background.

You cannot walk from one part of the park to another without seeing a street show, take a snap with movie characters or experience some excitement!

” Riverland photos – CLICK HERE”

Motiongate is definitely the best park from all four, inside Dubai Parks and Resorts (DPR).

Great theming, nice atmosphere and plenty of details to get immersed into the world of movies…still tons of work to do, but so much potential.

Only few rides were open during my visit and you can read my opinion about them below.

After entering, the Studio Central ( main street ) takes you to 4 different zones.

  1. Lionsgate
  • Step Up Dubai ! All in – musical show
  • Panem Aerial Tour – 3D flight simulator ( opening early 2017 )
  • Capitol Bullet Train – launched coaster ( opening early 2017 )
Studio Central “Main Street”
Future Gate to Lionsgate Zone

  • 2. Smurf’s Village (rides closed during my visit / under construction)
  • Smurfberry Factory – interactive kids area
  • Woodland Play Park – obstacles
  • Smurf Village Express – baby rollercoaster
  • Studio tour – dark ride
  • Smurf Village Playhouse
Entrance to beautifully themed Surfs Village

  1.  Dreamworks (closed during my visit / under construction)
  • Kung Fu Panda : Unstoppable Awesomeness – 4D simulator
  • Melman Go Round – carrousel
  • Penguin Air – rotating aircrafts
  • Madagascar Mad Pursuit – indoor speed coaster
  • The Swinging Viking – spinning boat
  • Shrek’s Merry Fairy Tale Journey – Puppet Show
  • Dragon Gliders – suspended family coaster
  • Swamp Celebration – spin ride
  • Kung Fu Academy stage show
  • Mr. Fling’s Noodles Fling – tea cups style ride
Dreamworks Indoor Zone

  1.  Sony Picture Studio ( some rides open during my visit )
  • Green Hornet High Speed Chase – rollercoaster
  • Ghostbusters Battle for New York – laser shooting dark ride
  • Zombie Blast Off – drop tower
  • Hotel Transylvania – family dark ride
  • Underworld 4D – movie show
  • Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs river adventure – water raft ride
  • Flint’s Imagination Lab – kids playground
Entrance to Sony Pictures Studio … letters coming soon
  • Green Hornet High Speed Chase  – well…not high speed at all, not even one moment of excitement for me. I would love to see Enchanted Airways (USS), or Flight of the Hippogriff (USO) quality. Queue is nice though.


  • Hotel Transylvania ( closed during my visit ) – just beautiful and great perspective makes the castle look much bigger then it is. Can’t wait to experience the dark ride!
  • Zombie Blast Off – classic drop tower, but nicely themed…
  • Ghostbuster : Battle for New York – I don’t want to be bad, but I was really expecting action packed and highly entertaining ride similar to Transformers, or Spiderman 3D in Universal Parks. Unfortunately, this is a laser-gun-ghost-on-the-screen-shooting-boredom. Such a wasted opportunity, the vehicle system looks impressive, theming also but laser guns and projections, such a let down…
  • Cloudy with a chance of meatballs – this wet and wild raft adventure is still under construction.
  • Underworld 4D – great queuing area and pre-show with lightning. The 3D effects are really strong, sharp and scary…maybe they shouldn’t be allowing small kids inside, as the movie has to be stopped to let the freaked out little ones out. Not enough 4D tricks. The movie would be better just with the glasses as the moving seats, water or air are just distracting. Also, didn’t get the story and there isn’t proper beginning or end to it. Feels random.


Restaurants and kiosk is plenty. All the interiors look really good, with quality finish and helpful staff.

Food variety is now limited to Pizza, Pasta, Burgers and Hot Dogs but soon, there will be a-la-carte restaurant. As you would except from a theme park, prices aren’t cheap and the burger I bought, was very small.



Selection and variety of branded character merchandise is great. The offering is more impressive than Tokyo Disneyland I have visited few weeks ago.  Watch your wallet 🙂

  • washrooms
  • water fountains
  • full body/clothes drying capsules
  • strollers parking areas / rental
  • lockers
  • guest services office
  • currency exchange / ATM
  • Baby care room
  • Photo collection
  • First Aid

  • 10 FUN FACTS :
  1. 1,9m sq.ft of park ( planned 4m for expansion )
  2. 21 from 27 rides are indoors
  3. 120 live shows / day
  4. 13 Hollywood blockbusters inspired rides
  5. 3170 seats for all rides and attractions in the park
  6. 1000 seats at Motiongate theatre
  7. 595 palm trees in the park
  8. 32m height of the tallest point on the Capitol Bullet Train coaster
  9. 5 rollercoasters ( only 1 big one though )
  10. 9 restaurants inside the park

  • Opening time : 11am – 7pm daily ( timing vary by day / season )
  • Regular entry cost : Aed 250 / Annual Pass Aed 865
  • Park is offering Q Fast Pass for additional fee/Parks also offers multi park packages
  • Location is in on Sheik Zayed road in Jebel Ali towards Abu Dhabi ( 20min drive from Dubai Marina / 50min from Dubai Downtown)
  • Parking is available for Aed 50 fee + free shuttle bus ride / VIP parking also available / No public transport yet.

“Don’t forget to check photos of Legoland & Bollywood Park Dubai”


Motiongate Park Map

Motiongate Park Map


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I just love Puss in the Boots …:)


  1. Man, this sounds like it will be as bad as Legoland’s premature opening. I guess I’ll wait until closer to when I head back to the States in March/April timeframe to see this park and hopefully the Hunger Games coaster will be open by then. Great photos and report though.


    1. Hello Brent, thank you for your message. Its definitely more ready for opening than Legoland and looks very nice but I agree with you to go visit later when everything is hopefully open the “dust settles down” 🙂


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