Motiongate Dubai

MOTIONGATE : Opening Day, Hotel Transylvania and much more…

Motiongate Dubai theme park finally opened its gates! Travellerczech couldn’t miss that never-ending confetti rain and brings you the opening day photos & park/ride updates!

Dreamwork, Hunger Game zone’s and water raft ride are still closed, but most of the attractions are now fully operational.

Read & see all about Motiongate rides in my previous post HERE!

So far, all the rides appeal more to a families rather than adrenalin hungry theme park fans, but let’s see how the Bullet Train rollercoaster up’s the game once opened next spring.

Motiongate Dubai
John Hallenbeck ( park manager ) himself 🙂

Note…Sony Picture Studio was re-named to Columbia Pictures…

Motiongate Dubai

Now…few updated shots from around the park…

Hotel Transylvania :

Let’s have a closer look at the new dark ride. Again, the queuing area is amazing, so much details inside the show building itself and nice trackless vehicle system which takes you on a ride through different rooms inside the castle. Not much is happening though …

Not sure, why three rides ( Ghostbusters, Smurf Studio Tour and Hotel Transylvania ) has exactly the same ride system ( with different theming ). They all feel very static and you more, or less passively looking at pretty displayed props.

Smurf Studios Tour :

Cute and slow ride through Smurf Studio set up. It was actually quite enjoyable if you have no expectations, but I am sure the little ones will be delighted.

Also, the Smurf Village Express “coaster” was being tested ( not open ).

Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs river expedition :

Another ride which is still under construction…but for sure, it will be a very wet experience once ready.

Hunger Games :

Hopefully the “highlight” of the park … Capitol Bullet train and Flight over Panem attractions…stay tuned!

  • Tickets cost 250Aed per day, or 295 ( Special offer ) for all three parks

More updates will come soon !!! 🙂




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