Warner Bros Theme Park Abu Dhabi

WARNER BROS. ABU DHABI : Park construction update January 17

The third UAE indoor theme park construction is steadily progressing next to the Ferrari World & Yas WaterWorld on Yas Island.

The Abu Dhabi developer Miral plans to open a Warner Bros. theme park in 2018.

Warner Bros Theme Park Abu Dhabi
Yas Island / WB Park Site & Ferrari World on the right / Yas Water World in the right corner of the WB plot

The government-owned company said , the new indoor theme park would cost US$1 billion to build and would be 100 per cent owned by Miral and would increase visitor numbers to Yas Island from 25 million last year to 30 million in 2018.

Park will include 5 zones with 19 attractions, which in my opinion isn’t enough, unless it will be a bunch of “mind blowing” rides.

For example, Ferrari World “next door” will have 4 top rollercoaster by end of this summer.

Read all about latest attractions in Ferrari World HERE 

WB Park Zones :

  • Hollywood Plaza
  • Old West Canyon
  • Looney Tones Village
  • Gotham City
  • Super Heroes Universe

Construction on the huge building is progressing quite fast and nearly all of the facade is completed. No visible rides or stored tracks for coasters, but perhaps is still too early.

Attractions will include :

  • 2 rollercoasters
  • 1 flume ride
  • 6 movie based dark rides ( 3D /4D )
  • 10 other family friendly attractions
  • multiplex cinema
Warner Bros Theme Park Abu Dhabi
Warner Bros Theme Park Abu Dhabi

This Abu Dhabi park will be the world’s third Warner Bros. theme park, following Warner Bros. Movie World in Gold Coast, Australia and Parque Warner Madrid in Spain.

Warner Bros Theme Park Abu Dhabi
Warner Bros Theme Park Abu Dhabi

Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi is located by the popular Yas Waterworld water park and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, and the parks are likely to cross-promote each other.




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TRAVEL FIT : Workout in style at Melia BALI

Do you like to keep fit while “on the road” and choosing accommodation depending on the hotel fitness, or spa facilities ?

Have you been also wondering, why hotel booking sites and hotel pages contains so little or non-existent informations and photos from their fitness facilities?

Yes, you are not alone! I am not an olympic athlete by any means, but enjoy de-stressing cardio session or few lifts after long day at work or just little “top up” during beach vacation.

That’s why I have decided to review gyms in every hotel I am staying in and help you find and recommend ( or not ) a gym while travelling.

Bali is one of those places, you want to look your best. Beaches, pool-parties and surfing…
If you are looking for a good mixture of a beach, luxury and GYM, I would definitely recommend the Melia Resort Nusa Dua.

One of the resort pools

Overview :

Not too spacious, but fully equipped gym with adjacent class room. All machines are in a good shape and gym is very clean+air-conditioned.

Complimentary cold water, towels and apples. Staff on duty.

Gym is free to use for guests of the sprawling and beautiful Melia Resort in Nusa Dua / Bali.

Entrance to the hotel fitness

    8/10   Equipment :

Free weights up to 25kg, from Leg Extension to Smith machine + decent variety of equipment to satisfy even the most demanding gym addict.

Floor maths are available in the class room and the only equipment I was missing was the triceps dip station.

I really enjoyed the outdoor fitness trail,  which brought a nice change into my daily gym routine!

    9/10    Facilities :

  • fully quipped gym
  • outdoor fitness trail
  • spa + massage
  • class studio
  • tennis / basketball courts
  • water sport centre

    8/10    Verdict :

Excellent hotel facilities and definitely good quality hotel gym. You can easily continue your routine without much disruption. Bring your own music!

Melia Bali
Gym “testing” in progress 🙂

  • Melia Resort Nusa Dua       /      Kawasan Wisata Btdc Lot. 1, Nusa Dua      /      Melia Website 




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BALI : My TOP 5 Restaurants in Seminyak

Sampling delicious local food and beverages ( of any kind 🙂 ) are one of the most important enjoyments while traveling anywhere, but especially in Asia.

One of the most popular holiday spot in Indonesia & South East Asia and place famous for dishes which are full of exotic flavours, aromas and harmonious contrasts is Bali…Island of the Gods.

As a regular visitor and a choosy eater, I have put together my TOP 5 places to eat , drink and feel happy…”tasted and verified” !

The best show on earth … Bali sunset from Kudeta’s Terrace


Islands best beach club ( Potato Head is not my thing, sorry ) is a pleasure to visit anytime.

Great music, chilled vibe, best sea views and matching drinks and food, all shaken and stirred into holiday perfection mix for families, couples or discerning party crowd.

The showcase of Kudeta and MUST TRY place, is the Mejekawi restaurant on the second floor. Booking is advised and the prices aren’t cheap ( you will pay much more for similar quality in London or Sydney ),but it will be a dinner you will remember for a very long time!

5, or 7 course tasting menu is also available paired with drinks ( recommended ) and will run your taste buds wild. Almost scientific dishes will melt on your tongue and create some very pleasing sensations…;)

BEST FOR : Mejekawi Dinner / Sunset Drinks / Music 

Hours: 8am-2am / Address : Jl. Kayu Aya No. 9, Seminyak  / Prices : $$$$


Great food and great quick service anytime of the day ( note they close at 5pm )

Very busy restaurant next to Seminyak Square with mouth-watering choice of food and drinks.

You absolutely must try the delicious warm roasted charcoal roll and zesty Mimosa cocktail. The young coconut water will make you feel like 18 again and the deserts…just go and try !

BEST FOR : Late lunch / Mimosa 

Hours : 7am – 5pm / Address : Jl. Kayu Cendana No.7, Seminyak / Prices : $$$

3. MASE Kitchen & Bar

This cute little sanctuary is only few steps away from the busy Petitenget street and belongs to the fabulous Maca Villas / Soham Wellness complex.

On offer is surprisingly big selection of flavourful breakfast dishes and appetising dinner options.

I really enjoyed the Baked Egg Mediterranean and Chicken roll with spinach for a dinner. The staff could improve their english though, so they can recommend you the perfect pairing from hundreds of wines on offer.

BEST FOR : Breakfast / Dinner / Wine / Quiet setting 

Hours : 7am -11pm / Address : Jl.Lb. Sari 7, Seminyak / Prices : $$$


The baby sister of the Revolver Corner house is arguably the smallest coffee shop in the world, offering the best coffee on the island ( unless you enjoy Kopi Luwak coffee ).

Couple of seats, hip shabby chic decor with smiley baristas and satisfying selection of smoothies and very simple, but tasty all day breakfast type of dishes. Don’t forget to pick up your loyalty card, because you will be back !!! 🙂

BEST FOR : Coffeequick day snacks

Opening hours : 7am – 6pm / Address : Jl.Petitenget 102, Seminyak / Prices : $$$


Brand new bar/restaurant/lounge on the Petitenget street with luxuriously classy  decor and welcoming staff.

Cocktails…that’s what this places stands out for. Very skilled mixologists can prepare a drink depending on your mood or just pick one from the intricate menu.

Plenty of food & snacks are also on offer but I was only interested in the drink menu after trying the”50 shades of grey” cocktail…

BEST FOR : Cocktails / Dinner / Friendly vibes

Hours : 8am – 1am  / Address : Jl. Petitenget No.108 / Prices : $$$$





Motiongate Dubai

MOTIONGATE DUBAI : Look inside the new DreamWorks zone!

The huge indoor section of Motiongate theme park – DreamWorks, is now open and  filled with Shrek, Kung-Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon and Madagascar characters and themed attractions.

Not every area, or ride is yet operational as the sign outside notifies…building is “technical rehearsal”!

Even so, the incredible theming, lighting and working attractions proving the huge entertainment potential. I am sure this place will become the showpiece of Motiongate theme park.

Motiongate Park Dubai
The Dreamworks building


The wow moment comes straight after walking through that door in form of a huge bronze character mash-up fountain.

And it doesn’t end here. After the disappointing Ghostbusters  and underwhelming Hotel Transylvania dark rides, the fun content of this big blue building lit up my eyes with childish excitement!

There are four zones and each of the them contains one main attraction and few supporting ones, mainly for kids.

How to Train Your Dragon area is still closed but will have a Viking theme.


  • Unstoppable Awesomeness – 4D simulator ( not open )
  • Mr. Fling’s Noodles Fling – tea cups style ride which is actually good fun
  • Kung-Fu Academy Stage show ( not open )


  • Melman-Go-Round carousel with great theming
  • Penguin Air – rotating aircraft, you have to pedal fast to take off
  • Madagascar Mad Pursuit – easily the BEST RIDE of the park. Launched roller-coaster in total darkness with surprising speed and many lighting effects ( most of them didn’t work yet ). Great fun!
  • Restaurant stage show ( not open )

  1. SHREK
  • Shrek’s Merry Fairy Tale Journey ( not open ) – some sort of puppet show
  • Swamp Celebration – spin ride with a “twist”

  1. HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON ( under construction )
  • The Swinging Viking – spinning boat
  • Dragon Gliders – suspended family coaster
Door to the soon to be open How To Train Your Dragon area…







FERRARI WORLD : Turbo Track Coaster Construction and MORE!

Travellerczech is just back from Abu Dhabi with some exciting photos from “under the red roof ” of Ferrari World theme park.

While the Winter Festival still running for a few more days, there was no Christmas for the guys on Yas Island as they are working hard to bring us some very exciting new attractions.

The ne attraction is opening on March 27th 2017 !

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is soon looking to launch two “never-done-before” rides as part of its third phase of expansion.

The most visibly progressing attraction and soon to be open is the Turbo Track ride entering the middle glass funnel of the roof structure.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
The track reached its highest point

I was wondering how the track will be actually exiting in the outside space, well…very clever solution in a shape of tunnel through the glass wall.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
Tunnel from the inside of the park

All the theming and loading station is done and in my opinion slightly reminds of BattleStar Galactica design.

Spiral track structure in the middle is 62m in height and I hope it will give us some exciting zero gravity moments with a speed of 102km/h

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
Loading station and track “bridge”

The mysterious dark Mission Ferrari SFX coaster still looking the same and no visible changes can be seen from the outside.

And the 2018 Indoor Warner Brothers Movie Park construction as seen from Ferrari World Entrance…

The theme park, which recently completed the second phase of its expansion plan, aims to boost capacity by 40 per cent. It will offer a total of 38 Ferrari-inspired rides and attractions, up from 30 at present.


Ferrari World opened in November 2010 and for 6 years hold the tittle of world’s biggest indoor theme park.

Currently a smaller version of the Abu Dhabi’s park is being build as an addition to Portaventura park near Barcelona/Spain.

  • Ferrari World is located on Yas Island near Abu Dhabi
  • Opening time : 10am-8pm/10pm* ( *weekend )
  • Single Entry ticket start on 275 Aed.
  • For more info visit www.ferrariworldabudhabi.com





SINGAPORE AIRLINES : Is Premium Economy Class worth it?

Singapore Airlines Premium Economy Class was introduced in January 2016 but the re-fitted B777 on DXB-SIN route became available only very recently.

Of course, I couldn’t resist and booked return flight to Singapore straight away.

The seats are looking very sexy, with its orange stitching and details across the steel coloured leather, but are they comfortable and good value for your money ? Find out below …

The middle four seats

SIA Premium Economy Class  in ( PEC ) facts :

  • 38-inch seat pitch ( 32-inch economy )
  • 18,5 inches width ( B777 )
  • 8 inch recline
  • 2 USB ports
  • 28 seats on B777 in separate cabin
  • 2-4-2 layout
  • Flip-up padded legrest
  • 13.3 inch touch screen ( 10-inch economy )
  • Double arm rest ( no more fighting with your neighbour )
Seats have attractive design and 13.3 inch touch screen

Additional passengers benefits :

  • Book the cook – online pre-booking of your favourite dish
  • Priority check-in and boarding
  • Champagne during flight
  • Generous luggage allowance
  • Noise canceling head-set
  • Big blanket and pillow
Panoramic shot of the entire cabin

What I didn’t like :

  • No lounge access
  • Screens in first row are stowed in middle island and once retracted they feel a bit wobbly.
  • Screens were re-starting themselves every now and then
  • No pre-flight drink
  • Wi-Fi available only for purchase
  • AVOD is not as easy to navigate through ( compare to Emirates )
  • Washrooms only available at the end of economy class cabin
  • Unsupervised children from economy class were let running through the premium cabin ( on many occasions )

The Verdict :

  • COMFORT – to be honest, the seats look better than they feel. They aren’t big enough, wide enough and don’t recline enough to be really comfortable.  The legrest didn’t support my feet and kept collapsing down.
  • DINING is the same as economy class plus some extra bubbly and cocktails. I was missing a bottle of water in the seat. The service is excellent, but that applies for any SIA class.
  • VALUE  – Of course these seats are better then the economy ones, but economy in SIA is excellent anyway, so I would use PEC only if there is a special offer on or for a long -haul night flight ( 8hrs + )


Detail of the seat with pillow and blanket

Photo Gallery :


Premium Economy seats are available on all A380 and most B777-300 aircrafts flying to :

  • Los Angeles (LAX)
  • New York (JFK)
  • Frankfurt (FRA)
  • Tokyo (NRT)
  • Sydney (SYD)
  • London (LHR)
  • Zurich (ZRH)
  • Paris (CDG)
  • New Delhi (DEL)
  • Mumbai (BOM)
  • Beijing (PEK)
  • Shanghai (PVG) & Dubai (DXB)