FERRARI WORLD : Turbo Track Coaster Construction and MORE!

Travellerczech is just back from Abu Dhabi with some exciting photos from “under the red roof ” of Ferrari World theme park.

While the Winter Festival still running for a few more days, there was no Christmas for the guys on Yas Island as they are working hard to bring us some very exciting new attractions.

The ne attraction is opening on March 27th 2017 !

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is soon looking to launch two “never-done-before” rides as part of its third phase of expansion.

The most visibly progressing attraction and soon to be open is the Turbo Track ride entering the middle glass funnel of the roof structure.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
The track reached its highest point

I was wondering how the track will be actually exiting in the outside space, well…very clever solution in a shape of tunnel through the glass wall.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
Tunnel from the inside of the park

All the theming and loading station is done and in my opinion slightly reminds of BattleStar Galactica design.

Spiral track structure in the middle is 62m in height and I hope it will give us some exciting zero gravity moments with a speed of 102km/h

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
Loading station and track “bridge”

The mysterious dark Mission Ferrari SFX coaster still looking the same and no visible changes can be seen from the outside.

And the 2018 Indoor Warner Brothers Movie Park construction as seen from Ferrari World Entrance…

The theme park, which recently completed the second phase of its expansion plan, aims to boost capacity by 40 per cent. It will offer a total of 38 Ferrari-inspired rides and attractions, up from 30 at present.


Ferrari World opened in November 2010 and for 6 years hold the tittle of world’s biggest indoor theme park.

Currently a smaller version of the Abu Dhabi’s park is being build as an addition to Portaventura park near Barcelona/Spain.

  • Ferrari World is located on Yas Island near Abu Dhabi
  • Opening time : 10am-8pm/10pm* ( *weekend )
  • Single Entry ticket start on 275 Aed.
  • For more info visit




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