TRAVEL FIT : Workout in style at Melia BALI

Do you like to keep fit while “on the road” and choosing accommodation depending on the hotel fitness, or spa facilities ?

Have you been also wondering, why hotel booking sites and hotel pages contains so little or non-existent informations and photos from their fitness facilities?

Yes, you are not alone! I am not an olympic athlete by any means, but enjoy de-stressing cardio session or few lifts after long day at work or just little “top up” during beach vacation.

That’s why I have decided to review gyms in every hotel I am staying in and help you find and recommend ( or not ) a gym while travelling.

Bali is one of those places, you want to look your best. Beaches, pool-parties and surfing…
If you are looking for a good mixture of a beach, luxury and GYM, I would definitely recommend the Melia Resort Nusa Dua.

One of the resort pools

Overview :

Not too spacious, but fully equipped gym with adjacent class room. All machines are in a good shape and gym is very clean+air-conditioned.

Complimentary cold water, towels and apples. Staff on duty.

Gym is free to use for guests of the sprawling and beautiful Melia Resort in Nusa Dua / Bali.

Entrance to the hotel fitness

    8/10   Equipment :

Free weights up to 25kg, from Leg Extension to Smith machine + decent variety of equipment to satisfy even the most demanding gym addict.

Floor maths are available in the class room and the only equipment I was missing was the triceps dip station.

I really enjoyed the outdoor fitness trail,  which brought a nice change into my daily gym routine!

    9/10    Facilities :

  • fully quipped gym
  • outdoor fitness trail
  • spa + massage
  • class studio
  • tennis / basketball courts
  • water sport centre

    8/10    Verdict :

Excellent hotel facilities and definitely good quality hotel gym. You can easily continue your routine without much disruption. Bring your own music!

Melia Bali
Gym “testing” in progress 🙂

  • Melia Resort Nusa Dua       /      Kawasan Wisata Btdc Lot. 1, Nusa Dua      /      Melia Website 



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2 thoughts on “TRAVEL FIT : Workout in style at Melia BALI

  1. Hey Travellerczech!
    Thanks for this article! I’m going to Melia Bali at March and I was wondering is the gym centre avaliable for all guest. Gym looks good.
    Greetings from Poland!


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