FERRARI WORLD : TURBO TRACK’s opening night !

The newest addition to Ferrari World’s ever growing list of attractions…Turbo Track, officially opened last night to all thrill seekers. Of course, Travellerczech couldn’t miss this unique opportunity to be one of the first “brave” souls to test it and bring you full review of this exciting new rollercoaster.

Watch VIDEO below with all the important moments of the opening event and most importantly … the “attraction in action” itself !

Intamin made Turbo Track will “shoot” you on a 30 seconds journey, accelerating to over 100km/h in a matter of seconds. Two interchanging ride vehicles seats 12 riders each and facing both directions.

After everyone on board is secured with lap bars, vehicle is catapulted out of the theme park through central glass funnel 64m vertically upright on a intertwined track.

Travellerczech’s opinion :

I was very impressed with the vehicle delivery system of two carriages. It is a very efficient passengers loading system allowing for a quick transition and therefore reducing waiting time!

The ride itself lasts “only” 30 seconds but the intensity, speed and the twist is well worth it. I have tried all seats and front seat facing forward is in my opinion, the most enjoyable! Anyway, you need to ride at least twice to experience backward and front facing seats.

Turbo Track is a very enjoyable, will definitely give you adrenalin rush and don’t forget to look around once you are on the top.  Yes, it could be a bit taller, but that’s just me.

Also, the pre-show could be slightly shorter…

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Turbo Track
Tested and verified 🙂

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is re-inventing itself as the ultimate rollercoaster destination of the region, leaving way behind its competition. No other Middle Eastern park can offer such top class adrenalin rides with improved theming, friendly staff and tasty Italian coffee 🙂

With the world’s fastest rollercoaster Formula Rossa and Flying Aces including the highest twisted loop, Ferrari World will continue to thrill us even more with addition of mysterious dark SFX coaster. Stay tuned!

And that’s not all folks, Warner Bros. Movie World is in final construction stage to be ready for its 2018 opening and Clymb, world’s biggest indoor skydive and climbing wall will follow shortly after.

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