how to train your dragon motiongate dubai theme park

MOTIONGATE : How to Train Your Dragon land is now OPEN !

The wait is over…last zone inside the big blue DreamWorks building in Motiongate Theme Park Dubai is finally open!

How to Train Your Dragon is joining Shrek, Madagascar and Kung-Fu Panda themed “lands”.

Every land has one leading ride and few supporting ones. The best two rides are Madagascar’s “Mad Pursuit” rollercoaster with launched start and many light & sound effects and of course the newly opened Dragon Gliders.


DreamWorks contains 14 attractions and the brand new How to Train Your Dragon land is easily the best area in the park and world class attraction. Exquisite theming , attention to detail and immersive experience makes this place great choice while visiting Dubai.


How to Train Your Dragon zone  contains 3 attractions

  • The Swinging Viking – seated gondola which swings back and forth
  • Camp Viking – kids playground with water guns, crawl nets…
  • Dragon Gliders – suspended rollercoaster above village of Berk


Now…the pictures & VIDEO

The Swinging Viking :

Classic boat ride swinging back and forth with beautiful theming…

Camp Viking :

Interactive play area with water games, obstacles and fun tricks for everyone…

Dragon Gliders :

Inverted spinning dark ride build by German ride manufacturer Mack. Absolute must do ride at the park. I’ve done the ride 5 times in a row as there is so much to see and experience. Great mixture of animatronics, projections, multi sensory effects and scenes from twisting seats…can’t wait to go again.

The ride train seats 12 people in three sections and there are two trains in operation.

Enjoy VIDEO below including the play area, swinging boat and Dragon Gliders queue and outdoor part POV over the village of Berk.


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Four Points by Sheraton Kuwait hotel Gym Spa Review

TRAVEL FIT : Workout and enjoy the best sunset views in Kuwait

Do you like to keep fit while “on the road” and choosing accommodation depending on the hotel fitness, or spa facilities ?

Have you been also wondering, why hotel booking sites and hotel pages contains so little or non-existent informations and photos from their fitness facilities?

Yes, you are not alone! I am not an olympic athlete by any means, but enjoy de-stressing cardio session or few lifts after long day at work or just little “top up” during beach vacation.

That’s why I have decided to review gyms in every hotel I am staying in and help you find and recommend ( or not ) a gym while travelling.

Four Points by Sheraton hotel in Kuwait is the tallest hotel in town, offering two joined towers with over 400 rooms.

Hotels fitness & spa are placed on the very top two floors with magnificent views … especially from the infinity pool facing the sea side.

Overview :

The fitness, spa and infinity swimming pool are located on the very top of the 42 floors tower located on the edge of Kuwait Downtown approx. 20min from the Intl. Airport.

Facilities are offering breathtaking views from treadmills and the amazing sunsets from jacuzzi are ones not to be missed.

The gym itself its not so impressive, but it does the job for few days stay. See details below.

Complimentary water & towels available + free Wi-Fi for guest.


Equipment 5/10 :

Gym offers only 9 basic machines for each muscle part. There is plenty of cardio equipment, but with the lack of variety, I was somehow struggling to follow up on my routine.

I did miss Smith Machine or bench press and only one bench in free weight area is not enough for hotel of this size.

Equipment is made by American manufacturer Hammer Strenthg and free weights are up to decent 26kg.


Facilities 10/10 :

  • Gym
  • Infinity swimming pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Sauna
  • Steam room
  • Massage
  • Restaurant & pool bar ( no alcoholic beverages )

Verdict 7/10 :

The facilities are more designed for relaxing than for hardcore exercise.

You will definitely be able to have a decent workout, but the highlight of the place must be the pool, jacuzzi and spa.

  • Four Points by Sheraton :  Fahd Al Salem Street   /   Kuwait City 13060   /   Kuwait


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Aerotel Changi Airport Singapore Review

AEROTEL CHANGI AIRPORT : High Quality Transit Accommodation / REVIEW

AEROTEL @Changi Airport T1 / Singapore – REVIEW

Overview :

Surviving those “red eye” flights with long layovers it’s not fun! Hanging around airports and counting hours to the next connecting flight ? Not anymore … catch up on your sleep and re-fresh at the transit Aerotel Changi Airport!

6 hours extendable time slots, flexible rates, quiet rooms and outdoor pool did the trick ( well, for me at least). I have felt like a human again and arrived to my final destination fresh and energetic, ready to explore!

Location : 10/10

Aerotel is conveniently located above Gate 41 / Level 3 / Departures Terminal 1.

Style : 9/10

Modern, fresh and very inviting. Loved the open spaces, views over the runway and comfortable furniture.

Eye pleasing tones of green, beige and grey. Natural textures and calming interior makes this place a real retreat after and before another long ( or short ) flight !

Rooms : 8/10

Simple, contemporary, super clean and quiet. Rooms have no window, but that’s exactly what you need, to quickly fell into blissful sleep.

Practical bathroom equipped with all necessary toiletries, and the slippers … so soft 🙂

There was no bright alarm clocks or annoying LED lights, just perfectly pitch black and peaceful.

Service & Facilities : 10/10

The best part…outdoor pool, mini gym and bar with tasty Singaporean Sling on special offer 🙂 What else would you need from transit accommodation…

Free Wi-Fi in all areas.

Food & Drinks : 8/10

Complimentary hot beverages, flavoured water and cookies. You can order any other items, including freshly cooked breakfast from the available menu.

Aerotel Changi Airport Singapore Review
Refreshing cucumber water and hot beverages @Aerotel Changi Airport Singapore

Value for money : 9/10

Single room 6hrs slot from USD38, extra hour +USD14

Different prices / stay package available.

Travellerczech’s Verdict : 9/10

Great rest in a peaceful, comfy room. Not too busy and few laps before my next flight made feel really refreshed…or was it the Singapore Sling ? 🙂 I will definitely use Aerotel again !

Changi award won the Best Airport award again this year, see below what activities you can enjoy while waiting for your next flight.

15 Free ( almost ) activities to do at Changi Airport :

  1. Free Singapore City Tour
  2. Zoom down on Singaporean longest slide
  3. Free Movie Theatres ( 24/7)
  4. Visit Butterfly Garden
  5. Enjoy dip in a Aerotel swimming pool ( pool entry fee only )
  6. Cactus Garden
  7. Playgrounds for kids
  8. Roof top sunflower garden
  9. Entertainment Deck with video games etc.
  10. Orchid Garden
  11. Napping and rest areas
  12. Enchanted Gardens
  13. Great variety of food and drinks
  14. Showers and Spa ( for a fee )
  15. Ocasional exhibitions


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