MOTIONGATE : The Hunger Games “land” is now OPEN !

The world of Hunger Games, best selling novels and movie trilogy ( 2008-2010) is now become a reality.

You can experience the post-apocalyptic Panem at Motiongate theme park in Dubai. ” Labeled” as Phase 2 of the theme park expansion is due to be open officially soon, but both major rides are in technical rehearsal and intermittently available to park guests.

Mack manufactured launched roller coaster Capitol Bullet Train and 3D flight simulator Panem Aerial Tour are truly enjoyable, state-of-the-art attractions and will fully immerse you in the world of 12 Districts of Panem.

Let’s have a closer look at both rides :

  • Panem Aerial Tour

The ride queue starts with the infamous poisoned white roses as a direct reference to the evil President Snow. Movie music, together with displayed props, clothing and images work well and there is plenty to look at while waiting for your flight.

A safety video hosted by Effie Trinket is a nice introduction to the quirky world of Capitol city, before  proceeding to the waiting room with 5 doors. They lead to the loading room with ride vehicle consisting 5 rows/6 seats per row.

This vehicle moves forward to another room with a 360 circular shaped projection. Passengers get to go on a 3D flight tour of the Capitol, but of course, things doesn’t go as planned and there is wild chase through the city. The vehicle moves very smoothly and wind effects makes the experience much more realistic. The journey feels very immersive and well designed.

My only comments will be towards the sharpness of the projections, it should be more crisp and vivid. Hopefully this will be fixed as the ride is still in technical rehearsal.


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  • Capitol Bullet Train 

Motiongate’s 4th coaster is from German ride maker Mack. Train has 10 rows with 2 seats in each.

Safety lap bar makes the ride very comfortable and more exciting. After exiting the loading station, the entire train moves to the left when it joints to the actuals track.

At first, it gets slowly launched towards the main loop. It rises only half way up and rolls backwards onto the vertical part of the track, for some awesome air time ( the best seats are in the very last row ).

Right after, the train receives full power push from the lines induction motors and accelerates into the full loop and rest of the track. There is one more loop and air hill, but the ride is quickly over.

The ride could be bit longer and faster, but that’s just me 🙂

Few more photos from around the Lionsgate area


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