ABU DHABI : Inside the New Warner Bros World Theme Park

Travellerczech was one of the lucky few, to preview the world’s newest theme park…Abu Dhabi’s Warner Bros World!

The entire 1.6 million sq ft park and all of its 29 attractions took 7 years to build and promises to deliver immersive experiences and unique rides.

The park itself is located right next to the Yas Island’s famous Ferrari World and Yas Waterworld. The opening of a third theme park makes Yas Island a multi-day destination filled with thrills, shopping, and culture in the nearby Louvre Abu Dhabi museum.

Btw…the opening date was just announced! So, put 25th of July in to your diary 😉

I was hugely impressed with today’s ( 19th April ) sneak peek inside the huge golden structure. Every inch is immaculately themed and it’s not even completed! Love the “real sky” ceilings which makes you feel outdoor and lots of story-telling details.

Few rides were in testing mode and if this is only the first glimpse, we are in for a treat!

Park is divided into 6 Zones 

  • WARNER BROS. PLAZA – Expect Golden Age Hollywood Glamour, immersive environment and a wide offering of dining and shopping.
  • BEDROCK – Home of the Flinstones and one big wet adventure flume ride!
  • DYNAMITE GULCH – Watch for the Roadrunner and board Fast and Furry-ous inverted coaster in this crazy land!
  • CARTOON JUNCTION – Who doesn’t love Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny and Scooby Doo! No less than five super fun rides are based on this cartoon themed area.
  • GOTHAM CITY – Batman is my all-time favorite superhero and he will take you for a ride of your life! Expect the unexpected on the signature Robotic arm coaster.
  • METROPOLIS – The city of superheroes, including Wonder Woman, Super Man and Green Lantern is filled with four unique immersive cinematic attractions. I think the xxx? will be my ultimate favorite.



All-Star Spectacular – Theatrical lighting transforms the Plaza from daytime into evening for the All-Star Spectacular, a majestic symphonic celebration that uses projection mapping technology to bring the Warner Bros. film library to life. Hosted by no other than the infamous Bugs Bunny, this show is entertaining for the whole family.

Guests in the mood for celebrity character-spotting can dine in style at The Starlight and look forward to a personal visit from all their favorite Warner Bros. and DC characters!
For an authentic taste of Italy, guests can head to Hollywood Trattoria.
Interested in visiting the Golden Age of Hollywood? Pop into Celebrity Scoop for a sweet indulgence.
Guests on-the-go can grab quick treats at Beverly Hills Boulangerie and Plaza Snacks.

Guests can shop at Warner Bros. Studio Store and Superstar Souvenirs for an exclusive range of Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi products including apparel, collectibles, and stationery.
Fans can pick-up t-shirts, accessories, and souvenirs featuring the world’s greatest Super Heroes and Super-Villains at DC Super Heroes Store.
Those in the mood for fine art can visit Treasures of Hollywood – a gallery featuring works from various DC and Looney Tunes artists, as well as prop replicas, jewelry, watches and stationery.


Rides & Attractions:
The Flintstones Bedrock River Adventure – tucked away in the natural beauty of Bedrock’s Stonetrail Park, this star attraction invites passengers to embark on a scenic boat ride through stone-age wetlands, prehistoric neighborhoods and the city’s picturesque downtown area taking in the awesome sights and sounds of a day in the life of The Flintstones and The Rubbles. Guests should know that this isn’t just any day in Bedrock – it’s the town’s Centennial Parade! Rumor has it there’s Snorkasaurus-sized trouble in store when Dino is set loose to run amuck during the big celebration.

Ravenous park-goers can satisfy their caveman cravings at Bronto Burgers and Ribs, where slabs of ribs and giant-sized Bronto Burgers will be served. Guests can dine in one of a row of prehistoric cars, or just stop for a photo opportunity and eat inside the diner.
When hunger strikes in downtown Bedrock, guests can choose from a variety of prehistoric pickings. For a quick stone-age snack, guests are invited to grab and go at Mammoth Munchies.


Rides & Attractions:
Fast & Furry-ous – this premier attraction invites passengers to climb onto Wile E. Coyote latest gadget – the ACME Road Rocket 9000 – for an exciting journey through the desert cactus and chasms joining Wile E. Coyote on yet another pursuit to catch the Road Runner. Beep! Beep!
Jetson’s Cosmic Orbiter – The Jetsons Cosmic allows guests to fly their own futuristic spaceship as they circle a space-age landing pad on a high-energy joyride.
Marvin The Martian Crater Crashers – Marvin the Martian: Crater Crashers – Marvin’s new recruits will smash the hovering space‐pods together to generate enough kinetic energy to power his broken rocket ship back into orbit —giving a whole new meaning to “kaboom!”

Guests can fill up on fun, and pick out their favorite cartoon merchandise at Yosemite Sam Rootin’ Tootin’ Gas; a kitschy, Route 66-themed shop filled with plush toys, drinkware, and ride souvenirs.






Rides & Attractions:
Ani-Mayhem – a visually immersive and interactive dark ride that takes guests on a rollicking mission to deliver their own cartoon chaos. Aim your “barcode scanners” to deliver ACME packages and accumulate the most points to become ACME Employee of the Month.
ACME Factory – features three kid-friendly rides like Daffy Jet-Propelled Pogo Stick, Ricochet Racin’ With Taz, and Tweety Wild Wockets.
Meet Bugs! (And Daffy) – Guests can immerse themselves in a one-of-a-kind walkthrough attraction and join Bugs Bunny on stage.
Tom and Jerry Swiss Cheese Spin – a family‐friendly spinning coaster that careens guests throughout their house on a fast-moving chase full of twists and turns (and cheese)!
Scooby-Doo The Museum of Mysteries– a family-friendly dark ride that follows Scooby-Doo and the gang in search for clues through a spooky museum filled with laughs and frights.
Cartoon Junction Carousel – a colorful twist on a classic carousel that allows guests to ride along with their favorite Looney Tunes and Hanna-Barbera characters.
Daffy Jet-Propelled Pogo Stick – a vertical “jump” tower that bounces guests up and down with Daffy Duck as he tests ACME’s latest invention.
Tweety Wild Wockets – Tweety Wild Wockets lets kids spin “awound and awound” as they try to avoid Sylvester, that “bad ol’ puddy tat”.
Ricochet Racin’ with Taz – a giggle-inducing children’s car ride that whips racers around the track at Tasmanian Devil-like speeds.

Guests can dig in at a variety of places in Cartoon Junction like the ACME Commissary where quick service food is served with ACME flair. Those in the mood for a sweet treat can frequent Huckleberry Hound Pies and Penelope Pitstop Cotton Candy, or cool off with a cone at Yogi Bear and Boo Boo Ice Cream.

Fans of beloved animated characters such as Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck will want to visit ACME Company Store, while C.J. Mercantile, located in the town’s emporium, provides souvenirs from the wacky to the classic for all of Cartoon Junction’s colorful characters. Guests can shop at the Hare Salon for variety of hats, and fashion accessories, and Fudd Hardware for Looney Tunes toys, accessories and stationery. Guests can also enjoy sweet treats create their own jelly candy at a using the ACME Candy Creator at Daffy Snacks.


Rides & Attractions:
Batman: Knight Flight – a highly exhilarating dark ride where guests help Batman patrol the skies of Gotham City in a one-of-a-kind robotically controlled flying Batwing vehicle capable of sudden maneuvers including drops, climbs, spins, and rolls. This ride combines a high-tech flight simulator with immersive scenery and state-of-the-art special effects for a thrillingly unforgettable experience.
The Riddler Revolution – a thrillingly roundabout ride where supervillain Edward Nigma lures guests into a run-down shipping warehouse for a thrilling nightmare. This rocking, spinning rollercoaster features dizzying movements as guests are caught at this fiendish contraption designed by The Riddler.
Scarecrow Scare Raid – a rousing flight experience with dramatic aerobatics and whirlwind barrel rolls that will rattle the cage of any bat or man. This ride blends wild interactive adventures with dizzying maneuvers from Scarecrow’s latest psychological experiments.
The Joker’s Funhouse –a villainous twist on the classic carnival walk-through experience featuring a series of physical and mental challenges conjured up by Batman’s biggest foes. The Joker’s Funhouse includes
a hall of mirrors, a shrinking corridor, a labyrinth, a hallucination hallway and moving carpets— among many other memorable encounters.
Rogues Gallery Games – A host of delightfully puzzling games also await park guests at Rogues Gallery Games. Ranging from the Hi-Striker, the Whac-A-Bat, and the Get-Away Car, to the Toxic Blast and the Bazooka Blast, guests will have a chance to use their skills to reclaim Gotham Pier— a once peaceful landmark now held hostage by The Joker and his henchmen.
Hungry, law-abiding citizens can make their way to Gotham City’s Finest – Gotham City’s Police Department’s local watering hole. Those choosing to dine with the ‘who’s who’ of the underworld can do so at the Hall of Doom, and finally, guests can satisfy their sweet tooth with an ice-cold dessert at Mr. Freeze Ice Scream Truck.

Guests can commemorate their visit to Gotham City from souvenir shops filled to the brim with mementos and memorabilia from Park Row Pawn Shop and Monarch Theater Gifts. At Harlequin Confections by Harley Quinn, guests can indulge in upscale chocolate and confectionery. Cat’s Eye Jewelry offers ladies accessories and a purrrfect selection of shiny bobbles! The men of Gotham City can shop the finest in haberdashery at Cobblepott Formal Wear.


Rides & Attractions:
Superman 360: Battle for Metropolis – 360-degree action spectacular that pits the greatest comic book hero of all time against an alien menace threatening the city. Featuring the Man of Steel, this battle of good versus evil will decide the fate of Metropolis.
Justice League: Warworld Attacks – a thrilling dark ride featuring immersive theatre experience and special effects which will rapidly dart, swoop, and spin guests amid a colossal clash that teams them with the Justice League in an all-out battle to save the planet.
Green Lantern: Galactic Odyssey – an awe-inspiring “flying theatre” experience that transports guests across the cosmos to extraordinary worlds, enriched with special and visual effects.
Teen Titans Training Academy – a multi-level play area featuring a zipline and other physical activities that invites up-and-coming heroes to showcase their skills alongside the legendary Teen Titans. Requires climbing, crawling, and navigating uneven walkways.
Guests can dine at Bibbo Bibbowski’s quick service restaurant, Ace O’ Clubs, as well as Park Ridge Market.
Guests can shop a wide range of souvenirs from Zatanna Books & Magical Curiosities and Justice League Hero Supply Co., feast on savory snacks from the Daily Planet Newsstand and visit Front Page Photos to appear on the front-page of the famed publication.

  • Tickets are on sale already on park’s website: wbworld.com from AED230



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DUBAI SAFARI : My Review of Dubai’s Latest Attraction!

It has been three months since the opening of Dubai’s newest attraction…the Dubai Safari Park.

I decided to delay my first visit to the park until the dust settled and it was worth the wait!  Even though the 120-hectare wildlife park in Al Warqa area is not fully finished, there is plenty to keep you entertained.

Once fully complete, 2500 animals will call this place their home. I was happy to see spacious and nicely designed enclosures with the well-being of the animals kept in mind. They even have Air Conditioning to keep them cool ( if you travel to Dubai in summer you know what I mean 🙂 )


The entire park is divided into five zones.  One of them is the actual Safari tour and for this, you need to purchase a separate ticket or purchase combo ticket at the entrance ( see details at the end of this post ).

Transport between the different zones is serviced by buses and open trams.


  1. Arabian Village: Take a 15min ride on the open train through sand dunes and watch animals native to the Middle East region, such as Oryx, Gazelles, and Antelopes.
  2. Asian Village: Spot a Moon Bears, Gibbons or Komodo Dragons. The Sea Lion theatre is not open yet.
  3. African Village: Walk between massive Baobab trees, visit UAE largest Aviary and Reptile house in this self-walking zone filled with fun things to do and see. If you love Meerkats same as I do, this is the place for you 🙂
  4. Wadi Area: Beautifully landscaped valley with a river, walking paths and lush greenery. Perfect for a picnic or a nap under the trees.
  5. Safari Village: Exciting 40min Safari drive-through water and land. Watch carefully for White Rhinos, Tigers, Girrafes, and Crocodiles. Easily the highlight of the day!






The Good :

  • Beautifully landscaped park with a huge amount of greenery
  • Affordable entrance fee
  • Friendly staff
  • Large and very enjoyable Safari with a lot of animals
  • Two huge play areas for Kids

Not So Good :

  • It was dirty during my visit, buses full of rubbish, chewing gums etc. Hmmm
  • No restaurants are open yet, but they have food trucks.
  • Food trucks only accept cash ( except one )
  • The glass viewing panels into the animals enclosures were scratched and dirty, it was difficult to take a decent shot

Currently, the Spanish global park operator Parques Reunidos is taking over the Dubai Safari’s day-to-day operations, so we should see some improvements soon !


  • Tickets: AED 50 / Kids 20 & Combo with Safari AED 85 / Kids AED 30
  • Open daily from 9am till 7pm
  • Accessible by car only – from Dubai Marina 40min / Dubai Downtown 20min
  • Area – Al Warqa / opposite Dragon Mart


Despite few “glitches”, I have really enjoyed my time in the park and spent more than four hours discovering all the different areas, exhibits and interactive experiences. It is a perfect place to escape the city, relax and have a fun day out for a very fair price!



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