DUBAI SAFARI : My Review of Dubai’s Latest Attraction!

It has been three months since the opening of Dubai’s newest attraction…the Dubai Safari Park.

I decided to delay my first visit to the park until the dust settled and it was worth the wait!  Even though the 120-hectare wildlife park in Al Warqa area is not fully finished, there is plenty to keep you entertained.

Once fully complete, 2500 animals will call this place their home. I was happy to see spacious and nicely designed enclosures with the well-being of the animals kept in mind. They even have Air Conditioning to keep them cool ( if you travel to Dubai in summer you know what I mean 🙂 )


The entire park is divided into five zones.  One of them is the actual Safari tour and for this, you need to purchase a separate ticket or purchase combo ticket at the entrance ( see details at the end of this post ).

Transport between the different zones is serviced by buses and open trams.


  1. Arabian Village: Take a 15min ride on the open train through sand dunes and watch animals native to the Middle East region, such as Oryx, Gazelles, and Antelopes.
  2. Asian Village: Spot a Moon Bears, Gibbons or Komodo Dragons. The Sea Lion theatre is not open yet.
  3. African Village: Walk between massive Baobab trees, visit UAE largest Aviary and Reptile house in this self-walking zone filled with fun things to do and see. If you love Meerkats same as I do, this is the place for you 🙂
  4. Wadi Area: Beautifully landscaped valley with a river, walking paths and lush greenery. Perfect for a picnic or a nap under the trees.
  5. Safari Village: Exciting 40min Safari drive-through water and land. Watch carefully for White Rhinos, Tigers, Girrafes, and Crocodiles. Easily the highlight of the day!






The Good :

  • Beautifully landscaped park with a huge amount of greenery
  • Affordable entrance fee
  • Friendly staff
  • Large and very enjoyable Safari with a lot of animals
  • Two huge play areas for Kids

Not So Good :

  • It was dirty during my visit, buses full of rubbish, chewing gums etc. Hmmm
  • No restaurants are open yet, but they have food trucks.
  • Food trucks only accept cash ( except one )
  • The glass viewing panels into the animals enclosures were scratched and dirty, it was difficult to take a decent shot

Currently, the Spanish global park operator Parques Reunidos is taking over the Dubai Safari’s day-to-day operations, so we should see some improvements soon !


  • Tickets: AED 50 / Kids 20 & Combo with Safari AED 85 / Kids AED 30
  • Open daily from 9am till 7pm
  • Accessible by car only – from Dubai Marina 40min / Dubai Downtown 20min
  • Area – Al Warqa / opposite Dragon Mart


Despite few “glitches”, I have really enjoyed my time in the park and spent more than four hours discovering all the different areas, exhibits and interactive experiences. It is a perfect place to escape the city, relax and have a fun day out for a very fair price!


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