8. Disney Typhoon Lagoon

This is a ultimate tropical paradise with “swept by typhoon” theme.

The truth is, the prak is beyond beautiful. Its so well made, I nearly believed it was real.

The towering centrepiece represents shrimp boat Miss Tilly impaled on top of the “Mount Mayday” mountain structure.

In front of it is one the biggest wave pools ever build and feels like a tsunami. Just more fun.

Waves are enormous as the fun in here. Rides aren’t anything special. The only one standing out for me is a close encounter with tropical fish and baby sharks in coral reef swim experience.

Crush ’n’ Gusher water coaster is also great fun as you are propelled on rafts thru turns and drops.

It’s so unlike me, but I really don’t mind the lack of great rides and swap the thrill for laying on the sand under neath the palms trees, listening the sound of crushing waves.

It’s a paradise.