28th: Ice Land Water Park

Location : Ras al Khaimah / United Arab Emirates
How to get there : Road E311 from Dubai / approx. 80min
Number of attractions : approx. 20

Frozen theme ( not the Disney one ) made of bad concrete finishing and cheap paint job by the coast in Ras-al-Khaimah emirate.

From the entrance made of huge fake snow mountain to the very last penguin statue the place screams for refurbishment.

It may not be visible much on the photos but the details are frightful.
The entire water park is covered with synthetic turf which is painful to walk on and most of the “everything” is in white color and reflecting the sun. It’s blinding and very uncomfortable.

Selection of attractions is good but again, the finishing bad and nearly every ride is painful.
Facilities are dirty not well maintained. The only good thing is the variety of F&B better than other waterparks.

If you never been in a waterpark before it may be interesting but after visiting the best in the world ( Disney, or Aquaventure Dubai this place has to seriously up its game.

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