25. Ferrari World

What would you expect from the biggest indoor theme park in the world?

Of course, the biggest rides, biggest thrills and best day out. “ not gonna happen”!

Ferrari world in my opinion, stands for the biggest disappointment in theme park industry.

The epic structure is hiding an epic fail of terrible copies of famous rides ( Disney, Universal ).
Huge emptiness, underdeveloped potential and poor space planning. Did I mentioned how dark is inside?

This place has such a huge potential but not quite sure where it all went so wrong. Sure, the fastest rollercoaster ever – 240 km/h Formula Rossa is fantastic but so inefficient and always in repair.

For Ferrari fans this is a must. For theme park fans? Not sure…go all the way to ride one good ride it’s not good enough.
Ferrari theme park promised addition of more attraction in near future, but for me the damage is done and it will take more than new ride to improve the image.

Check on the website daily update about unavailable rides.