Dubai Marina


It took me a very long time to come up with the title of my blog. But in the end, it was really quite simple.
I love to travel and I am from the Czech Republic. Hence the name

I have been travelling for work and pleasure for many years and decided it was about time I put my experience to a good use and create a stream of reviews, news and updates.


The purpose of all of this, is to share, communicate, inspire, advice and be part of the great worldwide traveling community.

I am currently living in Dubai, a place you may just flying thru on the journey to your next exciting destination. Stop by some day and discover that here is much much more than just a very tall buildings.

Dubai is a fantastic base for exploring the world and I am taking full advantage of the vast network of the well known local airline.

I have visited more than 40 countries and more then 120 cities around globe. Flew on 30 airlines and passed thru the best and the worst airports. The best seat on the plane? Room with the view? Fastest way thru the airport? I will have it covered !

My critical eye will be focusing on reviewing airports, airlines, hotels and theme parks to help you on your next journey.



  1. Marťo ahoj, právě pročítáme s Lenkou tvoje parádni stránky s překladačem do češtiny a pročítáme je bez problémú.Tvoje stránky jsou přehledné,zkratka se nám moc líbí, jen tak dál budeme ti mooooc fandit. táta


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