SINGAPORE AIRLINES : Is Premium Economy Class worth it?

Singapore Airlines Premium Economy Class was introduced in January 2016 but the re-fitted B777 on DXB-SIN route became available only very recently.

Of course, I couldn’t resist and booked return flight to Singapore straight away.

The seats are looking very sexy, with its orange stitching and details across the steel coloured leather, but are they comfortable and good value for your money ? Find out below …

The middle four seats

SIA Premium Economy Class  in ( PEC ) facts :

  • 38-inch seat pitch ( 32-inch economy )
  • 18,5 inches width ( B777 )
  • 8 inch recline
  • 2 USB ports
  • 28 seats on B777 in separate cabin
  • 2-4-2 layout
  • Flip-up padded legrest
  • 13.3 inch touch screen ( 10-inch economy )
  • Double arm rest ( no more fighting with your neighbour )
Seats have attractive design and 13.3 inch touch screen

Additional passengers benefits :

  • Book the cook – online pre-booking of your favourite dish
  • Priority check-in and boarding
  • Champagne during flight
  • Generous luggage allowance
  • Noise canceling head-set
  • Big blanket and pillow
Panoramic shot of the entire cabin

What I didn’t like :

  • No lounge access
  • Screens in first row are stowed in middle island and once retracted they feel a bit wobbly.
  • Screens were re-starting themselves every now and then
  • No pre-flight drink
  • Wi-Fi available only for purchase
  • AVOD is not as easy to navigate through ( compare to Emirates )
  • Washrooms only available at the end of economy class cabin
  • Unsupervised children from economy class were let running through the premium cabin ( on many occasions )

The Verdict :

  • COMFORT – to be honest, the seats look better than they feel. They aren’t big enough, wide enough and don’t recline enough to be really comfortable.  The legrest didn’t support my feet and kept collapsing down.
  • DINING is the same as economy class plus some extra bubbly and cocktails. I was missing a bottle of water in the seat. The service is excellent, but that applies for any SIA class.
  • VALUE  – Of course these seats are better then the economy ones, but economy in SIA is excellent anyway, so I would use PEC only if there is a special offer on or for a long -haul night flight ( 8hrs + )


Detail of the seat with pillow and blanket

Photo Gallery :


Premium Economy seats are available on all A380 and most B777-300 aircrafts flying to :

  • Los Angeles (LAX)
  • New York (JFK)
  • Frankfurt (FRA)
  • Tokyo (NRT)
  • Sydney (SYD)
  • London (LHR)
  • Zurich (ZRH)
  • Paris (CDG)
  • New Delhi (DEL)
  • Mumbai (BOM)
  • Beijing (PEK)
  • Shanghai (PVG) & Dubai (DXB)





A 350 : My experience on the World’s newest aircraft

The newest aircraft in the skies, the A350 is carrying its passengers from January 14th 2016.

After looong 6 months, I have a finally got the opportunity to “test it” myself on a short 45min long flight from Dubai to Doha with Qatar airways.

…”Look inside one of the best airports in the World”…

Of course, as a big fan of “everything flying”, I have to share with you my experience.

Qatar Airways A350 at DXB Airport

But first, why is this aircraft special?

  • New tapered wing – A350 XWB is faster and 25% more fuel efficient as a result of its wing, marking an evolution in aerodynamic design.
  • XWB stands for “extra wide body” ( 220 inches / 564cm ) and offers maximum space and comfort, high ceilings and panoramic windows with electromechanical shades.
  • Dynamic LED mood lighting that cycles tones and colours suiting the time of day and destination, to help minimise jetlag and aid relaxation
  • Lower cabin pressure and optimal humidity, so you arrive refreshed to your destination.
  • A350 XWB is one of the lightest aircraft of its type, made 70% from advanced composite materials
    25% lower carbon dioxide emissions than with current generation aircraft in its category.
  • To purchase one, you’ll need approximately $290 million ☺

Directly after entering the airplane, you step inside of a spacious lobby which acts as a bar for business class passengers during the flight.

Both, economy and business class cabin feels spacious and the seat colour theme is working well. The space is designed with smooth curves, flowing lines and straighter walls. The innovative lighting adds to the first good impression.

Economy seats manufactured by well-known company Recaro are in 3-3-3 configuration. Seats look comfy and with a very generous leg-room.

Unfortunately, the leg-room comes at a cost…seats are very thin, so you can imagine, the slightest screen touch of a person behind you, children’s kick or just someone trying to get out, makes the seat shake like in severe turbulence.

I was annoyed during my 45min flight by a passenger behind me and also, was obviously annoying
the lady in front of me (guessing from her angry looks). Now, try to sleep on 8 hours night flight!

I just can’t help it, but on a second look, the cabin and washrooms just appeals very “plastic” and somehow cheap.

Also, compare to B787 Dreamliner (main competitor), which I have also flown on with Qatar Airways, the cabin is much nosier.

…”Watch this awesome video of take-off from DXB Airport”…

Anyhow, I was really excited to try, as A350 is the first Airbus aircraft with both fuselage and wing structures made primarily of carbon-fibre-reinforced polymer and with its distinguished black flight deck windows and tapered wings it is really unmissable machine at any airport.

It can also fly between New York and London 2.5 times without refuelling. ( 8000+ nautical miles / 15.000km )

I think, I will stay loyal to Emirates A380, as in my (passenger) opinion, it’s the very best “flying machine” in the skies so far…

…”Find your best seat on Emirates A380 with my seat guide”…


Emirates A380

EMIRATES A380 : Inside the two-class configuration aircraft

It was in December 2015, when Emirates introduced its first 2-class A380, but only last month, I’ve finally got a chance to fly on one and would like share with you my experience of the upper deck economy and business class.

So far, the 2-class A380’s are being used on routes to Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Paris, Manchester and Copenhagen and are amongst the newest ones in the 80 aircraft’s strong Emirates A380 fleet.
If you find yourself flying on this aircraft, always choose the upper deck economy seats.

Five reasons why :

  1. Seat configuration 2-4-2
  2. Smaller, quieter cabin
  3. Bigger bathrooms
  4. Extra storage space next to all window seats
  5. Just this little extra special 2nd floor feeling ☺ and nice staircase

Note, if you like to enjoy the view and take a pictures, the curvature and window angle on the upper deck makes it a more difficult.

Selecting your economy seats on Emirates A380 lower deck? Click HERE for the Best Seat guide!

Emirates 2-class A380 fits 615 passengers from tip to tail. It’s the most bums on seats of any airline flying the double-decker jet. See the passenger seats comparison below.

Total amount of passengers by airline – CHART :

  • Emirates : 615
  • Qatar : 517
  • Air France : 516
  • Lufthansa : 509
  • Thai Airways : 507
  • China Southern: 506
  • Etihad : 498
  • Asiana Airlines : 495
  • Malaysia Airlines : 494
  • Qantas : 484
  • Singapore Airlines : 471
  • British Airways : 469
  • Korean Air : 407 ( wanna fly with them 🙂 )

14 First class private cabins and 2 in-flight spas were completely removed to make the extra space for 120 economy seats. Business class also took a hit, going from 76 seats down to 58 – although the airline’s iconic cocktail bar can still be found at the rear of the upper deck. The lower deck remains given over to economy, with 437 seats in total.

Upper deck business offers :

  • 58 flatbed seats
  • 1 On-board Lounge
  • 1-2-1 seat configuration

The window flat-bed seats are the best as they are wider and more spacious than in the middle section. You will enjoy in-seat mini bar, noise cancelling head set and luxury amenity kit. Food was in my opinion on the average side, but the on-board Lounge made up for it with nice finger food and sandwiches.

No matter what class you flying in, the ICE entertainment system and very-responsive touch screen is the best AVOD in the skies. I also love the 3 different views available through the outdoor cameras. Service and food is great and too, especially enjoy like the little cheese, bread stick set in economy meal.


doha airport

DOHA : Fly from the world’s latest mega Airport

Doha’s Hamad Intl. Airport ( HIA ) has already been open for some time, but only recently, all works were finally completed, including landscaping and indoor glass sci-fi train, which quietly glides through the terminal.

Airports playing a substantial part of the travelling experience and a good airport can really enhance the entire journey.

HIA is the world’s newest mega airport and quickly become my second favourite (after Singapore Changi of course) due to remarkable architecture, smooth transfers and inspiring environment. The airport feels relaxed and not hectic compare to DXB airport to other busy airports around the world.

The massive departure hall is surprisingly quiet and subtle colour décor makes the space feel warm and calming. The dramatic curving silhouette reminds of an ocean waves. But let the photos speak for themselves…




HIA is home to Qatar Airways, competing with Emirates, or Etihad in terms of quality. In my opinion, QR and EY are more focusing on “premium” passengers but even so, economy class is far better than most European and all American carriers.

The Teddy bear …
Art installation by New York based Swiss artist Urs Fischer made of cast bronze. It is 7m tall and weighting 18 tons. Teddy was purchased through an auction for 6.8mil.USD. Ooops…

Now, enjoy some interesting facts:

  • Current capacity is 30mil. passengers, the full build out will be 50 million passengers per year.
  • Over 60% of the land the new airport sits on is reclaimed. The sea was buried so that the airport could sit where it does and not disturb the area around it.
  • While the airport does look like one massive structure, there are over 100 buildings.
  • HIA is 29 square kilometers big (11.2 Square Miles), that makes it the 9th biggest in the world.
  • 175 check-in counters / 16 lounges / hotel / spa / 50 F&B outlets / sleeping areas / Free fast Wi-Fi / Kids playgrounds / Free use of Apple Mac’s / endless shopping
  • Enjoy one of the 28 art installations by local, regional, and international artists.
  • The airport has 42 parking bays for aircrafts.
  • 4,850 metre-long Eastern Runway and 4,250 metre Western Runway which are 2km apart.
  • Three radar systems scans the runway 24/7.
  • Opened April2014



emirates b777

ADVICE : 22 best seats on Emirates B777

No matter, if the next flight is your first, or just the latest. Flying isn’t splendid experience anymore and economy class flying can be a very tense experience.

It’s important to plan ahead and get the best seat to make your journey as comfortable as possible.

Nearly 45 million of us were flying on-board of Emirates aircrafts in the past year. You can visit more than 150 destinations in 80 countries with an easy transfer via DXB airport.

In this post, we will be having a closer look at Boeing 777.

As a frequent flyer, I have “tested & verified” all different aircrafts and seats to help you choose the most suitable seat on your next journey.

Note, that the perfect economy seat doesn’t exist and I am just trying to suggest the best seat possible and describe the good/bad for each selection.

Emirates has 3 different types of passenger airplanes in it’s fleet :

  • A330 -18 aircrafts ( up to 278 passengers )
  • B777  -135 aircrafts ( up to 442 passengers )
  • A380 – 67 aircrafts ( up to 617 passengers )

The best seats on the Emirates B777 aircraft.

Configuration 3-4-3 gives doesn’t give much choice for a good seat, but the rear of the aircraft offers some surprisingly good options.

Why is this aircraft good : 

  • backbone of Emirates fleet
  • well serviced, efficient and safe
  • good “ICE” entertainment system with touch screen + “nose” camera
  • Wi-Fi on most of B777-300 ER (ER=extended range )

Not so good : 

  • crammed feeling
  • seats aren’t too comfortable
  • seat pitch 32″ of is not enough for flights over 6 hours.

The Best seats : 

Last Rows ±35-50 A/B & J/K  last 3-4 rows / 6-8 seats are the only “twosome” seats on both sides.

  • NOTE that there is 6 types of Emirates B777’s but all of them have 2 seats at the rear so check once you book you flight.

Why ? :

  • row 35 (777-200) or 46 (777-300) are the BEST from all double seats.
  • only double seats on the airplane ( no middle seat )
  • privacy feel
  • sense of space
  • close to the back galley for refreshments
  • great for couples
  • no TV box under seat in front of you
  • usually less passengers in rear of the aircraft
  • unobstructed views

Not so good  :

  • last one to disembark ( not good if you have tight connection )
  • more turbulence at the back of the plane
  • engine noise
  • difficult to lean against the wall due the gap

2nd Option :

Row 26  ( 6 Emergency Exit Seats on left / right side – row vary by aircraft, so CHECK ! )

Why ?:

  • unlimited leg room
  • window or aisle seat
  • sense of space
  • one of the first to disembark

Not so good :

  • TV must be stowed during take off / landing
  • close to bathroom and bassinet area ( noise )
  • gets cold due to emergency door proximity
  • seats are narrower due to folding table in the armrest
  • no pocket for personal belongings
  • you cannot book them in advance and only available at the check-in, so get there early !

Business class :

It’s worth to upgrade for a flights over 8 hours, especially during “red eye” flights.

First Class :

If you like to spoil yourself 🙂

Don’t forget :

  • adapter for earphones
  • lower back cushion for more comfortable journey
  • get on the plane early to assure space in the overhead bin as they get full very quick
  • ear plugs or invest into a good pair of noise cancelling earphones. Bose are the best.
  • scarf and eye mask
  • select your seat during booking and check-in as soon as you can to assure your desired seat. Emirates now offers check-in 48 hours prior the scheduled departure !
  • check few days before departure if your seat wasn’t swapped due to change of the aircraft !
Emirates A380

ADVICE : 20 best seats on Emirates A380

No matter, if the next flight is your first, or just the latest. Flying isn’t splendid experience anymore and economy class flying can be a very tense experience.

It’s important to plan ahead and get the best seat to make your journey as comfortable as possible.

Nearly 45 million of us were flying on-board of Emirates aircrafts in the past year. You can visit more than 150 destinations in 80 countries with an easy transfer via DXB airport.

In this post, we will be having a closer look at the A380 aircraft.

As a frequent flyer, I have “tested & verified” all the different aircrafts and seats to help you choose the most suitable seat on your next journey.

Note, that the perfect economy seat doesn’t exist and I am just suggesting the best seat possible based on my own experience + describe the good/bad for each selection.

Emirates has 3 different types of passenger aircrafts in it’s fleet :

  • A380 – 67 aircrafts ( up to 617 passengers )
  • A330 -18 aircrafts ( up to 278 passengers )
  • B777 -135 aircrafts ( up to 442 passengers )

The best seats on the Emirates A380 aircraft

In my personal opinion…A380 is the best way to fly in economy class today, because :

  • the latest comfy seat design
  • 10inch personal touch screen with touch* remote control ( *the newest A380’s  )
  • 19 inch wide seat
  • spacious feel and quite cabin
  • very steady in the air
  • generous washrooms
  • space to walk or stretch

The Best Seat :

Row 68 + 81 A/K ( both window seats )

Why?  :

  • Unlimited leg room
  • No need to stack your TV during take-off/landing
  • No need to disturb anyone while leaving the seat
  • No disturbance from other passengers
  • Easy to lean against the wall ( great for a little nap )
  • Right next to the emergency exit door
  • Middle of the plane – centre of a gravity and least turbulence
  • One of the first to get served in this section of the plane
  • Feels somehow private and quieter

Not so good :

  • Only 4 seats on the plane
  • Gets cold during long haul flights





2nd Option :

Row 51 D/G  ( last middle row in the first cabin / left or right aisle seat only  )

Why ? :

  • Slightly limited  recline ( but very small difference )
  • Very spacious feel thanks to the emergency doors on each side
  • Private feel ( no row of seat on each side )
  • No kids nearby as this is the last row
  • Proximity to the lavatory isn’t bothersome as there is lot’s a space around
  • Front cabin is the smallest one and offers less crowded feel
  • Front cabin = one of the first to disembark

Not so good :

  • Gets colder due to close proximity of emergency door
  • Last to be served in this cabin during meal time

3rd Option :

Row 50 A/K  ( last side row of front economy cabin / window seat only  )

Why? :

  • Front economy cabin is the smallest and feel quieter and more private
  • No one behind you ( esp. good with touch screen TV’s…no “knocking” )
  • Unobstructed view from window seat in this row
  • Spacious feel
  • Ideal for those who wish to sleep most of the flight

Not so good :

  • Slightly limited recline
  • Not easy to get out due to passengers sitting next to you

4th Option :

Row 43 / 67 / 80 – 12 Emergency door seats

Many travellers prefer emergency seats, but these are difficult to get as they are reserved for Skyward Gold members, downgraded passengers from business class and “friends”.

Seats are narrower and you have to stow the TV during take-off and landing. I also feel kind of exposed seating on those, but if you have a long legs this the the best.

You can always ask for those at the check-in…so get there early!

Don’t forget :

  • adapter for earphones
  • lower back cushion for more comfortable journey
  • get on the plane early to assure space in the overhead bin as they get full very quick
  • ear plugs or invest into a good pair of noise cancelling earphones. Bose are the best.
  • scarf and eye mask
  • select your seat during booking and check-in as soon as you can to assure your desired seat. Emirates now offers check-in 48 hours prior the scheduled departure  !
  • check few days before departure if your seat wasn’t swapped due to change of the aircraft !


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DUBAI : Airport’s expansion project sneak peek into Concourse D

Dubai International’s latest expansion, the construction of Concourse D in Terminal 1 is opening for its first flight on Wednesday 24th Feb.

I could preview this brand new and shiny Terminal which increases capacity at the Dubai airport to 90 million passengers a year and bringing big photo gallery for you to enjoy.

A train connecting Concourse D with Concourse C in Terminal 1 is already operating and 17 gates will accommodate over 100 airlines.

A total of $7.8 billion has been invested in expanding Dubai International.

In my opinion, it is a huge improvement compare to old Terminal 1. Its airy layout offers unobstructed views at the aircrafts taking off, amazing selection of F&B outlets, enough seating by the gates and charging stations for your gadgets. The shopping areas are enormous.

My only comments pointing towards the Gate corridors, as they feel a bit “warehousy”  (because of the ceiling ) and also, it wasn’t easy to find the way out.

I guess few extra signages will fix this and hopefully all the visitors will apppreciate this new gateway to Dubai.

Enjoy the video & photos


REVIEW : 12 good reasons why to fly with SILK AIR

Singapore Airlines regional wing – Silk Air is surprisingly comfortable and reliable way how to explore 49 destinations across Asia.

This small boutique airline operates fleet of 29 aircrafts. B737 , A319 and A320.

Silk Air is not low budget carrier such a Tiger Air, or Air Asia and offers full service, business class and 30kg of baggage allowance!

I got lucky and my latest flight SIN-HKT was on brand new B737 with Sky Interior Cabin.  The below points reflecting my experience based on this aircraft.

Why should YOU consider Silk Air for your next flight …

  1. 32″ seat pitch
  2. clean, bright with nice seat colour theme
  3. pleasant cabin crew
  4. full meal service on a flight below 2 hours
  5. free soft and alcoholic beverages
  6. selection of seat during booking process
  7. on time departure
  8. on board entertainment system you download into personal mobile device
  9. 30kg baggage allowance for no extra fee
  10. pillows and blankets available
  11. shared frequent flyer program with Singapore Airlines
  12. complimentary newspaper

     Not so good :

  • I cant’ help it, but I do miss personal TV
  • downloadable entertainment system doesn’t have a good choice of channels.

Ground service was quick and efficient and I have even got offered emergency seat for no extra charge. For those flying business class can use Singapore Airlines business lounge.

I personally didn’t like the brown seats ( 40″ seat pitch )

Service on board was very quick and the crew went thru the cabin few times with refreshments after meal service.

Of course, flying with Silk Air doesn’t have the price tag of Air Asia, but if you looking for quality with no bad surprises, safety and comfort … Silk Air is a very good choice.


SURVIVAL GUIDE : Prague Airport

Vaclav Havel Airport Prague, formerly known as Prague Ruzyne is your gateway to the beautiful historical capitol of Czech Republic.

It is served by 67 airlines and more than 11mil. passengers passes thru the doors annually. I am sure you won’t a have a problem to find suitable connection.

Arriving into a foreign airport and getting to your final destination could be sometimes tricky or even frustrating experience. From dreadful immigration officers to shady taxi drivers.

Prague Airport it’s in general, very easy to use due to its small-ish size and no major problems are common.

Terminal 1 is used by non-EU airlines and new Terminal 2 is for EU except Ireland and UK ( Schengen States – check here ).

Immigration officers are efficient and friendly enough and if you have EU passport you can use the smart gates to exit the airport quickly. Bags takes forever to arrive onto the baggage carousel.

One of the most challenging “tasks” is to find reliable transport from the airport. I was many times a victim of “truthful” taxi drivers during my travels and sometimes, it can take the better of you, to try negotiating price as for the taxi drivers, we are just “walking wallets”.


Prague taxi services have a bad reputation in general. Officials are trying to keep eye on this but still…here is a few tips how to reach your dreamed place without any hassle.

  • Have a Czech currency ( ATM’s available after exiting baggage claim hall on the left )
  • Ignore anyone trying to offer you a transport
  • Choose only one of those yellow taxis ( I recommend AAA taxi ). AAA also offers a half price return voucher, so ask for one!
  • Make sure the meter is on and clearly visible


If you wish to use public transport, there is a bus connection to the nearest metro station, or Main Railway Station ( Airport Express / AE)

  • Follow directional signage outside
  • AE Bus leaves every 30min ( from 7am -10pm) for 60CZK ( use max 100 banknote at the bus )
  • Metro Bus : Line 119 – metro st. Nadrazi Veleslavin ( Metro A – quick to the city )
    Line 100 – metro station Zlicin ( Metro B )
  • Tickets are available at arrival hall kiosks, outside machine or the driver
  • Don’t forget to validate your ticket inside the bus machine ( there is a staff controlling this)
  • For full metro map click metro_orientation_plan


If you plan to explore some of the amazing country side, you can book your bus ticket together with train online. I personally recommend Leo Express Premier class.

Useful Tips:

  • Try to avoid buing any souvenirs, alcohol or presents at the airport as the prices are much higher than in the city itself.
  • Mind, that the security check it’s just before your entering your gate and they will remove any beverage from you, even purchased one at the airport. If you like to have water with you, buy at the airport and keep it in sealed plastic bag until you pass security.
  • For affordable meal and drink use self-service restaurant on the 1st floor (follow sign for lounges) as you can purchase decent lunch for 100CZK
vaclav havel airport
Affordable ready to eat meals and drinks on the 1st floor / Terminal 1


Happy traveling and have great time in Prague


FLYDUBAI : Business Class Seat Review

If you prefer to travel in comfort without the hefty price tag, stop hassling Emirates check-in staff for free upgrade ( they heard it all 🙂 ) and try Dubai’s low cost option Flydubai.

Business class section is being used on nearly 85 destinations on Boeing 737.  There is 12 seats, with 42″ seat pitch and 21″ width. They also recline little bit, feel comfy and soft and you get pillow and blanket.

Ok, it’s not full flat bed/seat, but with flights of max.6 hours I am sure you can survive.

They even fly to my home… Prague, or if you more into beach laziness… to Maldives.

Flydubai’s hub is Dubai Terminal 2, so if you have connection with Emirates, keep on mind that the transfer my take some time.

Seats have USB port ans 12″ touch screen and you get some food too.

The most important thing is…it won’t cost you the earth.

SURVIVAL GUIDE : Dubai Airport

Airport code: DXB

Passenger’s per year : approx. 70mil.

Terminals : currently 4

  •  T1 – all international airline
  •  T2 – Flydubai and budget airlines only (separate terminal and not connected with T1/T3 )
  •  T3 – exclusive to Emirates
  •  T3 concourse A – exclusive to Emirates A380 aircrafts ( only accessible via train )
  •  T1 concourse D – opening November 2015
DXB Airport Complex from above

T1: also known as Sheik Rashid Terminal is at the present time under re-furhbishment. Until renovations is finished, expect lots of noise, bad lighting, low ceilings, crowds and long queues. 63 check-in counters are serving all international airlines.

The entire building is outdated, chaotic and gate areas with duty free are ugly.

Passengers sleep on the floor as there isn’t enough seating and even the business class lounge is terribly overcrowded and old. There are the usual fast food and cafe options.

Pros : e-gates
Cons : long distances, long queues, construction, wi-fi never works

T2: flydubai’s hub just have been renovated and extended. Arrival hall spacious and clean but flydubai check-in counters always with long queues. Immigration and security usually quick.

Terminal is smaller size and all gates are in one big “warehouse” style space. Very noisy and busy at all times. Flydubai business class passengers have their dedicated lounge. There is a duty free and wide range of cafe’s.

Flydubai currently operates 49 B737 and flying to 94 destinations

Pros : quickly “in an out” due to relatively small sq.ft, modern and bright. Wi-fi sometimes works, e-gates
Cons : very noisy, dirty toilets, nowhere to sit

T3: relatively new ( opened 2008 ) and exclusive to Emirates airline which currently handles 64% of all passenger traffic.

Huge check-in area and efficient immigration and security. Longer queues usual during night time at the weekends. Train to T3 A on right side after security and shiny lifts on the left brings you swiftly to the “gate floor”. Here all the magic ends and you find yourself in very long, narrow, extremely crowded space with low ceilings and nowhere to escape. You can not find one quite space and makes travelling stressful.

After traveling thru Singapore Changi, Hongkong Intl., Amsterdam Schiphol or Munich Airport, it is difficult to understand why something much better didn’t happen here at DXB Airport.

I am passing thru the airport very often and notice never-ending effort for improvement, but due to design and floor plan, there are mainly “cosmetic” changes being applied. Even the only one green little oasis at the end was destroyed to make a space for kids area, which adds to the noise.

Are the architects to blame?

Pros: modern, clean, easy to navigate, wi-fi sometimes works, e-gates
Cons: claustrophobic and overcrowded, low ceilings, shops everywhere, nowhere to sit and relax

T3 – concourse A: newest addition to the airport. Opened 2013 and fully dedicated to the best aircraft      A380.

It’s almost 1km long and connected with T3 via underground train ride. In a few minutes you enter much more quite and somehow spacious space, improved gate floor lay-out with interesting selection F&B outlets.

Due to used materials, flooring and lights, the entire experience is much more calming and civilised then all other terminals. It’s not Changi yet, but so much more comfortable and civilised.

Building is designed to handle 20 A380 at any given time and business class passengers enjoy lovely lounge with water features and multi level boarding. + two adjacent hotels.

Transfer desks are easy to find for all passing passengers.

Pros: passenger friendly, bright, not so crowded, nice restaurant, wi-fi usually works
Cons: Non just yet

T1 – concourse D : coming February 2016

8 Airlines with a “Flying Bar’s “

Drink at 35.000ft?

Here is a list of Airlines which will be more than happy to mix you one fabulous cocktail after another in very special and luxurious setting.


Emirates – all A380 aircrafts has a well equipped bar and lounge on the second floor   ( business  &  first class only). To make you feel extra special,there is a waterfall on top of the stairs and just in case you feel a bit sweaty after paying hefty airfare , you can refresh yourself in the onboard shower and spa.

Emirates A380 bar
Cocktails, snack and nibbles on Emirates A380 bar


Korean Air – on their A380 aircraft is not just a very sleek, white bar sponsored by Absolute vodka but also a duty free store located in the rear section of economy cabin. It was designed by L’Oreal Paris designers and sells the best selection of Korean air duty free cosmetics.

Korean A380
Beautiful Korean Air A380


Qatar Airways : this rapidly growing Middle Eastern airlines has their lounge located in the middle section of all B787 Dreamliners and on second floor of A380. Dreamliner has also a great business class section but as per my own experience , economy is very crowded with little leg room and big TV. So if the person in front of you recline his seat, the TV screen is literally … “in your face”.

Qatar Dreamliner
Qatar B787 bar
Qatar Airways B787 Business class


Etihad – Abu Dhabi based airline is showing off with their first A380 equipped with ultra luxurious bar and “re-imagined” every class, according to the airline. This includes Sky residence and apartments. Economy class passengers can enjoy cute cushions and slightly bigger headrest.

Brand new Etihad A380


Singapore Airlines – the launch customer of A380 aircraft has also a bar on the second floor. Unlikely all other airlines has economy class in the rear section of the second floor and I was very lucky to tested on one of the first ever A380 flight back in October 2007 from LHR-SIN. Still remember the fresh paint and carpet smell 🙂 For me, Singapore Airlines represents the best service in the sky.


Virgin Atlantic – with their new B787 Dreamliner you can taste the high life in beautifully designed bar with golden sink ,LED wall lighting and three spinning silver chair 10.000USD/piece. After couple of champagne glasses slip into your cosy Upper class bed and wake up feeling fabulous.

Perfect setting for VA B787 Dreamliner



American Airlines – galley type of self service bar on B777 in business class section

China Airlines – Taiwan based carrier has a decent “wall” bar on their Boeings  777


Cheers 🙂