Thailand is one of the most diverse, captivating and traveler friendly destinations I have visited to date.  If it’s beach fun, shopping, food or jungle adventures you’re after, this is the place for you.

I often visit Bangkok. I’m fascinated by its chaotic nature, delicious street food, and creative shopping opportunities.


There’s nothing more important than carefully planning your precious travel time to make the most of it! Every minute counts and the best way to do it is to have a local and trustworthy guide.

Your Bangkok visit wouldn’t be complete, without seeing one of the most stunning places in Sout-East Asia – the ruins of the ancient capital of Siam – Ayutthaya.

The easiest way to organize your trip is to contact my local travel partner and let their experienced guides take care of you! offers a wide variety of amazing private tours, knowledgeable local guides, and have all the “know how” for an enjoyable and hassle-free trip in Bangkok and beyond.

I do always enjoy their friendly service, easy communications via email and professional guides providing an answer to any questions you may have. Also, the complimentary chilled water and wet tissues in the car is a nice touch.

The breathtaking Ayutthaya…“Thai version” of Angkor Wat and ancient capital of the Siam Kingdom, was my main goal during this trip.

  • GOOD TO KNOWentrance fee to every temple is THB50

This mystical, 650-year-old city is easily reachable within one hour drive from Bangkok city center. will take you there in one of their comfortable SUV’s so you can discover this enchanting place at your own pace. They will also ensure you avoid the crowds at the busiest times and take pictures of you at all the best sites while informing you about the local history and points of interest.

  • TIP: start your journey 8am to avoid crowds and make the best of your trip!

The ideal DAY itinerary could look like this :

  1. Explore Wat Mahathat and see the famous entwined Buddha’s head.
  2. Walk into the deep tomb of Wat Ratchaburana.
  3. Take a break on River Cruise and see how the local’s lives.
  4. Don’t miss Wat Phra Si Sanphet stupas.
  5. Pay respect to the huge reclining Buddha.
  6. Enjoy the peaceful Summer Palace and its gardens.
  • TIP: carry long pants with you to enter all sacred sites!

1. Wat Mahathat :  the 660 years old ancient Monastery of the Great Relic was the religious center of Ayutthaya. Its early design was based on the Cambodian Angor Wat temples. Don’t miss one of the most photographed places in Thailand – Buddha’s head entwined within the roots!

2. Wat Ratchaburana :  King Borommarachathirat brothers had fought to their deaths in a duel for the royal succession on the grounds of this very temple. Central structure hides a deep crypt where were stored priceless images of Buddha.

3. River Cruise :  Relaxing long-tail private river cruise takes about one hour and reveals hidden life of the local people and both, old and new temples and sites by the river. You can also buy some fish and throw them back into the water…it brings luck 🙂

4. Wat Phra Si Sanphet :  Holiest temple in ancient city of Ayutthaya, until the city was completely destroyed by the Burmese in 1767 together with a Buddha made of 343kg of gold.

5. Wat Lokayasutharam – Temple of the Reclining Buddha : The impressive 37m long statue is located only a few minutes drive from the previous temple. You can also enjoy an elephant ride here. Did you notice all the Buddhas toes are of equal length? 🙂

6. Bang-Pa-In Summer Palace : Complex formerly used by the Thai kings offers a peaceful escape from the busy tourist areas. Manicured French-inspired gardens, lakes, rivers, and beautiful flowers. Picturesque structures on every “corner” and ready for Instagram #nofilter 🙂

This trip, or any other, could be as short or long as you wish and can be tailor-made to suit your requirements with directly.

Don’t be shy, drop them a message and make the most of your stay in Thailand 🙂 !

  • +66 82 799 1099


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Yogyakarta region and it’s main city was almost unknown to me until a few months ago, when I came across an amazing photo of Borobudur temple while browsing online.

A little bit of “googling” later, and I’m wondering, why this place isn’t one of the world’s top destination to visit…

Luckily for me ( and you ), it is still mostly unknown to foreign visitors, so I could sample the real Indonesia, far away from the crowds of the more popular locations.

Travelling around central Java is adventurous, thrilling and very satisfying. It is safe, easy & also “friendly” to your wallet. It’s almost unbelievable to see, how much this region has to offer. Not forget to mention great food and friendly locals…

Discover my list of 8 BEST places to visit below!

Don’t forget to check 3 Day Yogyakarta Trip itinerary at the end of this post !


Borobudur is one of the most unique places on the planet and world’s largest Buddhist monument.

It’s history begins in the 9th century and the complex includes over 70 stupas with hidden Buddha statues inside.

To take a postcard perfect photo isn’t easy. You need to be lucky with the weather, patient with the crowds and skilled with photoshop 😉

But it’s absolutely worth it, the crowds thinning as the sun settles down and you can fully enjoy the majestic surroundings and magical atmosphere.

Definitely one of the highlights of my trip!


TRAVEL TIME : 1,5 hrs from Yogyakarta

TICKET : 325.000 IDR ( incl. drink )

TIME TO ENJOY : approx. 2 hours

DRESS CODE :  No open shoulders, shorts below the knee ( you can rent sarong there )


Located in central Yogyakarta means, you don’t have to travel too far, to discover this amazing Hindu temple dedicated to Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva gods.

The central 47m high temple is truly impressive and the entire place offers great locations for taking photos and discovering the surrounding grounds.

To find a quieter area, exit the main temple podium through the gate on the left side and find yourself in ruins covered site, offering the perfect views and angles with no other visitors.


TRAVEL TIME : 20min from central Yogya

TICKET : 325.000 IDR ( incl. water )

TIME TO ENJOY : 1-2hrs



Don’t miss Kalibiru National Park for splendid views and thrilling adventure park.

Zip line, climb and challenge yourself in this hill-top obstacle course. Nothing beats the adrenaline rush while swishing up amongst the tree tops and being stopped in the middle for a quick “hanging in the air” photo opportunity.

If you are a keen Instagrammer, this a place for you ! You can choose from many “stations” and obstacles and the staff will take photos of you, which will be downloaded to your phone afterwards.

If you are Iphone user, better bring USB to download photos!



TRAVEL TIME : 1,5hrs from Yogyakarta

TICKET : 10.000 IDR + Pay per activity and extra photos 80.000 for 8pc’s

  • the entire system is a bit confusing as no one speaks english. Be patient and start at the rock climbing station. From there you can do all the activities and also download photos ( 8 snaps) to your phone at the end. Staff lunch break 12-1pm so come before or after. Long queues!

TIME TO ENJOY : 2hrs ( could be more, depends on the waiting lines )

DRESS CODE : Sport clothes, sport shoes


Ideal place for a leisurely stroll, away from hustle and bustle of Yogyakarta. It is peaceful, quiet and if you come during weekdays, not too busy.

The actual castle isn’t big, but don’t miss the surrounding areas, including picturesque streets with batik shops, restaurants and of course the underground mosque with its dark corridors.

It’s not easy to find it all, so get lost in the tiny colourful streets and explore. But not to worry, there is plenty of friendly locals, that will point you in the right direction.


TRAVEL TIME : 10min from central Yogyakarta

TICKET : 16.000IDR

TIME TO ENJOY : 1-2 hrs



I was really lucky to arrive to Timang Beach during storm. It really added to the rough spirit of this fantastic location and also, there was absolutely no one else 🙂

Raw nature, deafening waves crashing against razor edged cliffs and sea spray hitting my face.

I loved it. You can choose to travel on the small rocky island in hand pulled gondola, or cross a 100m long rope bridge on foot.

I would recommend the bridge. It takes much longer to cross, offers unique photo opportunities with waves reaching up to 20m in height and it’s really spine chilling experience.


TRAVEL TIME : 2hrs from Yogyakarta

TICKET : 100.000IDR for Rope bridge / 10.000 for Wooden podium

50.000 bike ride from near by village ( 15min necessary ride )  / Jeep ride optional

TIME TO ENJOY : 1-2hrs 

DRESS CODE : comfortable clothes, no flip flops or sandals






Definitely one of the most thrilling experience’s of my life! Conquer your fear of heights and descent into “Jurassic World”.

To only way to get inside the mysterious Jomblang Cave is via 80m deep descent on a hand pulled rope similar to abseiling.

Only 60 adventurers is lowered all the way down every day. The entire procedure feels very safe and all equipment is quite new. Nonetheless, hanging in the air with 80m of nothingness below me, was terrifying.

The reward comes soon after walking through pitch black muddy cave into a “dome” with waterfall of light.

Nature created breathtaking show which is the best to see between 11.30-12.30 and on sunny day only. Honestly, I haven’t seen anything like this before. It was simply incredible!


TRAVEL TIME : 1,5 hrs from Yogyakarta

TICKET : 450.000 IDR 


  • only 60 people/day so better pre-book and arrive before 9am.
  • the full experience lasts 4 hours.
  • you will get dirty and very wet ( take extra clothes and towel )

DRESS CODE : comfortable clothes ( you will get rubber shoes and all equipment )


In three words…SO MUCH FUN!

Umbul Ponggkok is a natural spring lake in Klaten town. It’s a a bit bizzar place with crystal clear lake, lots of fish and “daily” objects thrown in the water to take a photo with.

Once you figure out how this place works ( a bit complicated due to language barrier ),  dive into the fresh cold waters, put snorkel on and let the underwater world pass by.

You need to pick your desired photo objects at the booth and “photo crew” goes with you to style and take fantastic fun snaps of you. You can download all the photos to your phone afterwards.


TRAVEL TIME : 1,5hrs from Yogyakarta

TICKETS : 15.000IDR / Snorkel rental 13.000IDR / Photo shoot : 250.000 IDR

  • you can rent all underwater equipment

TIME TO ENJOY : 1-2hrs

DRESS CODE : Swimwear


Do you fancy to show off your best shirt, or lovely dress?

Delicious Indonesian themed dinner buffet with intriquing Ramayana Ballet show is your best bet!

The one & only place to do so, is at the finest hotel in the region…Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta.

It’s spacious grounds hiding 9-hole golf course and also tennis court and Spa.

Why not make it a day? Play golf and enjoy great food with a show after the sunset…




TRAVEL TIME : 20min from central Yogyakarta

PRICE : 165.000 IDR

TIME TO ENJOY : dinner 2-3 hours

DRESS CODE : smart casual


DAY 1 : Prambanan + Kalibiru + Borobudur

DAY 2 : Roa Gomblang + Timang Beach

DAY 3 : Taman Sari Castle + Umbul Ponggkok

  • To reach all destinations, hire a skilled driver with a comfy, AC car – prices around 500.000IDR/day – try Danar : 0062  813 9282 9086
  • Note, charge for using toilets is 2000IDR ( everywhere ), so have small change!
  • Shopping in Yogyakarta :   Ambarukmo Plaza / Hartono Mall / Jogyakarta City Mall
  • 3 Best Restaurants  : Sasanti / Gojah Wong / Abyagiri
  • I was travelling to Yogyakarta from Dubai with Singapore Airlines and Silk Air.


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Long gone are the times, when shopping was the only fun thing to do in Dubai!

New attractions are popping up in every corner of the city and there has never been a better selection of activities to make your vacation, weekend or evening unforgettable.

To make your choices a little bit more easier, I have put together list of TOP 10 NEW attractions you can enjoy in Dubai or close proximity.


1. Ride Velociraptor at IMG World’s of Adventure !

World’s largest indoor theme park is a home to over 16 attractions within 5 zones, including Cartoon Network, Marvel, Lost Valley & IMG Boulevard.

Velociraptor, Predator, Thor & Spiderman rides are amongst the most thrilling ones, so don’t eat before you ride…eat after, the food in the park is very good 🙂

IMG WOA is located outside the city, near Global Village.


INFO : Tickets from Aed245 / daily 11am-9&10pm / Sheik Mohammed Bin Zayed Road

2. Climb Tree Tops inside the Green Planet

Learning about the Earth, Eco systems and Nature it’s so much fun inside the big white building at City Walk Dubai. The Green Planet bio dome is accommodating more than 3000 plants and animals.

Walk under tropical rivers, lift-off on top of rain forest and discover animals you never knew they existed.


INFO : Ticket from Aed95 ( buy 1 get 1 free with Entrainer voucher ) / daily 10am-10&12pm / City Walk Dubai

3. Walk around Dubai Canal 

New 3,2km “river” is now connecting Dubai Creek with Jumeirah Beach. Enjoy exciting views at the city, waterfall daily from 8-10pm and if your phone runs out of battery after all the selfies, easily re-charge from many stations along the Canal Boardwalk.

Don’t forget to cross all three interesting bridges to take the best photos.

INFO : Admission Free / open 24/7  / bring your own food & drinks

4. Experience amazing at Dubai Parks & Resorts

Three theme parks and waterpark complex linked by dining & entertainment village called Riverland is now to be discovered at the outskirts of Dubai South towards Abu Dhabi.

Legoland, Bollywood and Motiongate parks presenting dozens of attractions and my favourite area is Dreamwork’s Zone inside Motiongate park. Don’t miss the magical Dragon Gliders coaster!

World’s first Hunger Games themed “land” is opening very soon ! Stay tuned.


INFO : Tickets from 85Aed / daily from 10am-12pm  (openings vary/check online) / Sheik Zayed Road towards Abu Dhabi

5. Be amazed at Imagine show

Enjoy brand new Guinness World Records breaking show, full of light, water and fire effects in Dubai’s Festival City Mall.

Watch one, or all three 3 different shows, daily from 7.30pm to 11pm. Expect huge water screen projections, mapping videos on surrounding buildings and plenty of other tricks designed by Australian company Laservision.

INFO :  Admission Free / shows from 7.30pm / Festival City Mall Dubai

6. Take selfies with all the funky Street Art at City Walk 

One of my favourite areas of the city. Picturesque City Walk is only few minutes drive from Dubai Mall, but feels like another “planet”.

Restaurants, Art, Shopping, Exhibitions, Hub Zero Game Park and also the Green Planet are all located in here.


Beautifully designed “streetscapes”, walkable distances with all the fantastic coffee shops makes this place the perfect weekend destination. Uh, did I mentioned the cool street art ?

INFO : Admission Free ( pay per attraction )  / Al Wasl Road

7. Catch a world class performance at Dubai Opera

Finally, Dubai has it’s own Opera House! 1901-seat, multi-format, performing arts centre is designed after the traditional Arabic vessel ..Dhow.

Expect the most flashy musicals, concerts and shows. This place is full every night and proved to be a big hit with locals and visitors alike.

Check the website for full program/tickets and PLEASE turn off your phones during the show!

INFO : Admission per show ( book online ) / you cannot enter without ticket / Sh.Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard – Dubai Downtown 





8. Watch Ain Dubai Wheel growing bigger and bigger by the day!

The Beach at JBR Walk is the place to go, if you want to feel like being on vacation! Crowds of tourists, turquoise sea, busy promenade and 40+ dining places to choose from…

It doesn’t stop here, just opposite The Beach is growing Dubai’s biggest attraction…215m tall Ain Dubai Mega Wheel. It’s not finished just yet, but its hard not get impressed by its size already.

This place is perfect to visit at any time, any day.

INFO : Admission Free / Dubai Marina – JBR Walk / Paid Parking 

9. Take a day trip to Yas Island’s Ferrari World !

Want to escape the heat and make a little trip outside the city ? Yas Island is only 50min drive from Dubai Marina and is famous for its Ferrari World theme park, Yas F1 circuit, Yas Water World and Warner Brother Movie World ( opening 2018 )

The massive red roof of Ferrari World is hiding one of the best thrill rides in this part of the world.

Feel the speed on record breaking 240km/h Formula Rossa coaster, fly 52m high on twisted loops of Flying Aces or get “shot” through the park’s roof on newest Turbo Track ride…


INFO : Tickets from Aed275 / Daily 11am-8pm / Yas Island Abu Dhabi 

10. Have lunch stop at Last Exit ( on the way back from Yas Island )

Retro themed “food stop” on Sheikh Zayed highway on the way from Abu Dhabi is full of funky cars, food trucks and photo opportunities.

Pick some freshly cooked food from one of the 18 food trucks and enjoy it in a setting reminding me Disney movie Cars.

Second Last Exit on the opposite side of the road is opening soon !

INFO : Admission Free / open 24/7 / Sheikh Zayed Road from Abu Dhabi 

If all of this is not enough, just wait few more months for two more major openings – Dubai Safari and Al Habtoor La Perle show…stay tuned 🙂


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BALI : My TOP 5 Restaurants in Seminyak

Sampling delicious local food and beverages ( of any kind 🙂 ) are one of the most important enjoyments while traveling anywhere, but especially in Asia.

One of the most popular holiday spot in Indonesia & South East Asia and place famous for dishes which are full of exotic flavours, aromas and harmonious contrasts is Bali…Island of the Gods.

As a regular visitor and a choosy eater, I have put together my TOP 5 places to eat , drink and feel happy…”tasted and verified” !

The best show on earth … Bali sunset from Kudeta’s Terrace


Islands best beach club ( Potato Head is not my thing, sorry ) is a pleasure to visit anytime.

Great music, chilled vibe, best sea views and matching drinks and food, all shaken and stirred into holiday perfection mix for families, couples or discerning party crowd.

The showcase of Kudeta and MUST TRY place, is the Mejekawi restaurant on the second floor. Booking is advised and the prices aren’t cheap ( you will pay much more for similar quality in London or Sydney ),but it will be a dinner you will remember for a very long time!

5, or 7 course tasting menu is also available paired with drinks ( recommended ) and will run your taste buds wild. Almost scientific dishes will melt on your tongue and create some very pleasing sensations…;)

BEST FOR : Mejekawi Dinner / Sunset Drinks / Music 

Hours: 8am-2am / Address : Jl. Kayu Aya No. 9, Seminyak  / Prices : $$$$


Great food and great quick service anytime of the day ( note they close at 5pm )

Very busy restaurant next to Seminyak Square with mouth-watering choice of food and drinks.

You absolutely must try the delicious warm roasted charcoal roll and zesty Mimosa cocktail. The young coconut water will make you feel like 18 again and the deserts…just go and try !

BEST FOR : Late lunch / Mimosa 

Hours : 7am – 5pm / Address : Jl. Kayu Cendana No.7, Seminyak / Prices : $$$

3. MASE Kitchen & Bar

This cute little sanctuary is only few steps away from the busy Petitenget street and belongs to the fabulous Maca Villas / Soham Wellness complex.

On offer is surprisingly big selection of flavourful breakfast dishes and appetising dinner options.

I really enjoyed the Baked Egg Mediterranean and Chicken roll with spinach for a dinner. The staff could improve their english though, so they can recommend you the perfect pairing from hundreds of wines on offer.

BEST FOR : Breakfast / Dinner / Wine / Quiet setting 

Hours : 7am -11pm / Address : Jl.Lb. Sari 7, Seminyak / Prices : $$$


The baby sister of the Revolver Corner house is arguably the smallest coffee shop in the world, offering the best coffee on the island ( unless you enjoy Kopi Luwak coffee ).

Couple of seats, hip shabby chic decor with smiley baristas and satisfying selection of smoothies and very simple, but tasty all day breakfast type of dishes. Don’t forget to pick up your loyalty card, because you will be back !!! 🙂

BEST FOR : Coffeequick day snacks

Opening hours : 7am – 6pm / Address : Jl.Petitenget 102, Seminyak / Prices : $$$


Brand new bar/restaurant/lounge on the Petitenget street with luxuriously classy  decor and welcoming staff.

Cocktails…that’s what this places stands out for. Very skilled mixologists can prepare a drink depending on your mood or just pick one from the intricate menu.

Plenty of food & snacks are also on offer but I was only interested in the drink menu after trying the”50 shades of grey” cocktail…

BEST FOR : Cocktails / Dinner / Friendly vibes

Hours : 8am – 1am  / Address : Jl. Petitenget No.108 / Prices : $$$$




Tokyo Sky Tree

TOKYO : 450m above the biggest city in the world !

…your visit of Tokyo wouldn’t be complete, without experiencing the sensational views from the tallest Japanese structure…the Tokyo Sky Tree !

I felt a bit undecided at first. I have been on Burj Khalifa, Petronas Tower or Empire State Building, but I am very happy I decided to go and witnessed the unbelievable scale of the Japanese capital.

With height of 634m / 2080ft , Tokyo Sky Tree holds the title for the world’s second tallest structure after Burj Khalifa in Dubai ( 829m / 2773ft ) and as there aren’t any tall buildings around, you will even feel much higher. Exciting!

Sky Tree was opened for public in May 2012 and you can choose from two levels of observation ( Tembo ) decks.

First in height of 350m and second 100m higher.

Lift to the top deck is made of glass and offers fantastic views!

Tokyo Skytree
Panoramic View

As a foreigner visitor, you have the advantage to visit the tower anytime you please, without prior booking.

Just look out of your hotel window in the morning (especially good view at the tower offers Century Southern Tower Hotel ) and if the visibility is good, go there straight away. Weather in Tokyo is changing by hour.

“Read my Review of Century Southern Tower Hotel”

There is a special entrance for oversea visitors, which allows you to skip the regular queues. The both decks ticket is ¥4000 ( USD 40 ). It’s only two US dollars more expensive than you would pay at Burj Khalifa.

Tokyo Sky Tree
The standard queue for the lower deck

Definitely get the 2 decks ticket, as the top floor offers smaller crowds and incredible views + photo opportunities. Your Instagram account will explode after posting from up there J

Also, on the top deck, there is a continuous glass sloping corridor that really makes you feel like walking in the skies.

Tokyo Skytree
Panoramic View

The elevator from the first deck to the second one is a glass one, also offering fantastically terrifying views.

The tower feels totally safe and has plenty of technical tricks to withstand earthquakes.

After your descent back on planet earth, you can enjoy some dining and shopping in adjacent mall.

Tokyo Skytree INFO :

  •  Location: 1-1-2, Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  •  Operating hours: Observation deck 8:00am through 10:00 pm (last entry at 9:00 pm)
  •  Subway station – Oshiage
  •  Regular, timed on-line ticket : ¥2570 ( lower deck )

Tokyo Sky Tree



CZECH REPUBLIC : Rejuvenate body&soul in a natural thermal park

What if you could enjoy stunning nature, fresh mountain air and natural hot springs with tons of health benefits, all in one place?

I couldn’t resist and visited this “magical” place during my recent trip to the Czech Republic. It’s called    Therme Losiny and its located in town of Velke Losiny in the country’s North Moravia region.

Panoramic view of the outdoor area

Feel amazing and have a day of fun in this unique Sulphur thermal water park. Ok, it does stink a bit, thanks to Sulphur dioxide gas escaping into the air but think about the benefits! 🙂

Benefits of Sulphur bath:

  • Promote metabolism and communication between nerve cells.
  • Gives you strong hair, nails, and skin.
  • Ease the itchy irritated skin rashes; conditions such as eczema, diaper rash Sulphur may minimize the symptoms of psoriasis,
  • People with arthritis may find pain relief from taking a soothing bath in hot Sulphur springs
  • Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Relief from digestive disorders such as acid reflux, premenstrual issues, menopausal symptoms
  • Sulphur may assist the liver in its detoxifying functions
  • Inhaling healing mineral water as vapour can be an effective treatment for asthma, sinus problems, allergies and other respiratory problems, clearing mucus from the lungs and facilitating breathing.
  • Helps slow signs of aging like lines, wrinkles and saggy skin. YAY !!!

The warm and healing thermal water has been the keystone of spa care in the Velke Losiny Thermal Spa for decades. A thermal pool filled with Sulphur thermal water was built in the 1950s in the spa park, where the new Losiny Thermal Spa now stands.

Therme Losiny offers :

  • 9 thermal pools – filled with 100% thermal water
  •  massages – for therapy, relaxation, sports and luxury massages
  •  saunas – Finnish, salt, steam, aroma, ice chamber
  •  pool exercises
  •  facilities for families with children
  •  indoor self-service restaurant and outside summer food stand for an on-the-go meal

  • PRICE : All day price for one adult is €17.60 + extra fee for Sauna access.
  • HOURS : Open 1pm – 9pm daily
  • ACCOMMODATION : Spa hotel Eliska only 200m away.
  • HOW TO GET THERE : Train from Prague with 2 easy changes (Zabreh & Sumperk) takes 3hrs

…”Czech Republic isn’t just a Prague. Step outside the well know city and discover beautiful country-side, majestic mountains, picturesque castles and the best beer in the world”…



SKYWALK : Czech’s newest attraction for daredevils!

New and very unique attraction was recently unveiled in the Kralicky Sneznik mountains in the north-eastern part of the Czech Republic.

I couldn’t help it but visit and experience this rollercoaster like formation myself.

1116m ( 3600ft ) above the sea level grew up a breathtaking structure, offering its brave visitors birds eye views of the surrounding mountains and the highest peaks of the country.

It is called the Skywalk…750m ( 2500ft ) long path towards the top of the 60m ( 197ft) tall engineering marvel. The structure itself is devoted to pastime, recreation and it is a perfect place for those, who wants to enjoy the scenery, nature, fresh mountain air…and aren’t afraid of heights!

The actual Skywalk is conceptual structure that offers visitors an intense sensation of walking in the clouds. Trust me…even I have felt a bit queazy taking step by step towards the top platform which offers not just amazing views, but 100m ( 330ft ) long slide, rope tunnel hanging 50m (165ft ) above the ground and net for walking on with the thrill of the “nothingness’ below you.

The only downside were the huge crowds. Taking a good photo was almost impossible. On the other hand, I was really happy to see such an interest of the public.

Interesting Facts :

  • The construction required 380 tons of steel, 300m2 glued larch and 250m2 planed blocks of wood.
  • The tower can withstand any storm up to the strength of 200kph.
  • Up to 4000 people can visit the structure in any given time.
  • 45.000 nails/screws was used
  • 6 months took the entire construction

The attraction offers plenty of refreshment options in adjacent restaurant, hotel and stalls. You can also find play kids area and place to “park” your bike.


HOW TO GET TO IT : Well, you can cycle ( that’s what i did ) 15km up the hill from village of Dolni Morava, or enjoy comfortable ride on a new cable car whisking you up to the summit in no time. Dolni Morava is 190km from Prague

The nearest big city is Pardubice ( 1hr by train from Prague )

OPENING TIME : Every day 10am-7pm

ENTRANCE : Adult entrance in 290czk ( incl. cable car ) or 190czk without it.

The best time to visit is of course the summer, but fans of winter sports will enjoy many ski slopes and plenty of  accommodation choices near by during any time of the year. Better book in advance.

As this is very popular place for visitors and locals alike, arm yourself with patience as you will be queuing for pretty much everything. But its all worth the hassle.

Trust me , you will a have fantastic experience, the cleanest air in the country and selection of great spa towns in the region if you decide to explore the area.



Adrspach Rocks

CZECH REPUBLIC : Straight out of a Fairytale / GUIDE

czech tagI feel a bit guilty…publishing posts from elsewhere on the globe, when my own country offers its visitors a wealth of history and breathtaking natural scenery.

You would be forgiven for thinking that the Czech Republic is only Prague, and you would be amazed by what other wonders we have to offer. Picture perfect Cesky Krumlov, ecclesiastical Olomouc, or the home of the best beer in the world … the City of Pilsen.

Not to mention the amazing natural landscapes. Let me introduce you to a place, which looks so fantastic, you won’t believe it is real and will make you feel like being The Third Prince… a character in one of the most famous Czech fairy tales, the movie of which was shot at this location.

This unique place is called The Adršpach-Teplice Rocks. Here you will find an unusual set of sandstone formations covering 17 km2 of northeastern Bohemia and it is definitely worth the journey from Prague. ( near Teplice-nad-Metuji Town )

Squeeze through naturally formed gorges, and let your imagination run wild when looking at the various shapes created by the rocks. They all have  funny names, see if you can identify each by their given name.

A magical journey through towering rock formations.

The rocks have been protected as a national nature reserve since 1933, and since 1991 the whole adjacent region of Broumovsko has enjoyed the status of protected landscape area. Tourists may visit the rocks via a number of marked trails. The area is a popular destination for rock climbers too.

The reserve is also one of the largest permanent breeding sites of peregrine falcon in Europe. I haven’t seen any myself but the blue sky perfectly made-up for it.

Rent a boat and enjoy the balmy summer, escape from the reality.

Useful INFO : 

  • Opening Times :  all year around 8am – 6 pm / Lake cruise timing : 9am – 5am (summer only)
  • Entrance Fee : 70 CZK/ €3    Parking Fee : 100 CZK  / €4
  • Cash/Card payment available
  • Fee includes brochure with trails and maps  / English version available

How to get there : 

  • from Prague it is 2.30hrs drive. It could be a challenging drive,so if you don’t have a reliable navigation system, perhaps it is better to find a tour agency in Prague

Where to stay :

  • it is better to stay overnight and perhaps to connect your trip with exciting climb on top of Czech highest mountain Snezka ( 1hr away )
  • for accommodation check hotel Javor /Apartments Pod Křížovým vrchem / Apartments U Kozárů

When to go :

  • I am sure the winter transforms the area into a sparkling white wonderland, but I personally recommend summer. Anytime between June -September should be perfect.


CAMBODIA : Discover the Ancient World of Angkor / GUIDE

CAmIt took me many years to finally make the decision, to pack my bags and “hit the road” to discover the mysterious ancient temples of Angkor in Cambodia.

Armed with a DK guide and mixed expectations, my journey started at Dubai Airport with a stopover in Singapore Changi before with flying with Silk Air to Siem Reap Intl. Airport.

This cute little airport is serving over 3mil. passengers annually.

The Kingdom of Cambodia is a country located in the Southeast of Asia. Its total landmass is 181,035 square kilometres (69,898 sq mi),and it’s bordered by Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.

With a population of over 15 million, Cambodia is the 70th most populated country in the world.

Most visitors, myself included, travel to Cambodia to fulfil a travel bucket list dream, to see one of the largest and most amazing religious monuments in the world…Angkor Wat. It is located near the city of Siem Reap (meaning “Defeat of Siam”) and has a population of around 180.000 people.

Siem Reap is a lovely city with a busy centre filled with markets (Psar chaa/Central Market ), restaurants and bars ( Pub Street ). Besides exploring the temples you can take cooking classes or visit the War Museum to learn about Cambodia’s troubled past under the Khmer Rouge.

I would recommend a stay in one of the small hotels in the city centre, to really enjoy everything within easy walking distance. Big international chains are opening many hotels, but they nearly all located on the outskirts of the city.

Planning Your Trip : 

  • The best months to visit Angkor Wat are November to February. The weather is pleasantly warm with no rain. As this is peak holiday season, expect crowds and of course higher prices for accommodation.
  • Main Entrance to Ankgor complex takes 20 min ( 7 km ) ride by tuk tuk
  • Entry Pass is to be paid in US Dollars. US$20/1 day, US$40/3days and US$60/one week
  •  Always carry you Entry Pass with you
  • Angkor Wat opens at 5am for sunrise and closes at 6pm
  • Allow a minimum of 2 days to see the most interesting  temples in Angkor area.
  • Hire a local guide with knowledge of the best photo angles and most importantly, who knows the crowd timings, so you can enjoy the temples almost on your own ( I can recommend a good one )
  • Rent a motorbike and explore the amazing country side and discover remotely located temples/ruins and feel like the real adventurer.
  • You will need to apply for an e-VISA online HERE / US$37
  • Direct flights from major Asian Cities. Best from Singapore, Bangkok, or Kuala Lumpur.  Read HERE review of Silk Air

Angkor Wat Temple :

The Worlds’ largest religious monument and an architectural masterpiece.

The colossal temple with 5 towers rising 55m above the ground is filled with mythological carvings, mysterious corridors, and chambers with spectacular Hindu decor.

Angkor Wat was built in the first half of the 12th century and constructed by King Suryavarman II within a 30 year period.

As you would expect, it is an extremely popular place, so prepare to be patient as there will be crowds. The temple is at its most stunning during sunrise and sunset.

You can explore for up to 5 hours and still not see everything. Be sure cover your shoulders while if you want to enter the temple.

The entire Angkor area contains over 50 temples . I have visited 16 of them and 8 of my favourites are described in this post below.

Bayon Temple at Ankor Thom : 

The last city of Khmer Empire is located 2km from Angkor Wat and contains two adjacent temples.

The main temple Bayon, features  gigantic serene and smiling stone faces on the many towers.  It needs to be seen to believe it.  Build in the late 12th century.

The best time to visit is the morning as most of the crowds are enjoying sunrise at the Angkor Wat.

Ta Prohm Temple : 

Ta Prohm is a popular temple on the tourist map because it was featured in the Tomb Raider film.

Gigantic roots are intertwined with ancient structures and crumbling stones overgrowing lengthy corridors. It gets your imagination running and I wish the walls can reveal all their secrets.

Don’t miss this place during you stay at Siem Reap! It’s only 7km away from Angkor Wat.

Banteay Srei Temple : 

This 10th century temple is over 35 kms away from Siem Reap and best is to include in a full day motorbike tour.

Like that, you can experience the real Cambodia. Picturesque countryside with little children playing, farmers with water buffalo’s and women making palm-sugar candy by the road.

Temple is made from pink sandstone with many extraordinary carvings of mythical creatures. The statues of sitting monkeys are extremely photogenic.

Pre Rup Temple : 

This “ temple mountain” was made of brick, laterite and sandstone in 10th century and its name means “turn the body”.

Funerals were conducted at the temple, with the ashes of the body being ritually rotated in different directions.

The tallest squared pyramid, measuring 50 m at its base, rises in three steep tiers in height to a 35 m , offering a great view especially during sunset.

Most importantly, Pre Rup is less busy than other temples, so enjoy the tranquility and great photo opportunities. Easy to reach within 20min ( 9 km ) from Angkor Wat.

Beng Mealea Temple : 

My favorite temple, largely unrestored, with trees and thick brush thriving amidst its towers and courtyards. For years it was difficult to reach, but a road recently built brings more visitors to the site. It is an official UNESCO heritage site.

Built in 12th century and now concealed in a thick jungle, covered with cobwebs and dust. All of that makes this big temple the perfect “playground” for adventurers.

To access the best parts, you need to climb over piles or stones, climb up walls and swing around trees . It’s like in the movie, but the real thing.

Best to enjoy as a part of motorbike full day tour as it is 77km away from Siem Reap.

Chau Srei Vibol :

Remotely located and hidden ruins with unique atmosphere guarantees, that you will have the entire place for yourself.

Don’t expect delicate murals but climbing, crawling and exploring every corner without limitations.

You can include this temple in motorbike day tour which in my opinion is the best way to experience more of this unique country and its people. Bring some crayons, note pads,or  sweets for kids.

Located 60km away from Angor Wat.

Ta Keo Temple : 

Its particularly massive appearance is due to the absence of external decorations, as carving had just begun when the works stopped around 10th Century.

It was first ever temple build entirely from sandstone in a shape of a 5 tier pyramid.

Ta Keo isn’t the best temple,or the most visited, but great way how to escape the crowds of Angkor Wat, that’s why is so worthwhile. Only 6km from Angkor Wat.

MAP of Central Angkor Area : 


SINGAPORE : My TOP 10 “to do” in Singapore !

Top 10 reasons to visit Singapore in 2016 !

sing map20th smallest state in the World is also one of the most beautiful and most fun city in Asia.

This Island City State off southern Malaysia is a multicultural melting pot incl. Chinese, Malay, Indian and Arabic residents.

Amazing architecture, lush gardens, world class attractions, night life and shopping…all neatly situated in one city which also has one of the best Airline’s and Airport’s in the World.


This city has a lot to offer, here are my Top 10 reasons why Singapore should be on your travel list this year

1. Experience China, India and Middle East in one city…

Fancy to sample traditional Indian Curry, peek inside Chinese Shrine or buy Persian carpet from Arabic Bazaar ? You can do all of this in one afternoon. Chinatown, Little India ( locally known as Tekka ) and Arab Street are only few minutes drive from each other.

· Chinatown : visit eclectic coffees, quirky shops, old tempels, offbeat drinking holes and great food.

· Little India : celebrate Diwali festival, shop second-hand goods alongside traditional spice grinders and grocers between colourful Hindu Temples.

· Arab Street : mosques, carpets & jewellery stores. Middle Eastern restaurants and alternative boutiques

2. Best Green Landscaped Attraction in the World…

Your trip cannot be complete without a stroll thru one of the Singaporean latest mega attraction’s.

“The Gardens by the Bay” spanning on 250acres of reclaimed land offering cloud forest shell shaped domes with waterfalls, suspended bridges and jungle, 3 huge outdoor themed gardens , SuperTree Grove and many attractions for adults and kids alike.

You can couple the walk with visit of Marina Bay Sands hotel SkyPark and enjoy glass of white wine Sangria at CE LA VI rooftop bar.

3. Sentosa Island … the State of Fun

My favourite place in Singapore. Tropical island designed for fun and relaxation. You could spend the entire week here without stepping out. 20mil visitors enjoys never-ending fun at Sentosa annually.

Island is home to 14 hotels, shops, casinos, cable car, maritime museum, waterpark, bizaar crane dance show, theatre and Universal Studio theme park with fantastic rides and rollercoasters, 3km of beach and 37 other attractions.

It’s a tropical paradise “few meters” from the city to give you joyous taste of this exotic destination.

4. Shopping on Orchard Road

For the shopaholics between us, Orchard road is an obligation. ION, Ngee-An City,Paragon or Tangs with great “toys for boys” gadget area in the mens department. 22 departments stores awaits you on one big long boulevard. Especially beautifully decorated during Christmas.

5. Beautiful Tropical Beaches

It may sounds silly, but yes, Singapore has a lovely white sand beaches, islands and coves to watch romantic sunsets while sipping your favourite cocktail. All on Sentosa Island.

Water isn’t the best quality but clean enough ( it may vary by season ). Also, the Asian’s southern-most point is to be found here, so don’t forget to take a selfie.

6. Best Airline & Airport

The “Best of Singapore” doesn’t start in Singapore, but before you even get here. World’s most awarded Singapore Airline with exceptional customer service ( cabin crew training lasts 4 months ) sets you directly in to the holiday mood.

Singapore Air was the first Airline to put the world’s largest aircraft “A380” into service and by now, they operate fleet of 19 of them ( 5 in order ).

Changi Airport itself won 6 times the prestigious Skytrax award for the best airport in the world.

With outdoor/indoor gardens, cinemas, interactive corners, plenty of day light and greenery to sooth your eyes after long journey, together with friendly immigration officers and quick baggage handling …you will not want to leave.

7. Clean, Safe & Easy

Singapore is one of the cleanest city you can visit. It also designed with people on mind and everything from transport, tourist informations, tickets…it’s easy to use.  People are friendly, speak English and taxi drivers will never try to rip you off.

8. Perfect for a stop on route to South-East Asia.

Choose Singapore as a stopover on your adventure voyage to Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia or Malaysia. With flights taking less than 2hrs to many fabulous tropical destinations around, you will be spoilt for choice. Also, variety of air carriers to suit every budget – Singapore Airlines, Air Asia, Tiger Air, Silk Air … dozens of exotic destinations to choose from.


9. Green and fresh

Known as the “City in a Garden “ the local government is working hard to make sure every little available place its full of abundant lush greenery and a maintain clean environment in order to make life more pleasant for the people.

10. Reach the skies on Singapore Flyer

Take a ride of a life time on the World’s second biggest observation wheel with breath-taking views over F1 circuit, Marina Bay, Skyline, Gardens of the Bay from the height of 165m.

Because this is a Singapore, there is rainforest jungle just under neath the wheel. One “flight” takes  35min and cost SD 33



JORDAN : Wadi Rum Desert / GUIDE

Wadi Rum Desert, also known as The Valley of the Moon is just being re-discovered after “playing leading role as a planet Mars” in recent Hollywood blockbuster “The Martian” with Matt Damon.

I haven’t see the movie myself, but I am more of an Indiana Jones fan and nearby Petra was on my bucket list for quite some time. ( about Petra in another post though )

Once in Jordan, Wadi Rum is the place no to be missed and by all means … it wasn’t just the highlight of my Jordan adventure, but this year travels itself.

The sandstone and granite desertscape in southern Jordan is in size. It’s beauty and serenity satisfy and surprises even the most experienced explorers.

Zalabia Bedouins, living in the desert developed eco-advenute tourism and offering bedouin camp stays, treks and tours across the entire destination.

I booked overnight camp and trek  thru travel agent in Amman on-line, with recommendations of my Jordanian work colleague.

Camps have no electricity, but you can have a quick hot shower and traditional “desert” dinner/breakfast  is being served as part of the stay.

Your bedouin host will unfold stories from the past, while serving hot arabic tea next to a crackling bonfire.

It’s not possible to do one day Wadi Rum trip from Amman. The drive itself is about 4 hours one way. Neither I would recommend to drive yourself after encountering couple of lost tourists.

Gateway to the desert represents small village, from where you will be driven on the back of open pick-up truck thru the desert…leaving just cloud of red dust behind while watching sunset and rocks turning into dramatic shades of red and purple.

The red color of the mountains and sand in the valley is due to the presence of iron oxide.

Rocks growing from open valleys reach heights up to 5580ft (1700m).

Best time of the year to visit Wadi Rum is  March/April or October/November with pleasant day and night temperatures. ( even so, it can get cold during the night )

Wadi Rum is located 36mi (60km) north of Aqaba, in the south-western corner of Jordan. Main roads connect the desert with Aqaba , Petra (71mi/114km) and Amman (201mi/324km).

Distance from Amman is 4 hours drive and 1,5 hour from Petra. Note, that the roads are quite bumpy.

Bring bottled water with you and have a cash for entrance fee / tips.

For those who have a doubts about safety in the region…Jordan is very secure, with friendly people who appreciates your interest of their country and support the economy thru tourism.

If you are looking for adventure, peaceful and “out of this planet” escape…visit Wadi Rum and Jordan in 2016!

BALI : 10 TOP ( or NOT ) Restaurants

Here is a chart of 10 restaurants “tested and verified” during my last visit in Bali.

Check which one is the ultimate culinary dream and which give your taste buds nightmares…


10th : Velvet Club

Ok service, nice view from the roof top terrace but the food just terrible.

Seriously, it is better if you go to KFC downstairs. Velvet is more of a night venue so I assume, if you totally wasted, you don’t care anyway…and this is the concept I guess. My mistake I went during a leisurely walk in the afternoon.

Velvet is located on the rooftop of a Beachwalk mall near Kuta.

Good for: Having you very last beer of the night
Cuisine: International bar food


9th : Mosaic Beach Club Restaurant

Well…where to start…

Such a nice place, luxury private beach club, palm trees, swimming pools … but perhaps too high expectations.

Mosaic’s location is a bit remote but the full ocean views from the first floor restaurant just priceless especially during sunset. For me the experience is only memorable for two reasons…the amazing bread and the candles after the power went down.

Lousy service, food tasteless, disappointing and cold. It’s a real shame, as the place has so much potential.

Good for: the bread
Cuisine: a’ la minute creations from local ingredients

Total bill for 8 people


8th :Potato Head Beach Club

Soooo busy…

Potato Head was packed thru the roof during my visit and waiting over 10minutes for my cocktail put’s me off.

It does look very nice, beach front location, infinity pool overlooking the ocean, decent quality food but the amount of people on top of each other just doesn’t ring the right bells for me.

It attracts party crowd, so if you want to show off your newest tattoo, some muscles or fancy bikini, while listening the latest tunes, this is a place for you.

Good for: to find out the new best abs exercise
Cuisine: Asian inspired and bar food


7th :Sardines

On the list of the best culinary experiences in Seminyak, so the expectations were high.

To be honest, it was good but didn’t blow me away. I already forgot what was I eating, despite great service, lovely airy white table setting and very pretty rice field in the back yard.

You need to book a table as it is very popular and put bit of an effort in to your outfit selection. Crowd is mix of all ages and quite stylish looking.

I wouldn’t go back again but I have had a nice time.

Good for: To wear your fancy dress
Cuisine: Seafood


6th :Motel Mexicola

Fantastic concept and so much fun…

The music and Mexican décor is actually much better than the food itself.

Everything is served as a tapas menu and size. I felt the prices aren’t reflecting the food you actually get. All of it was also very very greasy.

I would recommend for drinks and atmosphere 100%. But for the food go elsewhere.

Good for: To see 50 shades of tequila
Cuisine : Mexican tapas


5th :Earth Café

Convenient, quick and healthy…

Its handy location in the middle of Laksamana street in Seminyak invites you into simple setting full of interesting free-spirited guests. Good prices and honest good food.

I especially enjoyed the huge variety of smoothies and fresh juices.

It’s not a venue for posh dinner but satisfying “guilt free” meal which makes you feel good during the day.

There is really lovely little shop inside with organic products and cosmetics just in case you need to stock up on some healthy nutrition.

Good for: Get back the dream beach body
Cuisine: Organic & healthy / vegetarian

Love the juice menu


4th :La Plancha beach shack

Very simple but very “feel good” place…

One of many bean bag beach shacks restaurant on the beach.

During the day just handy, cheap and cheerful Nasi Goreng place  to fill you up between surfing lessons and tanning.

In the evening, the best place to just casually watch the sunset, resting in comfy ( and bit dirty ) bean bags, sip Bintang, watch the sun goes down while someone trying to put together latest Ed Sheerans songs live.

You need to come at least half an hour before the sunset, as all bean bags fill quickly. Service is bit slow, but hey, you don’t rush anywhere so just sit, relax and enjoy one of the fantastically romantic Bali sunsets.

Good for: Decent food for good price, fresh coconut water and the most relaxing Bali evening
Cuisine: Mix of everyting


3rd :Vin+

For romantic dinner and very “ZEN” setting…

The bamboo structure is very stimulating and reminding you where you are. The restaurant is mostly outdoor and staff very attentive and pleasant.

Dishes are nicely presented and taste as nice as they look.

For some reason, this place never looked busy and it lacked on a good vibe, despite live music and good location.

I guess, sometimes you just need to escape from the noise of the Seminyak and this is certainly a very good escape option.

Good for: Candle lit romance
Cuisine: International bistro fare + 300+ types of wine


2nd: Biku

On Petitenget street and near Taman Ayu Cottage hotel.

I “tested” few times. Always busy. Always great. Staff always very helpful to find table for you. No need for reservation.

Food is a great quality and big portions. Former antique store turned restaurant offers cosy, living room like interior made of natural wood.

Happy, friendly crowd and feels like you can join in and start making you first vacation friends.

The best for re-fuelling before your big night out without spending a fortune.

Good for: To find new friends
Cuisine: Tropical comfort food

Antique store like interior


1st: Ku de ta

Next to Oberoi Bali and right on the beach, so you can watch the picture perfect sunsets directly from comfortable chair while sipping your favourite cocktail.

I visited without reservation (not recommended) and the only free table available was on the first floor which offers 3 or 5 course set menu, prepared directly by the chef.

I still remember taste of the food, that good it was. And not just the great menu, but friendly service and creative food presentation made a night to remember.

It is definitely not a “economy” place, but I think you get what you pay for, which doesn’t always apply for other similar places.

To make sure I wasn’t just lucky, visited once more and with no reservation again (and again, not recommended). This time got a table on the ground floor and… perfect food, drinks and service. You don’t need to wait too long for your food even the place is packed and the music is great too.

To my surprise, the manager is from the same country as me…so it maybe helped a bit ☺ and they opened new extension…so you go and try it yourself.

Goof for : Memorable food and service you deserve
Cuisine: International cuisine with a Mediterranean twist



SHANGHAI : Tourist Scams

Traveling to Shanghai can easily turn in to a nightmare. This huge 24million people megalopolis on east coast of China gave me a very bad welcome.

What threat awaits you in Shanghai :

  • taxi kidnapping
  • selling scams
  • you may leave with extra person in your luggage

Here is my story so please be aware, don’t trust anyone and I am sure you will have a great time!

Boarding Maglev train

After exiting Maglev train from the airport, ( it doesn’t go all the way to Shanghai ) I was stranded in the middle of nowhere and looking for a taxi. This kind Chinese men came to me and offered a ride. ( official taxi car )

After 2 min of driving another men sat on the front seat. I googled the route at home before and after while got this weird feeling we are not heading to my Shanghai hotel. 20min later and driving thru some fields I realised this is not good and at this moment the driver stopped communicate in English.

I was slightly panicking but kept cool and slowly start removing all my cash and cards from the wallet and stuffing into my underwear, socks and different pockets. I asked many times to stop the car but no answer.

After another 10min they stopped the car on suburbs on some village and start asking for money. I was outrageous and said I  have no money, the laughed, stepped out of the car and throw my luggage into a ditch. Shouting from the outside to gave them money.

I was locked in the car and and being shouted at by two angry Chinese got me very worried. So I started kicking out the window to get out of the car. The window shattered in thousands small pieces after my next kick and I tried to escape from the car. When they saw the damage and my red face they unblock the door and while I fall on the ground they jumped in and drove away.

Villagers with a tractor helped me to get to the nearest bus stop to Shanghai.

When I complained at the reception in the hotel, the girl behind the desk just smiled and said “sorry no help”…

And that’s not all. After few hours of getting calm I went to explore the near by famous Bund promenade by Huangpu river dividing the city to an old and “futuristic” part called Pudong.

Bund Promenade
Pudong Skyline








While walking I was approached by young couple. Both, girl and boy in their early twenties introduced themselves as a students and after brief chat I was invited to view their Chinese calligraphy art in a small studio few minutes away. Once in the room, I was locked and pushed into buying the prints. Took at last 30 minutes of arguing, threatening and aggressive behaviour from their side to get out from there.

I was fuming. On top of that, some older parents grabbed me in the park and tried to sell me their daughter…

Well, we learn by mistakes but I still have a bad feeling when getting a taxi.